Who Makes The Best And Worst Truck For 2021???

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Today I go over the half ton trucks from Ram, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, and GMC to pick out the best truck!

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Hey everyone it's Ben Hardy here and as you can see we literally have trucks all around us but what I'm gonna be doing today: Is I'm gonna be going over the! New trucks in the market right now and I'm gonna be going over which.

Truck I think is the best truck to buy currently on the market. I will say even though I'm in the section of heavy-duty trucks over here at the Ram store I am only gonna?

Be doing this video about the 1500 series trucks? So sorry if you guys want me to make a video about which heavy-duty truck I think is best leave them in the comments. Section below and I can make a follow up to this video but let's head over there to the half tons.

Actually I just found a bunch of half-ton so you can see that they're all right here and quick. Disclaimer so the only dealership that actually.

Filming on a regular basis in this video is this dealership. Here so this is the Dodge Ram in Sandy any of the other dealerships you're gonna.

2020 ram

See in the video I don't film with so I'm not going to put a plug in for: Them and the reason I'm saying that is if you're wondering why I don't mention the dealerships that I'm at that's? Why this is the only dealership I film with the other ones I don't film with them and there's a reason.

Behind everything so anyways let's get in the important! Part which is the trucks so we've got the Rams here the first big positive on the Rams is going to be just.

All of the different options that you can get with the trucks they're.

Kind of like all the cartoon with the options I mean you can see all the different trim packages in the line. Down here there's so many different exterior.

Looks you can get on these trucks which i think is a huge benefit of them obviously!

2020 chevy

The Rams also have the really nice interiors sorry these trucks are not unlocked because it's.

Sunday and I can't get an email but the Rams do have the nicest interior on the market. Segment right now exterior styling I might say they're. Pretty close up here this one's a limited block of pears.

Package I mean this is one of the best-looking new trucks on the market right now so exterior styling.

Is high up there maybe not the best but it's really high up there interior is the best? Now in terms of the powertrain on the Rams the powertrain. Is actually pretty strong now it's not the strongest in the segment but it's also not the weakest at the same time?

So it's like right in the middle what I would say the powertrain they're gonna be using as the example is gonna. Be the five-seven heavy so and the five-seven heavy you have 395 horsepower and then 410 pound-feet of torque obviously it's a v8 engine. 8-speed automatic transmission that is the engine.

2020 ford

I'd recommend to get in the Rams and yeah that is the RAM truck so far so just to reiterate they have the best interiors. Right now exterior styling is really high up their powertrain is really high up they're just not necessarily:

The best right now and RAM gives you ton of options there's just a lot of different exterior styling packages. And then obviously interior styling packages on the trucks as well but we've got the f-150s here and. We've got everything pretty much you can see a little Raptor over there we'll.

Actually a couple Raptors over there on these side so with the f-150s let's go over. The positives and the negatives first positive I think the exterior styling on most the trucks is really good obviously. On the Raptors knee so actually there's another Raptor over here so the exterior!

Is talking on the Raptor I think this is the best looking truck on the market. Right now but for the standard f-150s I think they look pretty good I'm not necessarily the best but I think.

They look good for sure powertrain is really strong on the f-150 s that EcoBoost. Has a lot of power and torque:

2020 gmc

Doesn't sound the best but it has a ton of power and torque: Now in terms of interior the interior is gonna be!

Right in the middle it is not the worst. Interior but it's also not the best. So in terms of interior it's kind of right in the middle right it's not like super special.

Super nice but then it's also not the worst interior and yeah I mean that's. Pretty much down the f-150s is it seems like they're pretty. Much in the middle right it's not necessarily.

The best but then at the same time it's also not the worst so yeah I mean that's really! All I've see on the f-150 is it's this trucks pretty much in the middle so yeah I've got to show you something else just. Over well it's kind of over there but I got to show you something else and then we're gonna head over.

To Toyota this thing is absolutely insane I've never seen one of these in person?

2020 toyota

But we have yes you're right we have a mercedes.

AMG c63s wagon this thing looks crazy in person like this is probably! One of the coolest cars on the market.

Right now and I just want to show it to you guys now we have the Tundra's:

Over there but I thought this one looked really cool so I wanted to kind of go over this. One so first plus to the tundra.

Is going to be the reliability obviously it's a Toyota super reliable the other. Thing is going to be exterior styling. I think that tundra is actually look really good the front end looks really good the only thing where.

2020 nissan

It kind of falls apart is on the back end with the taillights? Obviously they're kind of like just they're not LEDs so they kind of look bad on the tail I said things? Now in terms of the downsides other than the taillights obviously the interior is not the nicest.

Interior is definitely super super dated on the tundra so yeah - better can't looking because it's all locked: But anyways yeah interiors dated technologies ok on the trucks power trains also dated. Yes that 5.7 liter v8 has an okay amount!

Of power but it could have more power and more. Importantly the transmission super dated I wish that they would use at least.

An 8-speed automatic or a 10 speed automatic in the Tundra's but they don't so the truck overall. It's a pretty cool offering it looks good it could be really really solid because Toyota's. Super famous for reliability but the Tundra's super dated so it kind of holds the tundra back you know to an extent.

And I think that they could do a lot more volume if they updated the truck button those are the thoughts on the tundra. And so now we're gonna head over somewhere wait for who this Tacoma looks cool look at that that's.

2020 ram 1500

A cool little look I like those uh TRD things over there. Because we're going to listen we've got the Nissan Titans here and started super windy over on this law for some reason and also there's power.

Lines above us just making crazy buzzing sounds but let's go over the. Titans and the pluses and minuses so the first plus is going to be the five point. Six liter v8 that's a good engine.

Super reliable the first minus is going to be the five liter Cummins that is not a good. Engine if you are going to get a Titan I would not recommend getting that engine I've had way too many customers.

At the Dodge store trade them in basically because they were unreliable. Because the maintenance costs are high and also! The fuel climbing is abysmal on them we ask for the powertrain.

If you get the five point six intervie eight is good it's reliable but kind of like the Toyota Tundra the trucks. Are just dated right the interior is very dated on them the exterior styling:

2020 chevy 1500

It's okay but it's just not really striking to me like. It looks like a truck but it just I don't know. In my opinion it doesn't look at like anything special so I must say on the Titan the interior and the exterior are definitely on the!

Lower side of things and I know that that's. Making me sound like I'm just hating on the truck but I still understand.

There's a market for them there's still people to love these trucks because it's a good reliable truck at the end of the day!

It does have some cool features and functions but I'd say generally this truck needs to be updated. For sure and I know they're doing some special stuff for 2020 but as it stands right.

Now with what's available on the Lots right. Now I'm gonna say the trucks a little bit dated does have a reliable powertrain. And yeah now let's head over to Oh Chevy which is right over there so I was supposed.

2020 ford f-150

To look at trucks over here but look at the color on these. Camaros that one there especially I mean they're I don't know this in color but that one that one looks so good you could not tell. Me that does not look good well of course it looks good cuz it's a ZL one but actually it's a one le cuz look it's got?

The little spoiler and the canards up front but yeah let's get to the trucks cuz that's the? Important part now we are here to talk about the Chevy's and by the way this is such. A cool setup with the little rack on the back:

I know that they do those on the Colorado's but seeing it on the half-ton Chevy actually looks.

Really really good so if you get a trail boss get the little rack on the back cuz that looks.

Cool anyways let's talk about the Chevy's the pluses? And minuses so the first positive I'm going to say is exterior styling on certain trims so like the Trail Boss here.

2020 gmc 1500

I think this is a good-looking truck but for the rest of the trucks I'm gonna be honest. The styling has been just not the best so exterior styling on some of the packages is okay but for most. The packages as you can see with these.

Chevy's it just doesn't look the best and then the next thing is going to be the interior so the interior.

On the Chevy's right now it just isn't up to par they've got way too many hard plastics they don't have really: Nice leather even on their higher-up trim packages so the interior.

Definitely is a downside on them the power trains I was a huge upside.

So I don't know if I can find: One with it but I don't see any so if you get the 6.2 liter v8 that is probably the best powertrain in the.

2020 toyota tundra

Truck segment right now it comes to the tenths be automatic transmission. It's a naturally aspirated v8 it has a ton of power and torque 420 horsepower. And then 460 pound-feet of torque so from a powertrain perspective I would say Chevy right now is definitely the king but from interior.

And exterior elements yeah they lose and just one more look at the green carcass. I kind of want it but now let's head over to GMC which is somewhere over there well. I know these trucks look like they are used like they look like old trucks right:

These are brand new Zuzu's like that is a brand new truck but it looks like it's from like the 1990s kind of? Ridiculous but yeah sorry about the noise but we're right by the interstate so it's.

Kind of loud but we've got the GM seized here so let's go for the pluses and the minuses so the first positive is going to be the: Exterior styling I feel like the GMC right.

Now on the exterior for their main lineup of trucks I would say that they're probably. The best-looking on the exterior just from a lineup standpoint the other huge plus is this comes with the same power!

2020 nissan titan

Trains at the Chevy's do so with that 6.2 liter? V8 which I think that one has it right there that. Is the best powertrain on the market my opinion.

Again 6.2 liter 420 horsepower 460 pound-feet of torque so we've got a good powertrain: We've got good exterior styling now I've gotta get to the - which is the interior. The interior on the new GMC just isn't that nice you'd think that you know since this is supposed to be like the luxury pickup?

Brand you think that they'd have the nicest.

Interior but they don't Ram has a nicer interior and Ford actually on their f150 limited's it's nicer than the GMC denali: Interior so those are the pluses and minuses!

On the GMC again good powertrain exterior. Styling is really good-looking and the bad thing is gonna be the interiors and also they got that cool tailgate.

Best truck to buy

I bet I can find one with it so we've got you gotta have one up there we go we got one right there. That cool tailgates a plus even though I can't hold a lot of weight it's it's still a cool tailgate.

And now we are going to we're gonna head over there so that I'm not in any of the lots and we're going to finish. Things off with which I which truck sorry I can duck which truck I think is the best. Truck on the market right now so I've got to finish the video on the different truck.

Brands than which truck I think is best and we are on the back of my Raptor which is super dirty. And yes I know I still need a bedliner I would do it at the front of the truck which.

Would be cooler angles but I kind of there's kind of a modification. On the front of truck so I can't quite do that you're gonna finish today's video in the back of the Raptor:

Because yeah like I said can't show you the front but anyways I've got a list right here I'm gonna. Do last place up to first place in over the truck brands and I'm just gonna give! My quick reasoning I know that I already.

Most reliable truck to buy

Went through everything in today's video on you know what I think: About the truck so I'm gonna go over my quick reasoning.

On you know why I think the trucks are. In the order that I personally put them in but I want you guys put down the comment? Section below your order for the trucks you know from.

Best to worst what you think is the best truck and then what you think is the worst so in terms of brands in last. Place I picked Nissan the reason I picked Nissan.

Is it kind of lost out on everything right the interior is just not quite there: The exterior styling is not quite there the engines. Reliable but there's nothing special about it I mean it's a v8 but it's not like super powerful there's.

There's nothing too crazy going on right there obviously.

2020 ram 1500 vs 2020 chevy 1500

The Cummins kind of brings it down because that 5-litre. V8 Cummins is just not a good engine not reliable and it kind of brings it down overall. But the biggest thing is Nissan really needs to differentiate themselves in my opinion make like a really strong name for their.

Truck because right now it's kind of like oh I want to go buy a Toyota Tundra: But then I want something different cuz everyone has a Toyota Tundra so then.

You buy a Nissan instead right and then. That brings us to second-to-last which is actually Toyota this might surprise some of you because some? Of you are gonna be like wait Twitter:

Is really good yes they're really reliable I love the exterior styling but the truck is so so outdated they have such. An old transmission in that truck they have such an old engine?

And I'm actually not too opposed to the engine if they updated. At least the transmission so that the truck got better if you economy and so that's you know really the biggest thing. Is they just need to update that truck in general from the ground.

2020 ram 1500 vs

Up and if they did that then Toyota would have such a strong offering because. Toyota has a strong name they're really reliable cars and you know they kind of have that offeror thing going on with TRD even though.

The TRD pro tundra doesn't have off-road tires which is I don't? Know but you know what I mean Toyota just needs! To update things and once they do again it'll be a great offering but it's a really reliable truck now third from last!

Is going to be Chevy and the reason I picked Chevy as third from West or aka what's six fourth place third place sorry fourth place: Fourth place I can't do math today guys but the reason I picked Chevy in this placing.

Is they have a really good powertrain like I said that 6-2 is a really good powertrain however the interiors. Dated and the exterior styling I I personally don't like it I know.

Some people do like and like I said the trail boss looks good but any other trim package on the new Chevy: And it just doesn't really do it for me so I think that if Chevy at least improved their interior quality.

Just did something that could compete against Ram then yeah I think they would definitely be up in the running to get first!

Place because they have such a strong powertrain right now with that 6-2 v8 now we're gonna get to third? Place which I guess this is the first truck manufacturer.

Gets a metal and that's going to be GMC now the reason I picked GMC for third place is again really strong car train offering their. Exterior styling is really good and the interior is okay but it's not great:

That's what really brings down GMC they've got to fast it's really strong but they just absolutely need to bring? Up their interior quality just like Chevy if they had really good interiors that would actually be the best truck. On the market right now because with that 6-2 v8 and the exterior styling that GMC has and then.

If they had an interior like Ram it'd be no competition it just it would it wouldn't be now number.

Second place number second cheese I can't talk anyways second place this one was really. Tough because this was actually pretty close to third!

Place to be honest and I picked Ford now the reason that I picked Ford for second place just up above.

The GMC is the fact that you can get an f-150 limited that has a nicer interior than a GMC Denali: And the powertrain is although not a v8 is really strong tons of power tons of torque I live at 4500.

Feet elevation so having a turbocharged engine definitely helps out a lot but yeah I mean Ford and GMC are super close if GMC had a nicer interior? It would definitely pass up Ford but.

It doesn't so I'm gonna say Ford is gonna be second place just because the interior: On certain packages is actually really nice and they've got the technology they've gotten the powertrain they've got pretty much everything:

In line I mean they still the most trucks which obviously!

Leaves first place and that is RAM now I know a lot of you will be saying? Well you're biased because you worked at a ram dealership worked I don't work at a ram dealership anymore so I can say whatever I want. And I truly believe that RAM has the best truck on the market right.

Now and it's just a number of things. The powertrain is actually really strong I mean I know that:

Doesn't have as much power as the 6-2 from GM however it still got a lot of power from that 5-7 Hemi you've. Got a good transmission in the truck: The interior quality is amazing and the exterior styling.

And a lot of the trim packages is actually really solid as well so they've kind of nailed it on a bunch. Of different key points and even though ram isn't necessary the leader. In any specific point which the interior it is the leader?

For sure but it's not the best next year or something it's not the best powertrain but because it's overall a really good. Package that's what makes it the best truck you don't have to be the best in everything but if you're the best at least. One thing and you're pretty close to the best at everything else then you're gonna win things out well that is gonna.

Sum up our video and hopefully that'll end the barking from my neighbor's dogs because it's really annoying but anyways if you're stopping for the first time please: Subscribe comment down below what you think and!

Then if you guys want to see more videos? Like this just let me know and more than happy to do that I'll. See all of you on that next.


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