Which small truck is best? Comparing the top 2021 models at the Detroit auto show

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MLive reports on four small trucks at the NAIAS in Detroit.

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Hey this is Taylor DesOrmeau with MLive.com at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. For a long time the best-selling vehicles in the United States have been trucks so today we're gonna look at four of the top contenders for small trucks. The Ranger starts at $24,300 which is one of the cheaper options in the small truck category.


It has 7,500 pounds of available towing 270 horsepower and up to 26 MPG on the highway.

So a lot of these trucks have some new options that you can have like adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, trailer coverage, auto emergency braking and the Ranger is no exception to that. It also has Wi-Fi, so whatever gear you have whether it's kayaks or bikes the Ranger can handle it.


Take a look at the Toyota Tacoma it starts at $25,550.

It has 6800 hundred pounds of available towing. 278 horsepower and 22 MPG highway.


A couple things I like about the Tacoma, it has a really slick interior also the bright colors. Look at the voodoo blue on this truck. Right on the windshield that right there is air intake.

It basically prevents excess dirt from getting into the engine and is especially useful in the desert. This is the Honda Ridgeline and it's maybe the most diverse looking of the four trucks that we're looking at today. It's kind of more of an SUV than it is a truck or maybe a mix of the two.


The rigid line starts at $29,900.

Also the towing capacity is only 5000 pounds, has about 280 horsepower and up to twenty 26 mpg on the highway.


So one of my favorite parts about the Honda Ridgeline is the tailgate itself.

It opens the traditional way but it also opens outward and once you look inside you can actually see there's a big amount of storage. So my favorite of the four small trucks we've looked at is the Chevrolet Colorado.

Ford ranger 2019

Let's take a look at what makes this truck just a little bit better than the rest. It has the cheapest base price of the four at $21,300. Meanwhile it also has the most available towing with 7700 hundred pounds and the most horsepower with 308 horsepower.

The MPG is also the best of the four. Offering up to 30 MPG on the highway.


That is just for the turbo diesel engine though. The normal engine offers 26 MPG on the highway which is tied for the best among the four we've looked at.

I really like the Wi-Fi function just like the Ranger had which allows people to use their phones in the car wherever you're at..

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