Видео автосигнализация – тренд 2019 года !

Из новинок для защиты от угона и охраны машины: видео автосигнализация , LoRa в экономном секторе, умные часы-брелок, разработка блютуз сейчас в сирене. Интервью германского блогера Kai Stuven KFZ alarm, который обозревает противоугонную тему в ФРГ. Все это в обзоре с конференции производителя авто охранных систем Pandora. Как это делается ? Как защититься ? Какие угрозы ждут автовладельца ? Авто мошенничество. Угона.нет – официальный видеоканал Общегосударственного сервиса.

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Hello everyone, at the end of 2000 th Pandora security system. Broke into on Russian car security market.

People have allready developed so agressive. Marketing company breaking other brands like ice.

They did work on well. Last 10 years they were building some production. Complexes 10 000 km 2, and by this moment Pandora security.

System is one of the top best sellers in Russia.

Today we re on annual conference of this company. People introduce theirselves as the leader s branch.

I think. They deserve this status. Why.

We ll ask experts.

Who are on this conference. Of course we ll observe. Something Pandora s new.

Will know their development and the nearest future from a small talk of the owner of this company. And there is something.

Interesting for our subscribers Last time Pandora expands. Things to Europe and the Europeans are already interested in these.

Systems. So there is our collegue observer and blogger, YouTuber from Germany He observes.

Auto security systems in this country and today we ll ask. Him questions, exchange experience, probably will know what waits for our consumer in the future. Let s start! There were introduced.

A lot of new systems Won t tell you about all of them, but pay attention on very interesting devices. We remember. History facts that Pandora s ingeneers improved our mood Integrated problems of security.

Systems such as Can lin for complected. New modern cars and also bypass staff immobilizer for realisation of auto start of engine. This time video auto alarm.

Has become a good thing for development.

On the 1 st step introduced for middle and primial.

Segments of cars. There is Andrew Petrulin, the 1 st face of Pandora. Company Some years ago he was once interviewed And everything was based on development of the company Topic was bypass immobilizer.


Авто обзор

Mercedes and BMW Andrew, what s now? What future do you see?. What are the plans? -Ahh. To be onest, The topic of bypass is still there.

The topic of auto start in Russia is popular.

But as we see it, it s difficult to say it s the trend on Russian.

Market. Everything has changed.

Just a little. To the rest.

And team of engineers demands interesting tasks. But we ve changed the topic. I ve just said.

It s a product that suits. Our tele-alarm and video service We call it Pandora Evidence. It s a big suit of DVR and very good alarm But of course every element.

Of the system made with a big quality. Biving this or that level of video or photo.

Which are for now of video registrators We re experiencing one exemplar, complictation of which is necessary for one seria. At the end of May we ll be giving operators of market whom we trust normal.


I think June-July this system will be being sold But we should.

Understand that this product won t be so popular. It s such attractive task where something.

S interesting inside and interesting sub-tasks, each of them. Is not as easier as start of Mercedes. You.

Know, in the nearest future to see cellular connection that s updated till the standart 5 G that can axelerate the speed of mobile. Net x 10 or 100 times realisation of streaming.

Video from the car and visual control using. Online regymen without WiFi, becomes reality Today there are a lot of peole. More than 500 people are picked up.

It seems it s the record. There are a lot of specialists in car security sphere.

And now we re going to determine why is Pandora popular around them? -Work! -Do you consider. Pandora as the technological leader? -Yeah! -Absolutely. Agree -Yeah! Orwe wouldn t have come.

Any other variants? -I wouldn. T disagree. -One of the leaders -Not at all.

Автосигнализация пандора


Are some of them that work better. -One of the 1 st.

-There are some other manufacturers that achieve good goals.


Of the leaders. -Can Lin development. Good to work with digital cans.

Companies. That have so departments are leaders. -Innovation.

Product that s kept on since long ago on the market -A lot of innovations nothing more interesting introduced. On Russian market.

-Pandora producer dept in development of Bluetooth systems. -According to technicak assemble of these devices first of all no analogs. -The.

1st Planet in the world Pays attention on something new -New modern developments. New modern algorithms. -Tendention.

And plans of Pandora Interesting suggestion was systems X 6 and X 9 introduced in 2 sides Budget ones that have robustness,. LC and auto start from Can Lin using bypass of state immobiliser All in all, best sellers in Russia.

One of the modern systems is 2 side. Security system Pandora 9 X. The system we call new legend.

Of the market. The most reliable, modern security system.

Bluetooth interface keeps all accessories line One of the most available systems on the market.

Every car owner.

Can buy it. We can estimate it like. Request of Pandora be concurent with alarms on time line in national segment.

It s not.

A waste of time the name of the system is somehow connected to ex-systems that have.

Left the market, they re unforgettable by their characterystics A 61 and.


A 91 So As I said there are a lot of foreigners who re interested in safety equipment. There is one of them. Kai Stuven who is the famous German blogger,.

YouTuber He has channel on YouTube He observes topics connected to auto safety.

Kai, please.

Tell how often and what models are.

The most driven away. The 1 st, 2 d and 3 d places Volkswagen, BMW. And Audi And also Japanese models such as Masda, Porsche.

Also trailers. What German people do to safe their cars? Or they re just delighted with state security systems, aren t they? -The situation in Germany. Is different from Russian.

people. Even in Germany understand that every car should be secured Did last polytic situation influ? Even if there.

Are a lot of immmigrants from Africa. And did it rise the criminal tension in Germany? Immigrants didn t mistype us. Because.

They can steal just bag out of car or something loke this.

But driving away expensive. Cars is done by professionals, well-prepared or by special.

Organisations like in Litva.

The situation is the same to our. Please, tell us where does car go after been driven away?.

-One part is driven away to Holland from the Northern sea, another part to the Central Asia from Poland, Latvia. And Litva One more part to the Sourthern part from the Northern Africa.

There is a lot of interesting information. In the future. We ll do our best at filming about criminal situation in Russia.

Will exchange the experience, will tell you in details. You ll see the film on our channels. This year we see technological innovations Lora in budbet segment.

We remember this desition of our last year test showed incredible. Result of running alarm with LC displays. On so long distance.

-The system, special feature of which is modulation radio tract Lorange Thanks to it we get far distanse not only in the countryside. But also in the city, till 2,5 km -But what budget of this alarm is? -=18 000 rub,.

Not the cheapest, but it s a good alternative to GSM channels for people who don t trust. GSM Who don t want to pay 20-30 rub per day for traffic of SIM card. But how far is the signal of the system?.

Kai stuven

The city – 2,5 km, the countryside – 4-4,5 km Have made it the most convenient. For use Increased the range in 2-3 times But the reaction on the trinket.

Signal would be 4, 5, 6 seconds, it s not convenient But the user can do it himself, can t he? -No, it s needed to change. Come in line.

It s the task before.

You mean.

In the center where they put it in, don t you? -No, no, during the development of the system.

During the development.

We pushed.

Ourselves. We sacrificed range with its theoretic.


But it s easy to be used. It means we have to make new tests with using this alarm system.

-Yeah! Do it with this alarm and put this cool system on your car. So, Oleg,.

What s new from global new things?.

-So, it s the 1 st release of our new device. Bluetooth siren Plug in that doesn t demand connecting wires inside. The car.

It has sensors of engine s temperature.

Plug out can be used.

Like blocking chanel.

It costs less than 2 000 rub. It s the cheapest device nowdays on the market.

I can say about our new super. Gadget Pandora watch 2, very cool device attractive sapphire glass. Titanic.

Автосигнализация Pandora

Body in front and back.

Display hi-tech. E-paper. GPS inside, chip Bluetooth 5.0 very cool watches, suitable with our modern systems.

Can work. Using Bluetooth trinket with all functions.

even with starting engine. And also base functions of usual watches.

Also there is connection. To accepting notifications from smartphone.

All things considered, we understand that the future of the market CarSecurity is the basement. Of new hitech. Like usual, Pandora shows it s best in new sollutions and we re waiting from.

People new video alarm that ll be with factory alarm put by auto producers. Not in the nearest future.

There were experts. Of ugona.net.


Please, follow us and stay in the safety!. Goodbye!)..

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