Угон Мерседес GLS за 10 секунд. Тест охраняемого паркинга на безопасность.

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Зимой угонщики перебираются в подземные паркинги. Смотрим насколько безопасны варианты хранения автомобиля в охраняемых жилых комплексах. Как это делается ? Как защититься ? Какие угрозы ожидают автовладельца ? Авто мошенничество. Угона.нет - официальный видеоканал Федерального сервиса.

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Hello, everyone! Muggers don t have sweet life during this season. Hijacking is just time but to repick up plastic details in so cold conditions it s not comfortable.

New storage conditions of cars are had by underground parking places. In most cases it s warm secured parking that s located near malls or residential complex like this one. So hijackers migrate to these places at winter.

Today we ll make the next experiment. And in the center of our mind is premium class auto. Often these parking places are secured by PGC where there are a lot of guards, some of them have pistols and also CCTV camera and control of driving in/out of place Mugger has to turn factory alarm off, furthermore he has to withstand guards.


We don t know what would be waiting for us, but we ve got some technical devices Let s see how Yanne will do this task. Look! There are 2 gates: for entrance and for exit Of course it d have been easier, if there had been one of them. But it ll just take some extra time.

Look. A car is driving.

I m turning device on. Signal is stated. Easy the 2 d gate Theprocedure with the 2 d gate is much more difficult.

Защита от угона

Mugger doesn t know when car will be driving away. So code grabber has to be in regymen of audition. But it s dangerous of catching unneeded signals with cells full of radio-spam.

But the task has to be done. Ohhh. our client is Just a minute...

So, gate s up Guards don t even pay attention on us. because it s as if we opened pur gates.

Угона нет

Driving in.

He turned right. Following him. In order not to pay his attention we ll park somewhere further.

He s parking now. I ll drive further, park my car and... you ll follow him.


Don t forget you hve to keep 3 meters distance. Retranslator wave is multi-brand and Mercedes is also in this list. E-unplugs are put on every generation on this brand It has non-key access.

Even e systems FBS 4. By 2018 started, it had been put on every expluatated Mercedes in Russia on the sale.

You know what to do, distance is 3 m. You should finish till lift closes.


Because there wouldn t be connection. OK.

Understand. Remind you how retranlsation works. After owner parket his car, he puts it under security and goes away.

2 muggers take part in hijacking.


Every mugger has retranslating module.

Mugger 1 gets signal about searching car s key and retranslates signal to the further distance to mugger 2 and given signal goes to the key that is in owner s pocket and the response goes back through the chain. Security - off.

All in all, radius zone of factory key is lenthened. The main idea of hijacking using УДОЧКА is distance to the owner.

Противоугонные системы

Because construction of the monolithic house base is Faradey s cell, so interaction could be on the one or the nearest parking level. Muggers have to commict a crime until the moment owner is elevated. Or esle lendthening of radio signal might not be.

After breaking into the car, one more searching of key is needed to start engine. There is no indication yet and mugger moves УДОЧКА to the central concol.

Well done. The key is obvious.

Охрана автомобиля

After turning wave off there is indicator of absent ignition.

But it won t let trip down.

Putter down of GSM and GPS is activated always. We re driving away from parking. Turning right.

Автозапуск двигател

Thre s house with guards Hello. So we re driving like owners, so gates are opened.

And Goodbye, Mercedes.

We can see indication shows there s no key inside. We ll drive longer until the moment we turn ignition off. As we determined that underground parking level has to wait for better whishes.

Despite having loads of guards and CCTV cameras Access level of automatic running of gates and barrier 90 % of happens are still vulnerable.

By the way, list of devices that could be burglered you can find if you click on hyperlink given in description. But weak side of security systems is still that only factory alarm is used.

These systems have vulnerability to retranslator.

Absent extra security systems are because 50 % are bought in credit. Credit=casco Owners rely on insurance payment.

Unfourtunately, won t get all money It s describeed in details in the calculator. Price of new GLS is near 6 000 000 rub, and also casco 300 000 rub, and also wheels for winter + 300 000 rub. After hijacking, in 90 % of happens payment is not in so short period of time, only after criminal case closed 2 months, company pays not all money.

-ammortisation. 1 st year of expluatation it s 15 % of primary cost of the car Owner is given just 5 100 000 but 1 500 000 rub are lost. Obligatory save your car in professional workshops, you can do it in workshops of ugona.net that are located in more than 50 cities in Russia and in the nearest abroad.

Don t leave your cars nacked in so conditions of secured underground parkings.

There were experts of ugona.net, subscribe us in order to keep in touch about treats safety news..

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