TOYO TIRES | Ken Block’s Climbkhana: Pikes Peak REACTION!!!

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No the try guys don't welcome back to another reaction we gotta do this reaction man orbiter? Bye see you uber noob 77 I see you thank you very much for the reminder for doing. Ken block this one doing the most recent one this is the most recent one Toyo tires chem blocks climb kana.


It's that climb kana Pikes Peak featuring the horny corn b2 we're gonna check. This video and see what it's a car video guys if you're not into cars just click the next. Button this is a car video car videos man loves.

Cars hope you guys love cars we all love cars we don't like cars anyway guys four point eight million views honestly we really. Quick one was it's uploaded September 25th.


Three days ago an hour has five million views it must be amazing it must be something to watch it must?

Be super I don't have use that word a long time so guys let's.


Check this video out and see would climb kana the point they can't be No any video. Video-description bro portable video whoa be careful man and what really yo little copyright. Music bro no no copyright music but damn bro that shit was mighty nuts.

You know what what is that anyway guys there you go man another Kim bak video?


Has 5 million views go check it out I'm gonna cut some stuff. Out from this one so guys want to see the full one you.

Got to go and click on the link in description guys anyway guys - I don't know what. To say this guy can drive he is an amazing driver this amazing razors amazing drifter is amazing everything! Man you know what I mean what can't you do behind a wheel what can't he do behind a wheel nothing.


That's the answer nothing anything and everything he can do behind.

That wheel man one of the other car like.


That on GTA 5 miles I'm gonna looking for a Gymkhana car on GTA 5 mods and when I can block it out all over the mountain.

Shall I that's what you have in mind! - I don't look for it and also maybe I map that goes on a road a race road that goes on monster.


Lot so I can do a Ken Block climb kana on GTA 5 how about that hey check it out hey we're all thanks?

For the request hope you guys enjoyed the reaction I hope you guys enjoyed. This race of races go climb the Gymkhana!

Pikes peak

Ken block's Gymkhana going up this climb gonna do come and climb kind of it's crazy bro if you like please. Leave a like if you don't like I guess dislike if you haven't subscribed please subscribe 90,000 subscribers. Coming up quick and I rode to 100,000 subscribers so when I do the money gonna get to 90 you're gonna!

Get that 91 do that punk rock hairdo and a 16 hour stream do some piece and I'll see. You guys in the video bye Donna.

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