Top 5 Future TRUCKS to Look Forward to for 2021!

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There are many ALL-NEW TRUCK's coming soon in 2020 (2021 model year). Here are the top 5 we are most excited to see and review in real life. Are any of the newcomers good enough to beat the established leaders? Let us know which ones you all are most excited about in the comments below (2021 Ford F-150, 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid, 2021 Ford F-150 Electric, 2021 Chevy Silverado, 2021 GMC Sierra, 2021 Hyundai Santa Cruz, 2021 Rivian Truck R1T, 2022 GMC Hummer, 2022 Tesla Cybertruck, 2021 GMC Canyon AT4, 2021 Chevy Colorado ZR2). Please SUBSCRIBE for updates on our latest videos. HELP US REACH 250,000 SUBSCRIBERS! Follow us on social media. Instagram: car_confections. Snapchat: carconfections. © Car Confections, LLC 2020. All rights reserved. “Sampling the Latest Automotive Delicacies!”.

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Hey guys and welcome to the video. So with a lot of you all looking to buy a new truck in the upcoming twenty twenty year you know.

We wanted to make a video talking about some of the new and most appealing products that are coming to the market. So if you can see if you need to hold on and say you know maybe wait until the end of the year. Before you make that purchase so you can get the absolute best truck you can buy now where we wanted to start off today's.


Video is going to be of course with none other than the all-new 2021 f150 that:

Being the most popular vehicle in the US by like long long yeah weird flight eight over eight. Hundred thousand units per year and recently we've been seeing some tester? Models out and about and getting a really good look at it and what.

Future trucks

Is different now now there's not of course a lot of technical information but from? The images you can tell there's going to be more of an evolutionary change with this. Generation obviously there's a new grill it kind of has a more rounded look and if it's anything like the current:

Model there's going to be like fifty nine thousand combinations of the grill because they have so many different. Trim levels but a lot of different textures of course we have cool LED headlights with the daytime running. Light that kind of goes around in a bracket shape and then extends.


Down into the foglight area so that's kind of a unique touch and it's gonna be something. That you know shows it off to be the new model?

Since it looks like it's gonna be more of a mild change from the outgoing generation. And then we can't forget about the Raptor renderings I've been seen they look even cooler.

2021 trucks

The Raptor course is basically the king of the f-150 lineup no the ultimate in performance and you know just badass. Design and stuff and it looks absolutely killer in these new renderings. You know a lot of it looks more different to me than than the regular one to the outgoing:

Generation and you can bet that it's gonna come packed with you know all the latest technology!

2020 trucks

And all the maximum capability now US spy photographers I actually captured a really good look at the interior as well. So we can start to see kind of some details of the inside before it's officially came out so you can clearly:

Tell from this picture that the interior has moved upscale. Looks like we have a lot of a variety.

Pickup trucks

Of textures and materials that are you know I guess you could say catching up with me Ram 1500 because.

I've brought the mid-size trucks to a new level we don't know what trim level this is photographed! But like I said you can start to see that Ford is mixing in you know different types of materials you don't really.

New trucks

Have like so much like black plastic and things like that you have more: Variety of nice materials you also have a very large display you know by my estimate was being about 10 to 12 inches.

Likely you know and you also have full digital gauges you know similar to what we've seen and like the Mustang. And other four products and Lincoln products you know just more things!

New pickup trucks

To move the f-150 more upscale and get it more online what people's you know changing today! On our concerning trucks recently and like I said we don't really have.

Any technical information but we do know that there's: Going to be a hybrid version and eventually a full electric version of the f-150 so that's of course very cool and then the on sale. Date is gonna be later this year but pricing should stay roughly in line with what it is currently.

Trucks worth

There wouldn't be you know a huge price increase on something like the f-150 alright and for those.

Of you that you know know the channel you know that I own a Hyundai! Um and the next news is about a Hyundai's all new pickup truck of the Hyundai Santa Cruz so this will actually we don't have. A lot of details about the Santa Cruz but it is promising to be a pretty cool unibody truck and it's.

2021 trucks worth waiting for

Gonna really pack a lot of tech in for a more affordable price you know Hyundai! Is notorious for throwing in a lot of value much more value than the competition so I'm excited! To see what Hyundai does here with the Santa Cruz now what we've been seeing in these recent spy shots.

Kind of indicate a little bit of a change from that 2015 concept that they had back in the day and that's: That you know we're looking at something.

2021 ford f-150

A little bit larger than what they had previously he's been showing us and it's got four full doors.

So we're looking at a crew cab which that's not particularly surprising in the fact.

2021 ford raptor

That those that's the more popular body style of truck. But of course like I said that concept that they previously.

Had that was just kind of an extended cab kind of had that like you know like the old Subaru Baja look to it but this.

You know get the full four doors probably a good thing. That I made that transition is what I would think you know really go head-to-head against something like two Honda Ridgeline and Ford?

Ranger and that type of thing as far as this foundation it could share some of its internal. Pieces with the Hyundai Santa Fe you know it is going to be destined to be built in the same factory.

In Alabama so we could think that it might be available. Both with a traditional you know naturally aspirated.

Four-cylinder as well as the turbo four-cylinder again. This is just kind of speculation but you know that would be something that one could assume that. Might be the fountain act as the foundation to the truck and like I said Hyundai has confirmed that it will be built in Alabama production starting early?

Next year which means that it will debut likely towards the: End of this year maybe at the LA Auto Show or if there's any auto shows left. After as a corona virus hopefully it will debut somewhere even if it's just through digital means and for our third truck.

That we're excited to see that's got to belong to the new riffian r1t you know an electric: Truck I guess it's gonna be one of the first electric trucks hitting the market and that's certainly? Very exciting as its packing a serious punch as far as the specs and design are concerned now we've?

Heard from a lot of you guys about.

The cyber truck and the Rivi inversion or the Riven!

Truck here has a very futuristic design. But not as a dramatic human and sanga the cyber. Truck I think it's a little less controversy?

Let's just be honest here the cyber trunk.

Is a little bit much for most people I mean maybe. By the time it makes it to mark it'll look cool I don't know but it looks a little odd right now the ribbing! Is kind of that middle ground in between so you can't get a fully electric?

Pickup truck with some crazy performance numbers what is it around 800 the maximum from this is gonna be 750 horsepower. With the top cut here model yeah 815 pound-feet of torque and 0 to 60 in under!

3 seconds yes that's ridiculous but I can't wait to see it you know that's what makes it exciting?

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