Top 5 BEST Offroad Vehicles You Can BUY Right Now!

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👋 There are a lot of options for taking a vehicle off the pavement and today we came up with a list of 5 Best stock vehicles that you can buy today and drive right to the trails! 👋Top 5 BEST Offroad Vehicles You Can BUY Right Now. 🗣 TALK TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 🔥 PERSONAL FAVORITE VIDEOS OF OURS :. 👁 About this video : The Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO/4Runner. It's a mid size vehicle, perfect size for the trails. Capable off the lot with technology, adequate ground clearance and even provides a slight lift. Auto or manual transmission is available. The cons would be kind of sluggish and you can see that trying to climb rocks or towing, easy fix though. Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator. These trucks have multiple engine options along with the manual/auto. Ground clearance is 11'' and with the solid axle it's more durable than an independent suspension. Specifically designed for hitting the trails and has great approach/departure angles. The cons is reliability and the price, a rubicon will cost around $60K. The G wagon (G550)/4x4 squared are up next. These have multiple lockers, low gearing, and the 4x4 has portal axles giving it 18'' of ground clearance. They are very capable and very luxurious. The con is the cost, ranging from $90K to $250K, so they definitely won't see much dirt. The Raptor is such an amazing truck. It's big, designed to go in the air and is spacious. The con is how big it is for trail driving, it's geared for the desert and high speeds. The Defender/Discovery. Has air ride suspension, terrain response and 35'' of wading. They are designed for the trails with all the tech, but reliability is a huge con. Very luxurious as well to be seeing the dirt. 👋About this channel: What's Up Everybody. And Welcome To, Bros FOURR Speed. We are two brothers, Mike and Brian, and we love cars and anything automotive related. Currently own a Nissan GTR, Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Supra. We started this channel filming in the backyard just doing fun things like riding dirt bikes and skateboarding. We never knew that filming at such an early age would eventually lead us to a successful channel and the amazing opportunity we have to drive very cool cars and film anything automotive related. We enjoy working on our own cars and showing the DIY process and how you can save money doing these installations. Feel free to smash that subscribe button along with the notification bell to stay up to date on our daily uploads and what we have going on. We bring you unbiased reviews and vlogs involving sweet cars, motorcycles and anything with wheels and an engine. 🎉 THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT. Want us to promote your product? Email for rates and availability 🤝.

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What's up guys and welcome back to the channel in today's video we're out at Uwharrie. National Forest having a really good time in my Tacoma so we thought it'd be a perfect scenery: Or perfect place to go over the top five stock vehicles that you can buy currently right now so we're gonna start off this list.

With the Tacoma obviously because I have one this is my 2017 TRD off-road there's many different. Trim levels that you can go with for the Tacoma and would be 4runner.

As well which I'm kind of gonna piggyback. Off of because it's essentially the same vehicle ish just truck or SUV but the TRD off road and the TRD pro are.


Basically the top two trim levels that you want to go for if you're going off-road? With the pro for the Tacoma and the 4runner you get a one inch lift with Fox shocks gives you a little.

Bit more ground clearance than a stock truck not quite as much as mine I have a aftermarket lift which is a whole different! Topic but for a stock truck you get a little? Bit more of a lift so you can throw in a little bit taller of a tire and have a little bit more ground clearance:

The Tacoma has about nine and a half inches of stock ground clearance and you have a waiting. Depth of around twenty seven and a half inches.

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So you can four through a little.

Bit of water if you choose to do so and I think it's a really good platform. For going offroad they're relatively affordable they hold their. Value really well so whether you get new or used you're getting a really good bang for your buck and let's.

See it's small it's a small nimble truck.


You can easily go through the trails that we've? Been doing today and you can also get it in a manual or an automatic a lot of off-roaders. Love the manual which I don't have unfortunately I think I've only been in a manual.

Once off-road yeah n/a me it definitely gives you some control! And just a lower engineering how it works and everything it's a lot better than automatic for sure yeah but if you're bailing it still!

It's nice to have an automatic and they still work just as good offroad. Long as I going to crazy gostrey pretty good in the auto the automatic also:

Trd offroad

Has crawl control as well well you.

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Have that feature to help you out a lot of people like it a lot of people don't like it I'm 5050 I. Use it if I feel I need it I. Don't use it when I want to do everything myself.

So it gives you a lot of Technology you have a lot to that's offered for a stock truck and all those things. Are in a 4runner and Ora Tacoma they really? Are the same vehicle just a truck or an SUV that's nice how weather you get which one or the other you can.


Get two versions charity off roads oh yes the only one Deary pros yeah. Really those to me you got quite a few options for each vehicle still being the same car but different! Which is nice yeah and downsides of having:

Either of them for offroad the only thing I the only thing I would say is maybe a little. Bit underpowered you can feel that out on the highway you know daily driving but on the trails sometimes? You can feel some lag in the throttle?

Just not getting enough torque to get up that next rock or something! Which can be fixed yeah but from the factory I wish it was a little. Bit geared better especially for being their hardcore TRD versions really.

Toyota tacoma

Just better gearing especially for the automatic Tacoma it's better gearing: You know like the pedal plate or something like that I should say the manual Tacoma does come with higher.

Gearing than this yeah that would it sounds good for the off-road.

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Off-roader but they give you the automatic with the crappier gearing. Pretty much show gearing will happen on this channel soon so if you're new to the channel we have some more plants coming.

Donut media

So then on to the next vehicles kind of the same setup but a different brand we're talking. About Jeep now we got the Wrangler?

And the gladiator which really are just like these just Jeep versions pretty much some positivity is you got solid axles all around which:

Really help with articulation if you get a Rubicon yes waive our disconnect they have so many capabilities that. Are legit designed for off-roading they specifically built those vehicles. For offroad like that's the main goal but those things everything else.


Is secondary so that's a big plus you do have low overhangs the gladiator is a little bit more likely to come up being. A pickup truck so the rear end not as good as the Wrangler but still pretty darn good they definitely? Have a lot of ground clearance big tires when they come stock with like 31 or 33 even it's around there yeah and the ground.

Clearance is about a half inch more than this so you got around 10 to 11 I am you can get manuals you have the locking! Differentials and everything so it gives you so much to work with bone-stock even if you just get just a base model with a manual. Whatever you still have so much capabilities aftermarket parts are really cheap couple hundred bucks for a lift kit wheels.

And tires for the most expensive part so it doesn't?

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Road trip

Break the bank to do that brand new. A con they're pretty expensive nowadays a Rubicon is like sixty thousand bucks which. I'm not I don't want to buy that then go off-roading but there's great used ones few years old.

That are you know still very nicely options for like 30 grand they're! Not gonna be quite as reliable as the Toyota so a check engine light is probably gonna happen something's gonna break eventually but they're.

Not that expensive to fix so it's still a really.


Good vehicle to get I honestly want to buy one in the?

Next few years I think that'd be awesome I love that one too yeah I think.

There's there's so much fun and you can't get what you can get in a Wrangler or a dare in any other vehicle no matter how. Much you love it to coma I mean you can't take the doors.

Off road

And roof off that's pretty darn cool yeah some other cons they take the doors. Off I don't think I'm gonna do not as easy another cool thing with the jeeps you have different engine options? Which is really nice you can even get a diesel so a lot of that.

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Low range power that might be something that I would honestly look for just because.

The torque of a diesel in the low rpm the low speed is probably. Gonna be pretty nice so Wrangler and the! Gladiator absolutely are probably the best off-roaders out there for the buck because even used!


Ones you know 20-something gram I kind of break the bank it's a it's a reliable enough vehicle?

To where you should have too many headaches:

With it so that for me is number. One yeah it's kind of cool how it's like the same is it Tacoma just more offroad. II and similar yeah so number three hit it number three we're gonna completely change.

It up to the mercedes-benz g550 or anymore any g-wagon. Or the 4x4 squared now the only reason that we bring this up is because that is a luxurious yet capable off-roading machine not many people who buy.

Those are going to see dirt like none of them know I which I don't you know I it's the con is they're.

Very expensive but the pro is you get three locking diffs you can Ford through a lot of water? I think it's around 30 35 inches of water there's no overhangs on them there's ground clearance.

Yeah like you they literally have everything you can need in an off-roader in the wrong package right nobody buying. A hundred plus thousand dollars TVs doing it and especially!

The 404 square what is that quarter-million dollars you get portal axles though which I mean if I could install on the Tacoma that would.

Be awesome you get about 18 inches of ground clearance I have what nine point four so Weiss's. Much growing clearance stablish clearance yeah you mean you can crawl!

Under the g-wagen or the 4x4 squared it's.

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