ТОП 10 способов защититься от угона самому

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Самоучитель по быстрой защите от угона. Курс самообороны для вашего автомобиля. Краткосрочная защита от быстрого технического угона, которую автовладелец может сделать самостоятельно. Как это делается ? Как защититься ? Какие угрозы ожидают автовладельца ? Авто мошенничество. Угона.нет - официальный видеоканал Федерального сервиса.

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Hello, everyone! Our topic for today is about self defence from driving away how to prevent your car from being driven away Most of you after buying new or former used car because of no free time and because of other reasons don t put any security system and start expluatating. OK.

Let it be.

To be onest, I have been in so situations. And wasn t interested in this question. And always parked my car with a thought of danger And understood that the car only with factory put alarm is not safe...

without anything. If you understand that good security system takes just 2 days of being ready, you ll see that I had to refuse those offers. And if I drive from Moscow toSt Petersburb, I drive cool without any thoughts of security system.

The 10 th place is alarm immitation. It s based on scaring intruders. In some online shops such a placebo is introduced like a block that imitates security system working on.


Just a sec.. Let me go to the shop... No problem I ll be looking out your car.

I ve managed to find these initating systems on the Net Let s have a look! One of them is oval shaped, in plastic corpus Such a blue led is put under the front window. Professionals would understand that it s not a security system. Such a fairy tail! The 2 d device is more interesting.

Such a led. A wire coming to module with batteries and it reminds anti-driving away system. If it s put in correct order, it ll look similar to that system.

But if the criminal observes these wires and sees it s not alarm, he ll understand that it s a good time to drive car away. The 9 th place secured parking place It s the upper step after imitation of anti driving away system.

However, As we know, the owners just give you a place for parking, don t response. Not once, drivings away have been not only on free parking zones, but also on the private zones.

Защита от угона

And convicters of the crime don t see barriers in front.

And also use vandal ways of opening and also lock picks are used. The 8 th place is intruder trap. Users do use such a way.

predator sneaks But this way is like to disturb yourself, not the hijacker.

And not for fresh minds. Furthermore, it can make the hijacker be angry. And he can damage your car.

The 7 th place is aerography. As you remember, in most cases, they aren t driven away.

Угона нет

And youncan colour your car yourself. By the liquid that could disappear if you wash the car with special fluid. One minus is that nobody would drive this car.

The 6 th place! One more variant - scarecrow. There are some things that aren t secured. But according to people s thoughts, they can scare hijackers.

So things are cool numbers and things connected to the police. Jacket Or a cap on the back shelf of the car. The 5 th place is live watchman.

Some peole do so sometimes.

But this way wouldn t be acceptable. It s strange phrase.


The dog is person s friend. But you should determine wether it s allowed according to laws.

Particularly about animals. The next place is searching system called beacon. However, it s a way of treating, not of preventing.

So we put it on the 4 th place in our rating. It might help you to find car after being driven away. International contraception day has been celebrated.

Some people used to put mobile in the car. Turned GPRS on.

And it was a problem of charging it. Because it was difficult to put this wire on. But it was before.


For now, every owner can buy online this beacon. A lot of types of beacons When you press the button, it s activated. Ad then is put in the car.

Then auto owners try to find covered places. These parts are usually observed carefully by owners. where you can put this beacon.

And then...

after figuring it out, the owner can see location. Using special app. We don t need your Internet connection.

As we see it, there is a limit of location places.


Remember! It can be destroyed by using ANTI GSM system. Or can be found with these devices: area detector or nonlinear translator. But it s a good self-protection method.

The 3 d place of our rating... Is to take battery with you by taking it off. I think there is no hijacker who could take extra-battery with him.

But it s not such a comfort way. And dirty clothes...) Were we allowed? The 2 d place is... intentional faults to the engine.

Self-damaged, self-fixed. Not compared to real anti driving away protection. But will make you sleep better.

In order to be in safety, owners took off the high-voltaged wire. But modern cars don t have these wires. Coil is put on the farson.

Modern engines don t have such a thing. Now I m going to show you 2 methods how to immobilize the car.

There are e-schemes and a fuse inside or under the hood. In this case - under the hood. There is a cap.

There are some drawings... Every person can understand it. For example, We can see a paint of engine.

But if we take it off, the engine won t be started. In this case, it responds coils. Trying...

Not started.

This procedure could be done on Land Rover car.

There is a block under the hood. But in this case we should take off starter relay.

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