Top 10 Best Pickup Trucks for 2021

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The Best Pickup Trucks for 2020. BEST MIDSIZE TRUCKS. 2020 Honda Ridgeline. 2020 Jeep Gladiator. 2020 Toyota Tacoma. 2021 Chevy Colorado. BEST FULL-SIZE TRUCKS. BEST HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS. 2020 Ford F-250 Super Duty. 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD.

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Here's a list of the best trucks across segments that you can buy in 2020 there's no denying that pickup trucks. Are America's favorite vehicles Ford f-series has consistently topped the sales charts for 42 consecutive years now there are a lot of other automakers.

With such offerings as well the segment is highly competitive and you can get confused with what to pick there is a different.

Best midsize trucks

Variant or a different model altogether in every $1000 bracket to help: You with this dilemma we've compiled a list of 10 best pickup trucks ranging from midsize trucks. To full-size and two heavy-duty ones best midsize trucks 20 20 Honda Ridgeline.

Purists don't even consider the Honda Ridgeline as a pure truck because of its unibody construction as opposed to a body-on-frame. Bill however if you're looking for a truck that works like a good family hauler and doesn't have a traditional. Truck appeal the ridgeline will fit your bill the truck.

2020 honda ridgeline

Comes with a lockable in bed trunk as well the cabin is well screwed! And looks premium too if ride quality matters!

To you the ridgeline is the best midsize truck you can have thanks to the independent rear suspension that makes it supremely comfortable.

2020 jeep gladiator

For all the passengers 2020 Jeep gladiator starting price thirty five thousand forty dollars the gladiator was one of the most anticipated!

Vehicles to make a debut in 2019 Jeep didn't. Disappoint us and gave enthusiasts a truck that was rugged tough!

2020 toyota tacoma

And one that loved to take abuse the gladiators off-roading skills are unmatched so if you're.

In the market for an off-road oriented truck the gladiator is the: Best midsize truck you can have now this may be a surprise but the gladiator. Has bigger rear seats than most other midsize trucks also it is the only convertible truck:

2021 chevy colorado

You can buy for now 2020 Toyota Tacoma starting price twenty seven thousand one hundred forty five dollars the Tacoma is one of the most: Popular midsize trucks in the US this rugged truck is known for its long-term reliability and the ability to outlast its owners as well even!

Decade old examples sell for a premium:

Best full-size trucks

Despite there being no dearth of Tacomas in the used market what makes the tacoma special is that you can buy it with a 6-speed manual transmission Toyota has improved: On the tech front and now offers both apple carplay and android auto even the cabin is straightforward and everything is ergonomically.

Well laid out finally it has a strong engine good towing capacity. And decent off-road bias to keep mild off-roaders happy.

2020 ram 1500

An all-rounder in true sense 20:21 Chevy Colorado:

Starting price twenty two thousand two hundred ninety five dollars the Chevy Colorado comes with good on-road manners supple! Ride quality and as a comfortable pickup truck overall there are several trims to choose: From and the option to change standard equipment.

2020 ford f-150

For your needs so Chevy has something for all potential midsize pickup truck customers the 4 pot diesel. And the v6 gasoline have impressive towing ratings and return good fuel economy too if you're into off-roading you can opt for the zr2 that: Comes with all the goodies to keep the enthusiast in you happy overall the Colorado is the truck?

With a little of everything in no deal-breakers best full-size trucks 2020 Ram 1500 starting price thirty-three thousand eight hundred. Fifty dollars Ford is ruling the pickup truck market: And never faced real competition from any automaker but Ram could be thrown it the new 3.0 liter Ecotec engine generates ample.

2020 gmc sierra

Power to plaster a smile on your face every time the v6 Mills tow ratings are comparable to rivals.

With v- eights without compromising on the fuel economy. The 1500 was also the first pickup truck ever to score!

Best heavy-duty trucks

Full marks and received the IIHS Top Safety?

Pick plus rating on the inside it reeks of luxury and everything feels premium Ram has also offered an off-road centric: Trim in the form of the rebel oh and how can we forget the fantastic multifunction tailgate the 2020. Ram 1500 as a complete package and arguably the best pickup.

2020 ram 2500

Truck you can buy today 20:24 def 150 starting priced thirty thousand ninety dollars.

The king of the segment needs no introduction it has been around for ages and that. Itself as a testimony to the truck success it is one of the best midsize trucks.

2020 ford f-250 super duty

You can buy today the f-150 checks all the boxes as long as you're opting for the higher trims there.

Is a lot of tech inside the cabin and it is spacious and comfortable too with the right engine configuration combo you can get a truck: With pretty good towing and payload capacities with Ford offering the f-150 in six different trims with six different engines three. Body styles and two different drive types and one special off-road trim in the Raptor there.

2020 chevrolet silverad

Is something for everyone in here 2020 GMC Sierra. Starting price thirty one thousand one hundred. Ninety five dollars GMC has played second fiddle to Chevrolet all its life but things are changing.

Now the present generation of the Sierra is a big improvement and feels more premium than the Silverado it is slightly. Expensive but you also get the multi Pro tailgate that you don't in the Silverado presently the engines offer.

Good low-end grunt decent towing capability improved fuel economy when compared to the previous iterations GMC has also.

Added a new 3.0 liter turbo diesel mill to take on Rams eco diesel the smaller? V8 mill is now available with a 10 speed automatic gearbox as well all these things make the GMC Sierra a worthy. Competitor best heavy-duty trucks 2020 Ram 2500 starting priced thirty five thousand four hundred forty dollars the RAM 2500 is available.

In various permutations and combinations and you will be able to find a perfect engine plus body plus drivetrain combo fairly easily on the inside. The 2500 reeks of luxury and is a great place to be in this generation of the 2500 features of stronger chassis. And body panels that make it abuse friendly the towing capacities in the fuel economy are pretty decent.

Too the truck is available with a six cylinder mill or a v8 although this doesn't pass off as a clear winner amongst the competition like. The RAM 1500 does in its segment the 2500 still. Comes with all the bells and whistles to keep you from complaining 2020 Ford f250 Super Duty starting price thirty five thousand three hundred dollars Ford:

F250 Super Duty is arguably the best heavy duty truck presently on sale this monster is highly reliable. And the 2020 models have gotten even better Ford has added the Godzilla 7.3 liter v8 mill that offers.

The best in class power and torque figures a supercharged version with 700 horses on the trot will also be available soon the diesel engine. Is now mated to a 10 speed automatic gearbox if you want to take it out in the dirt Ford offers a tremor package. As well all in all the f250 leads the pack in the heavy duty pickup.

Truck segment and you can't go wrong with one 2020 Chevrolet Silverado 2500hd starting. Price thirty five thousand six hundred ninety five dollars. With Ford topping the sales charts and RAM closing in on the gap chevy through the kitchen sink with the twenty twenty generation of the silverado.

2500hd the truck was redesigned and looks a lot more aggressive:

Inside the cabin is roomier and a lot of storage spaces. Are offered although it still feels dated Chevy mated the engine to a 10 speed automatic Allison gearbox.

That not made the drivability better but also pumped up the towing capacities by almost 4,000 pounds.

The Silverado 2500hd 's towing figures are now almost on par with the segment leader the f250 Super Duty a 15 view.

Camera makes maneuvering easier while towing Chevrolet. Up the ante with this generation of the Silverado 2500.

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