These Are Top 10 Things The 2021 Ford F-150 HAS To Do To Remain The #1 Truck In America!

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It's been the most popular truck in America for decades, but faces stiffer competition than ever from General Motors and Ram in the half-ton and heavy duty segments. These are the things we think Ford needs to do in order to maintain its leadership in the market.

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Hey Andre you know that the f-150 according to forward at least is the best-selling! Truck in America for the last 3,000 years.

Yes I think it's like 42 years or something and a new one doesn't? Come along all that often but it's happening on the 25th of this month yes so June 25th the brand-new. 2021 Ford f-150s being making its world debut on the world stage yeah and unfortunately we won't be there!

Because we probably some pictures of four didn't like and they have invited us but in this video we're not going.

To be talking about that we're gonna.

Be talking about the fact that we've come up with a list of things that we think Ford has to do in order to keep that: Leading position in the truck world at least here in America so this is our list of the well it's more than ten right yeah top ten. Things for it needs to do with.

The new f-150 to stay not just competitive but to stay number one and then at the end we've got some bonuses which I think.

You're gonna really enjoy thank you for joining TfL talking.

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The most popular ever so let's just get right to it what's number. Ten number ten is capability that must increase and be class-leading that's very important and you mentioned about sales leadership right Chevrolet.

General Motors and RAM are pressuring for big time for a ram is trying to making huge improvements. In their sales numbers across the board. Light duty and heavy duty trucks for full-size and now General.

Motors actually had a great quarter number one a quarter of this year and General Motors is currently having: This maximum towing war with fourth right GM said thirteen thousand four hundred pounds is their maximum?

Capacity for this currently is 13,200 for their. Full-sized room yeah for their F F 150 / 1500 series trucks so I would expect.

For 20 21 Ford actually has already class leading payload. So they're kind of okay there what's your payload like three thousand two hundred. And seventy five pounds I mean if you guys are new into trucks.

This is important because payload is basically the amount of stuff you could put in the truck and now people kind of confuse that because they. Think that's three thousand pounds of like stuff they could put in the bed no that's three thousand pounds: Of stuff you could put in the truck including the people in the truck including the gasoline yeah including their dogs dogs and it's also.

Important because it determines how much you can tow not just because of the tow rating but because usually the tongue weight accounts for what ten. Percent of a trailer on the trailer so if you fill.

Up the truck then you still have to keep in mind you're gonna need like ten percent.

Of that capability or in this case about three hundred pounds for tongue weight with whatever you're towing yes so in order to do this. Forth has to probably update the frame and they're calling it all new truck but you've seen the prototype.


Almost unclad right yeah let's let's roll that video right now and you'll see it's not that easy to distinguish this new 2021 model! From the old 2020 model I mean you know when a vehicle is popular and successful the new generations are always evolutionary never revolutionary.

It's only when the thing is struggling to sell or when they're. Trying to you know increase the popularity of it that's when they do something!

Crazy but if it's already popular they're not gonna mess with a good thing so style wise they're very similar.

Yeah like you can see the cab right there's a cut in the window: The bed looks most of the same these are a little different than c-clamp?

That Ford is talking about it yeah they updated the grille in the headlights we'll talk about that a little. Bit later in our list but but in order to increase capability you know you have to have axles chassis! Brakes it's not just about the engine right well okay let's.

Little caveat Andre what now it's not just about in the past what what the manufacturers often?

Did and Ford did this as well actually! Ford was one the most notorious to doing this let's.

Say Chevy came out or Ram came out with the truck that would tow 200 pounds more than the Ford right a Ford would senator press:

Release oh we're talking more now without changing the engine the brakes the chassis the frame.

But now because of the Society of Automotive Engineers the trucks have to meet a relatively rigorous set of standards. And so those numbers are more real they're not a hundred percent real but they're more real and that standards j28 of seconds right.

And it requires the truck to perform under you know under pressure towing maximum load in heat right. They test on Davis Dam and then it has to also come to a complete stop hold the load if it's!

On a grade which is great so now those numbers are actually.

More meaningful because there's some numbers that are actually measured in a scientific way versus just hey you know sprinkling. Some towing dust right so the other question I have of course Andres do you really need a half ton to tow fifteen? Thousand pounds or fourteen thousand pounds I mean it seems like now you're?

Getting into heavy duty territory right yeah how much how much more. Can Ford go up without actually getting.

To the point where the truck is no longer. A half-ton it's a heavy duty truck.

And its capability absolutely I think we are there now yeah I agree thirteen thousand two hundred pounds or thirteen thousand four. Hundred pounds is already insane the amount of weight for a half-ton truck gotta remember the f-150 or the other trucks in this category. They weigh about 5,000 pounds themselves you're asking the truck to tow something.

That's two and a half times heavier than the truck itself so physics usually doesn't quite work out yeah and technology?

The fast lane

Can only make up so much yeah so so I think we're almost there they might go up 200 pounds right or 201 pounds.

Okay you know so they might do something there: To maintain class-leading numbers and so and the thing is I think we've. Been doing this long enough where part of it certainly is real but part!

Of it is also marketing right it's like it's like Ford wants to be able to say two words. That all manufacturers want to say and that's class-leading right yeah and so it doesn't. Become about like you guys out there actually towing I mean if you've?

Ever told 13,000 pounds with a half-ton truck your palms get sweaty. It's like that mmm so I'm really.

Because it's it you feel like you're probably a little. Bit beyond the trucks capability even though. You may not be in terms of its real capability.

But you feel that like you said the physics of the situation and so it doesn't become about? Like you know like work truck people actually. Using it some do some do but.

It becomes about like being able to do that commercial you know for drugs class-leading exactly but but also it's a very specific configuration.

Right it's it's usually two wheel drive truck with the most powerful engine in the very specific way built! So it's not like you can go out to your:

Dealer inside give me a truck that tells 13,000 pounds yeah let me explain? That too for all you people who are out there listening to this.

You may not be is up on towing.

As you know we've been doing it for ten years now so what ends up happening is you once again you've! Got that payload number and the more stuff you put into the truck be that cool radios be there four wheel drive be there. Panoramic sunroof yeah beautiful baby that King Ranch logos yeah the more the more weight that the truck the heavier becomes.

And the less payload you have in the still less you can tow and so to get that: Max towing you do have to have a very specific truck and usually.

A base model you see a base model two wheel drive you know short cab right and and never in the commercials:

You ever see that model or I think it's always a crew cab you know it's the most memories! Ever XLT white truck right with like skinny wheels right that's the other thing!

You also need you know if you start putting down the big 20s you're also losing towing keep up yeah it's! Up to the tires right exactly yeah yeah so but you never see that you see you see like the:

Visual is of you know the King Ranch towing this huge amount of wherever Davis damn yeah but in real life that truck. Won't do it right so let's move number nine yes which is value yeah it's very important these. Days or any day actually currently the 2020 f150 has a starting price of twenty:

Eight thousand seven hundred and forty five bucks and usually what happens. A year after year even if it's not a brand new truck right.


The price always creeps up right yes manufacturers. Add certain features they maybe subtract certain! Features but the price the starting price is usually going.

Up so how important do you think value has to be Andriy I think out of this list right now I would:

Definitely say you know we ordered it in a way we thought was important we had a long discussion about this but I'm gonna say value. For me at least is number two on. The list not number so it should move up it should move up and that's because I think with you know with what's happening.

With Kovac and with the economy I think people are going to be really struggling to make truck. Payments and so I think the days of like a hundred thousand dollar truck are probably numbered right when the economy was booming. And everybody was buying these crazy expensive trucks that were approaching like BMW 7-series pricing.

You know those were the good old. Days I think we're heading into some turbulent waters so value is going to be I think a strong driver of truck. Sales so yeah it's got to be it's got to be valuable and the:

Other thing you don't want is valuable but D content it nobody wants. To feel like - you know there's one thing to have a work truck but there's another.

Thing to have like a bass bone truck where you feel like you're. Driving you know roll up windows and you know really plastic your.

Steering wheel and plastic everywhere so the value proposition. Isn't just make it inexpensive but also make it feel! Valuable and keep the price point low and it's very hard to do very hard to do I mean so manufacturers.

Have to deal with government regulations right there is safety regulations which we'll! Talk about a little bit later there's fuel.

Economy standards all of the stuff is going on and and people are. Now using these as kind of family vehicles - it's no longer just you know for the job site or you!

Know hauling lumber so it's very hard thing to do and everybody no matter how many videos we publish about trucks right everybody always. Says how come trucks are so expensive. But I think I think it's you touched on it the content.

That's in the truck technology that's in the truck and safety that's in the truck increases the price overall yeah. And then we don't usually talk about this because it's it's so sometimes almost abstract and that is how much money.

You can get as a discount for a truck because let's face the trucks are highly:

Profitable for the manufacturers and then they're! Also highly discounted so it really depends on what kind of a deal you can get at it and that?

Has a lot to play with it so you know yes trucks are expensive but for the most part you can. Get anywhere from five to nine thousand dollars off the truck depending on how and?

When you buy it or even more sometimes right: Yeah that's just a hard number to quantify because it varies. So much in it you know there's like some of the incentives are based.

On whether you owned a previous Ford or whether you own the previous competitor to the four right it goes both ways yeah absolutely. And number eight in our list is technology so yes we talked about value but the market.

2021 ford f-150

Is moving on right if you look at ram chevrolet GMC Toyota and Nissan even they're all raising the technology game right and I think we're. Trying to call out a couple of items here because the world is changing you know!

Tesla is gonna come in through this space Vivian.

Is going to come into this space so Wi-Fi capability and over-the-air. Updates are two things that you know we need to call out yeah and of course I think?

We also talked about this we made this list self-driving is coming and yeah I think Ford it was kind of very proud of sync! When it first came everyone first came out and then you know like the world looked at no they were like what is this.

And over the years it's gotten actually more like what they promised as opposed to what it actually was I think we're what sync three! Point four now yeah that's the latest version right that we have in our f250 and it's actually you know becoming much better but having said. That that the tech in a truck is still.

Not know is nowhere near and not just in a truck in the car is nowhere. Near kind of the tech that you have in this phone. Right whether you're at Google or iPhone use doesn't really matter.

It still feels very far behind it's like car and truck companies are really good at building cars and trucks and they're really bad at doing software or user interfaces. But they're getting better yeah but there's like stuff that like like unsink if you're just a volume it shows you the volume going up and down but. Then also you lock out all the other controls you know the gold standard for me in terms:

Of technology right now is Tesla because I think Tesla is a technology company and you know a lot of truck guys out there. And gals might be thinking to yourself I don't want to all that fancy stuff. You know but but it does work you know I mean autonomous braking saves lives blind spot monitoring one of the coolest.

Features that we had - last year we had the RAM 1500 and this year we bought. The Silverado and guess what feature I missed the most. Andre kind of all that we don't have in the Silverado that that Ram I think it's exclusive Ram actually it's when you're towing a trailer.

Right and measures measures the length of the trailer and then it includes that in the blind spot monitoring that is so useful. To me you know when you've got another 25 feet behind you and the truck.

Doesn't know that there's another 25 feet behind you and that's.

Unfortunately the case of this Lerato right now right so the light comes on blind spot monitoring the light comes? On but it's only thinking about the truck it's not thinking about the trailer whereas with the RAM it actually included the trailer.

In that in that I thought the same price did both trucks cost about nothing is saying yeah yeah yeah so I'm not trying? To get down on RAM I'm just saying that's probably the one feature that I missed the most that Ram did really.

Well and I'm not sure a lot of this stuff is that expensive. Right because you what you're doing is you're using the same hardware.

You're just configuring the software in a different and more kind of in this case useful way yeah and you mentioned sync three point.

Four it's already pretty advanced they're moving - next version. Soon I believe in I mean Ford already stated that they're.

They want to do over-the-air updates or checking the health of the vehicle Wi-Fi connectivity is already there. And when you do it in scale now they're.

2021 ford f150

Going to be doing it for every! Vehicle right when you do it in scale the price will come down.

Yeah it's any if you wonder so we have had now two Tesla's? And they every probably every month or two we get. An update and some of these updates are silly like you know they'll do like the fart mode or or you can a game game.

And some are really cool like with the model three it actually increased performance. So they unlocked a little bit of the battery via an over-the-air update and you know you wake? Up and your car is actually quicker that's really.

Cool and like this technology I was talking about where it measures.

The Blind Side I think that's something you could do over the.

Air the problem with that Andre is you know and Ford noses there's a disincentive for manufacturers to do that because: That means you don't have to bring your car in or truck in this case to the dealership and then you know. Nowadays a large portion of dealership profitability comes from service?

And if you're doing it over the air you know the dealer? Never sees the truck yeah but I think the mindset is changing right and I think some. Disruptors like Tesla have have done that so maybe you still need to change.

Your oil maybe you need to let your. Dealer do that because you cannot do it over the air or let's! Be realistic you need to do a recall yes or maybe it's more complex:

Than Jetta over the air and I'm joking but you know we purchased that hasn't had a recall within the first:

Month of ownership right and it's just the part of par for the course or for all the vehicles but I mean yes you can. Make a claim that you know serve a dealership network is very important? Still but I think there's still room for that right fourth.

Is now installing their charging stations at dealerships right yeah.

That worked well for Nissan so so there's other ways of doing it but there's expectation that you can make your truck: Better just by having this over-the-air connectivity and sorry.

If I'm being a little kind of facetious there but I remember 10 years ago when the came out and we've: Got all these press releases that's a great thing about having done this.

For so long right you remember all right you got all these press releases about how you know we're gonna.

Be able to charge you up our leaves at the Nissan dealership which is grand except. For when you're living day to day with your vehicle you don't necessarily want to go to the local dealer!

To charge it up it's not the most convenient of place this right or it's always busy or so far if you're. On vacation honey let's go on vacation let's go to dealer let's go to a dealership so yeah that's!

Kind of the minimum I mean that's kind of like saying you know we've got air conditioning our dealership if you. Saw my electric vehicles you got to have a charging station?

2021 ford f150 redesign

You know I was at SEMA last year!

With RAM and I was driving it home and we got some. Work done met the dealer on my trip and one of the dealerships in Vegas area had. A diner inside of it yeah that's cool so so it was old-school diner you know with with.

Real you know just everything happening and I actually walked in there and I was like oh my gosh you know.

I needed breakfast it was wonderful experience so what.

Kind of deal was this was a bus a brand oh I think it was a Ford dealer or you know right next! To the UFC a dealer right next door and there was a diner and it was wonderful. So maybe the paradigm is shifting all right what's.

Our next bit that they have to do to compete. Number seven on the list is towing technology. And so we just we just mentioned capability other technologies but but camera systems.

Backup assist systems with trailers yeah so so I always just talking about a technology that GM didn't: Have in the Silverado let's talk about.

One thing I have that the others don't have which is that Clearview? Trailer you know where yeah I got to go on and I'm kind of go see through the trailer yeah:

So basically you mount the camera on the back of your trailer and then it connects to the truck and then when you look at the rear view the truck. Takes an image and basically makes your trailer disappear so you see exactly what's behind your trailer and that is really? Useful because often times especially with a big trailer you don't know you know if there's.

A bicyclist or a car coming out behind or you know a very fast running horse nobody likes being worried if you're backing! Up and there's a somebody walking behind you that's very. You know yeah or how far you can back it up but yeah really cool time and do we will see through!

The trailer so I think camera tech is probably the one thing that's really changed. The downside did the GM system was that it was still hardwired right you have to have a wire that goes probably I camera yeah Ross.

The tree I mean there's different schools of thought you know that there's. No lag because if you have a wireless system that there may be some lag between. The cameras just what you're seeing it's just a little bit more more wires the other one they have of course is where you can!

See in the trailer yes yes enough. Multiple camera if you have a horse.

That ran away from you trail ready to be missing it's not my horse is missing. So an in fourth pioneered that backup assist system right yeah so where you can backup let go over the steering: Wheel and use a little knob do you think of it I know I know Range Rover is also.

Have has it no I haven't seen that cat John really I mean I haven't seen any comments about it I haven't seen: Any buzz around it I mean what what you do get a lot is like guys and: Gals saying if you don't know how to backup a trailer.

You should be sure arriving yeah right but I haven't seen like a lot of people use that it has no you think: It's caught on what do you guys think let's solo I think the reason why yeah please.

Let us know in the comments yeah first of all but I think it has to. Do with how easy that system is set up initially! Hmm so initially when Ford introduced it you you they gave you stickers like checkered stickers:

2021 ford f150 interior

You have to put a sticker on the tongue: Of the trailer and configure it and kind of walk around that that's: Kind of cumbersome so then what it is with a Super Duty for 2020 they also have a sensor that you can put on the.

Trailer and the sensor actually kind of takes care of a lot of that configuration part of it so it became easier. So I think if it becomes easier to set up I think more people might use. It yeah we've got videos of that but basically what.

Happens is imagine you have a steering wheel.

And normally when you back up a trailer if you want to go right you turn?

The steering wheel left oh it's counterintuitive and what this allows you to do is there's! A little secondary knob kind of looks like the the top of like a I drink a lot of Lipton iced tea one of those: Caps and actually the quality of there's about the same being honest okay and and instead of you know spinning the wheel the counter.

Clockwise away you just turn it the same way that you want the kind of truck figures. Are that I'm a truck figures it out so you use this little tiny like like knob to control the direction. Of the truck and then the truck does everything else it breaks for you so here's the next step yeah right then!

You said Land Rover does a similar system.

Yeah the next step I think is you kind of tell the truck. Where you want the trailer you just get out of it and let it park your trailer for you yeah or you. Know if they were being really innovative they just give you like a guy that does it.

For you you by Ford hi Bob Bob or Sally and they'll park the truck. Like an uber uber Tom uber uber super towing assistant: Yeah no but I think that's important it won't have you know help the value of the truck because that system will probably.

Cost money yeah but if you do want a premium truck I think that.

Would be a cool feature all right what's number six hundred number six is style and appearance. So we've got pictures well we pretty much it's mostly on clad here at this point so they've changed.

The grilles they've changed the headlights they've changed the front bumper a little bit they've changed the taillight but the overall the truck looks. Familiar and a lot of you guys already commented then you guys said it kind of looks!

Like a current truck yeah it's alright.

You have a hard time telling apart I'm really serious: You'd have a hard time pulling it right but but this is very important right Robin because a truck is also about image?

Right I mean yes a lot of it is for work and there's different schools of thought on this.

But it has to look you know macho big capable right all those things have to be there so you know let's talk about.

RAM and Chevy at this point and Nissa and to a lesser extent Toyota because.

2021 f150

The truck hasn't been the same but let's start with style and compare!

Them to what we've seen in the new Ford so the the rub against the Nissan. For the longest time the Titan was that it was like a copy of a Ford of an older fourth of an older four I was like.

A ford from two generations ago now the new type just.

Came out and I think they really updated it?

In a great way in a great way and so if you look at the Nissan it's kind of lost at Ford family resemblance and.

They've kind of gone more toward they had a prototype that they put out there the warrior content:

Remember that and they kind of gone with with that styling.

Design and I think that's good for a Nissan I think is unique you know till yeah light. Signature is unique yeah just kind of the look of it this unique again now Ram of course. When it was Dodge went away from a traditional!

Pickup truck styling and they went to semi truck styling right if you remember. Those old ones they took you know 90s and took the headlights: And they moved him up and they made it look like.

A semi truck and then of course for the longest! Time they had the cross hairs grille right which signified obviou brand? Yeah shotguns rifles yes and that drank.

Rifles and and now they've kind of gone to more of I would I would call it more of an elegant look it's: Become more sophisticated it's no longer kind of like that.

But at fist in your face until they certainly gone their own way and then of course? The most controversial of all is Chevy yeah and they've adopted I don't know what the design. Language is last let me talk to Tom he knows who was who designed the previous right he said it was a fist.

In the wind right and there is a lot of it I mean look it's look very square it's very square. And you could almost see the fist in the wind so. Yeah I mean it's it's funny when I first saw the:

The Chevy I didn't like it but now since we've had it I've really grown to like it and we talked.

To the designers of the latest Silverado and GMC Sierra! And what they were going for they wanted. Us to skip a generation basically they didn't want to kind of evolve they wanted to make a leap and I think they've done it because it was controversial.

Right over here when you do something controversial you're. Not you know just doing status quo you know you're not just continuing:

Where you were so in your opinion who's got the best styling right now yeah I think it's.

Spy photos 2021 ford f-150

GMC yeah I agree I think GMC uh not Chevrolet specific yeah I think. So difficult Jim Chevy took that I made it really bold and then GMC toned it down just a little bit so it's very.

Similar and it's kind of angular and you know almost god I mean look at the. Look at our trail boss that we have our current one it's almost like a Cylon from the old science fiction we'll be right it's bear! It's got like thin you know air intakes to me yeah yeah it's just you felt a little?

Light to go back and forth back and forth.

Like the Cylons had and this is probably an old reference for you guys so I think I'm gonna go like maybe more stormtrooper. How about that that's a little more more less opaque unless that's weird so yeah I agree I think GMC is doing a really. Good job right now in Toyota means been kind of the same but in the new one is coming next in the year.

From yeah so I mean it hasn't changed so you know yeah needs a change I'll be really. Curious to see all of their grills like we've seen like one or two prototypes but obviously there's.

Like six or seven trim levels oh hello so I want to see exactly how four does that! Yes you have to differentiate each each trim I mean. You know there'll be some that'll be all blacked out there'll.

Be some that'll be all chromed up you know I mean they'll be they'll be a company cross.

Bars or whatever yeah see class all right what's number. Five number five is safety yeah it's becoming. A hot topic we've talked with representatives?

From IHS who test crash test and and now the big hot topic is headlights. Yeah right they've compared headlights for glare. For coverage a lot of different parameters and a lot of trucks!

Actually don't meet the highest standards I would say a lot of trucks don't meet. The lowest thing yeah I would say that f250 we have right now you know it's. Like it's like two steps above like dual candles?

At least XLT I think if you go to LED lights but the XLT yeah and ironically we went and bought like new light.

Bulbs for it oh then we're like 90 bucks and it was? Like three candles it didn't change much so we're.

Trying to go to Le DS now yes so but that's very important safety so trucks having brew dramatically.

In safety recently in the last five to ten years when. Ford switched to aluminum right in 2015 which is their huge step huge leap as far as seemed a long time ago no doesn't.

Yeah but it's only been five years huh yeah everybody was worried about safety you know aluminum?

Is soft you know it will crush this and that the. Roof strength is one of the best so when when they test the roof strength for rollover Andre it's military. Grade aluminum not just regularly good to say that.

Military grade wasn't gonna say that but they've did their homework and then they've. Updated you know the front crash protection systems and the frame and all this stuff: So it's good but headlights need to keep it get better and there's.

Ford f-150

You know overall the truck I think very. If you compare like what toad is doing right the Japanese have gotten into this kind of arms race in terms of safety. And the Koreans as well so if you buy any of the Japanese brands now they.

Have different names for it so like Toyota calls it their safety sense but you get company they all pretty much. Come with this select group of safety suites right which includes like autonomous braking lane departure. Warning that blind monitoring adaptive cruise right back up assess oh yeah.

Yeah and and and because they're in this kind of arms race they all have it now standard uneven like? They're least expensive models which when you think about.

It it's great right it's like when Volvo gave out that the design copyright for the seatbelt they. Were like this is too important for us to just let us all have it yeah and so so you know.

You buy a lonely Civic or a Corolla or even.

You know an entry-level and you get all that stuff but yet in trucks it's just starting.

To get to that point right I mean if you really want! All that stuff I'm not sure there's a truck that actually has all those features maybe it's:

Other now so Nissan Nissan East Siders got it and I think?

To illustrate some yeah but I don't think. You can get all that in one of them one of the big three domestics yet and I think that has to do with just a number? Of variations they have because they have anything!

From a $28,000 truck all the way to $75,000 truck in the same lineup but I wish they would do that and maybe they will! Yeah I think I'll so has to do with in some ways physics right we were talking to the IH guys? And they were telling us that you know we have a smart car here that we're kind of playing with in different.

Ways and you know you get a smart car versus an f-150 and no matter how many airbags. A smart car has or no matter how strong that roll: Cage is right they say it's a trinium roll cage the physics of it are not good because I learned.

Something new that if you watch that podcast you probably would have learned it too or listened to it and that. Is there there's two things that happen in an injury right there's the initial impact right which is your body gets thrown forward. And of course the airbag goes off and cushions that but if if it's a big vehicle versus a small vehicle then there's that secondary.

Injury that happens and that is when small vehicle stops and then gets pushed backwards right because not just like whiplash. Got the yeah you got going backwards because all of a sudden that's you know I'm showing those mic with my hand but here's the f-150.

Here's a smart car so it's not like!

That it's like that and you keep push back and you push back yeah and it's that secondary the physics! Is that secondary impact that are actually very damaging so I think trucks! Have been you know safer because of the physics of it but nevertheless you know it's like it's like this arms race for safety.

Gear is gonna have to be incorporated I think in the new f-150 don't you think they're. Good people tow them yeah absolutely or any Sun yeah any Sun yeah they might argue that Neeson doesn't:

Sell a lot of trucks but ya know they. Do yeah alright what's next on our list number four is fuel economy yeah.

2021 ford f-150 raptor

It's a big hot topic obviously and a lot of other? Companies are doing electrification and don't call it we'll get there: I know I know but but so Ford went to turbo charging.

Right they made a big push 2011 they launched their EcoBoost engine and they! Have you know been perfecting it or getting it better and better. Over the years ever since but I think there's:

Still room for improvement yeah there's that saying. You can have eco or boost but you can't have both right and they're getting there they're getting? For both but in real-world testing even a year ago we were struggling to get EPA ratings in some of these on some.

Of these trucks yeah when it first came out right the Ford's marketing line was a v8 power. With v6 fuel economy but when we did our testing it was more like bb-8? Over v6 turbo yeah and I think what happens.

Is it's very fuel-efficient until you get into the turbos? Right the second you start hauling ass or stop stuff or both it gets it gets thirsty right and and they've improved! It with transmissions right there we have sent speeds.

Much improved yeah and they've approved it with software? And now there's economy modes that changes his transmission mappings.

Even the Super Duty now has the economy mode so that's very important? They're working but they're being pressured by others right so GM is actually. Our Trail Boss usually matches the EPA rating to the dot I mean it's very.

Precise if they say it's gonna get 21 mpg it will likely get 21 mpg so so you gotta gotta be very careful. So here's Romans tip number one what for truck shopping.

If you guys are out there truck shopping and you're. Looking for the most fuel-efficient truck out there a great rule of thumb is the older the power! Plant the more thirsty it will be and we can go down the line right I mean think.

About the thirstiest power plant out there right. Now and that's not a v8 exactly it's also the oldest right yeah so as newer power plants have.

Come online we're talking about the EcoBoost a27 and even the turbo Chevy the new four-cylinder then they become. So if you know if you want to go out truck shopping.

Do some homework or email us which. You will or just watch our videos watch our videos and in general the newer the engine the better.

Fuel economy will get and the older. And more classical holds true for the Hemi right it's also thirsty mm-hmm it's been around for a long.

Time in the RAM right now we found that out in our and I feel economy loop that we did with the old RAM that we had the. Rebel and and of course fort has a 2.7 liter not just a 3.5 is that the most popular engine!

Choice yeah I think now it is it's amazing. You know how they changed the v8 strategy by ot the old cycle there yeah to a small v6 and a lot of. People you guys send us emails and you say I just bought.

It to seven and it's great it's powerful and sufficient so that's good and this leads to number. Three on our list which is engine lineups so how many does Ford have like seven! Wow seven yeah so I think GM is currently at seven technically because they have all the transmissions available.

With almost every engine for this at six I think they're gonna pair it down maybe a little bit or two or maybe three. Feet or yeah but but I think choice is important so I think they need to maintain their engine lineups there. Was a leak several months ago that somebody decoded the VIN number for the new 2021 truck once again.

2021 ford

It's a leak it's unofficial that but that leaks said that they're keeping!

The v8 because everybody was scared everybody was scared that the v8 is going away it may still go away we don't know EcoBoost. Are staying with updates so the two seven and 3/5 are staying and the diesel is staying I was really surprised: By this leak that said the diesel 2 3 litre v6 turbo diesel that the f-150?

Has will stay with some updates and then there's a new one rise with that because.

It's not currently the class-leading engine for them so if you look at the latest! Eco diesel if you look at the latest Duramax straight-6 from GM the Ford engine is least efficient it's also the oldest. And it's also the oldest and it's also is not maximum towing like the RAM engine is so I thought maybe.

It's time to get you know put it retired.

But they want to update it it seems and these are this isn't set in stone it says: Write your stuff we've heard yes yeah and finally we'll get there. But electrification yeah it's coming but don't don't go there because.

Number two is interior yeah you know I remember reporting on RAM when they came out with their latest generation. Of trucks and they said they had like a billion.

Dollars to develop the RAM full-size truck right and they put a lot of that into obviously because they didn't. Do with any new engines right into the interior I think that was smart because I think somebody.

Around figured out that that's where you spend most.

Of your time when you're driving inside: The truck and so you want it to be nice and my gosh you know they've already had I think. One of the best implement systems UConnect has always been very intuitive and easy to use and then to combine it with a 12-inch screen and then to!

Combine it with like buttons that feel and function in a very precise and metallic.

Sort of way and then the combined it with materials.

Right that are just you know that won't cut your finger yeah they're there they're a full level above anybody.

Else in the game right now I would say what they're one level above if they've changed the game yeah if somebody's at ten they. Just went to 11 the old spinal. Tap reference yeah yeah and it's and it's it's beautiful I think that's a place where.

Ford is definitely lacking because every time I get in the Ford truck I feel like I'm sitting in something that's been. Done to a budget not done to you know appeal or not all the trims but sit right in the XLT or below?

But the RAM changed the game I mean just look at their letter mean long.

Horn additions with wood inlays with hot stamps?

2021 ford f 150 raptor

On them yeah who thought of such things but it looks real buckles right.

Real buckles is your buckle it's crazy little details little you know notches and all that so I mean. Like you look at their their knobs right there metal knobs with little rubber surrounds right right they're not like Lipton bottle. Okay and that's I think that's important and.

So I think four is gonna have to really up their game and like you said Andre you know it's hard: To generalize because of kovat and because of the way that trucks have been incentive eyes but for the first time did outsell.

Ford I'm buying combined with you know GMC NGM in the first quarter of this year. So we'll see what happens but the pressures on and RAM is also you know RAM was always.

For the longest time kind of was between GM. Silverado and f-150 and RAM was kind of like third thurston yeah but no no they are.

They are getting to get but let me put this in this perspective to get market share. In the uber competitive truck market that is a tall order you gotta be an RAM is doing it you've got to be you got. To be seriously committed to doing it and the interiors big there are a lot of leaked photographs.

And images of the Ford interior it seems like they are improving it seems like they're thinking about high quality! Materials all that stuff big screens look forward. Is always gonna come with the a game over the lock on the truck game yeah with trucks at least yeah.

I'm not sure about every vehicle they build but certainly in trucks.

That's you know they know where the bread is buttered and they're always gonna bring their a-game it's like.

You know it's like the Bulls when I was growing up right yes you know you can win and then keep winning yeah. You could have been Utah you could. Have been you know but the Bulls?

Are all even tired they were gonna come I'm just watching the documentary by the way on you pumped. Up well I grew up in Chicago okay number one on our list is electrification so we've done another show about overhyped.

Electric trucks trucks that are being promoted but don't exist and Ford committed to a hybrid f150 they said the hybrid.

Was coming and in maybe a year from there and the electric. F-150s so let me answer that question right away the comment that we're gonna get because we always. Get it and that is I don't give a dog's behind about about any batteries.

My little truck right I'm gonna answer it because that's a comment we get immediately.

I have no interest you're interested in it the fact is that the most hype we've been doing this. Like I said going to be about 10 years right yes the most. Hyped vehicle the most buzz that we've seen around any vehicle has been in number?

Second place is Vivian and number one place is a cyber. Trick right right Tesla and so while I'm sure a lot of traditional truck buyers. You know might be saying I don't give up don't care don't.

Care it is definitely where a lot of buyers are at right.

2021 ford f150 raptor

Now and it makes sense right because tons of torque in an electric truck right you can do all kinds of crazy: Stuff like tank turns which riffian says they can do right Tesla is completely with the cyber. Truck has completely changed the name of the styling:

Game right we're talking about like Ford. Deciding should I have a c-clamp as a big C or s policy right Tesla.

Says screw that triangle triangle we're gonna build the Jeffersons: Truck I want I want a big old scoop in the front. Yes right and they did it so yeah electrification is huge.

In let's let's kind of break it down!

Because really there was right two things that are happening here is there's hybrid and there's fully electric and of course Toyota. We know we almost certainly know it they haven't announced it but it's almost you know at this point.

It's almost announced that they're gonna have. A hybrid in the next generation of yeah and they have a lot of IP and knowledge about yeah I mean they're the forerunners and they're the.

Biggest company in the world so I know for its biggest in the truck but but forward. And toda you know they're not equals the Toyota is the biggest company in the world and for you know as several steps.

Down that rung and so if Toyota wants to bring on electrification! And take their hybrid technology which they invented in which they've sold tens of millions of units and put it into the truck take them seriously.

Forward yeah and I think the hybrid technology is bridging.

The gap because electricity is nice like you said for power maybe. When the regen braking but range is an issue right when you hook up a heavy trailer to a truck your range! Goes down dramatically but then charge times don't?

Go down where are charge times are still. Pretty significant so hybrid is kind of bridging. The gap so you can have a little bit more efficiency but you can also go a long ways yeah we've got the last so we did.

A whole podcast about so I don't want to go. Into all the different competition suffice it to say that I think GM is in the wings we don't know they've kept this? Really well-hidden they've kept it hush-hush but the Hummer brand is coming.

Back and it looks like it's gonna. Be an all-electric truck so GM certainly isn't you know letting the competition walk away with electrification Toyota's gonna.

Be there Ford has done an electric truck where they put out a video but pulling a train but the latest. News is that they promise to have. An electric truck in two years which is in car development and truck development terms.

Is not too long but it may be too late if the ions deliver yeah because! Orion supposed to come out at the beginning they were supposed.

To come out this year at the end now because of coal but it's 2021 Tesla is probably another: Year and a half out from but Tesla has the electrification Network:

I know forth building out for the maquis but nevertheless Tesla already has it and then there are a lot of other smaller competitors and God knows. The wild card here dude is GM I do not know what they're gonna.

Next gen ford f-150

Do with an electric truck they could they they and if you look at GM's history with electrification and this is mind-boggling but true they.

Have probably the deepest most experience with electric vehicles. So you know and not just in terms of like the vehicle but actually the battery tech right.

And CD one was what 25 years yeah and they kept that technology to themselves!

And for some reason they decided to put it in a bolt which. Is this little compact kind of commuter car and not go like knuckle into it. But if they wanted to they have it so I'm really curious to see what the heck the new Hummer there's another wild.

Car there's hydrogen fuel-cell yes right GM has the happiness they're.

Working with it there yeah yeah the GM is working?

With the military on their hydrogen fuel cells now Nikola the new company that went public recently and have same market. Capitalization on Wall Street that wasn't mine s Ford that blows my mind without a single truck still running your factory that they've.

Actually built up right so they're working on fuel. Cell technologies Toyota has a lot of experience in this area! So that's not a wild card so if f-150 will be successful it has to actually play that the electrification game.

I think so and I think you know we're we're sitting from that's relatively obvious. I think where a lot of people are sitting from like let's say you're in the middle of Texas which we're one of twelve for.

Pickup truck new soldier and I don't know San Antonio it may seem like you know it's far-fetched future but where we're sitting from you. Know kind of looking down on or up on all of the different manufacturers it's mostly hop off now because of what worked. Away from we're sprinting through the keyhole to afford since they:

Got so mad at us for publishing. Some silly Bronco pictures right that promoted the Bronco anyway alright enough for that so that's number one but Andre we decided to put.

Together some bonuses yes right things that we think that the new f-150 is gonna have to have to actually break through the.

Noise noise yeah the competition so let's start with those what do you think so fancy tailgate. Yes to be number one because General Motors.

Has a fancy tailgate now Ram has the barn star style doors who knows so I'm going for the refrigerator in the tail your. Frigerator tailgate with built-in coolers exam solutely. So you can tailgate and keep your beer cold and then there's.

A patent we wrote about this a couple of months ago that Ford has patented a different tailgate design which kind of is a cross: Between General Motors and kind of a: Drawer style tailgate where it can actually pull it out and actually lower it'll only tailgate to become the most sophisticated bit of your truck.

In the next day like it's like a transformer basically it transforms into something else you could sit on it you can drink beer you!

Could look through it you could claim on it right so fancy: Tailgate might be one yeah might be a WOW factor but I think you know how when Land.

Rover launched some of their new SUVs you could. Look through the hood yeah that was cool so make so that one option you see for offroading yeah like looking. Through the hood and you can see the rocks or whatever you're running over.

Or you know how in Land Rover you. Could actually drive the vehicle over rocks. By standing next to it yeah I know there's the remote control thing.

Okay what about that well what if you? I don't know about the remote control thing what if you can get out of your f150 and hook! Up a trailer by just controlling it with some sort of a remote Farfetch'd yeah the problem there isn't the?

F-150 it's a trailer all right let's cut those trailer companies:

Are there's no standard it's not like national standard that's that's like a whole bunch of like dudes budding trailers.

But that would be pretty a home on you know that right but that. Would be pretty cool that would be pretty cool but yeah that we're far and there's like there's this disparity between like.

The truck and the trailer and it's coming they're.

Working on it but yes you know like! I feel like I feel like the truck is like the Jetsons and the trailer is like the Flintstones. I think that's like if they have to meet somewhere yeah and finally?

There's a 800-pound gorilla and the eight million pound. Elephant in the room what's that it's the next Raptor oh so what are they gonna do so we don't know: Exactly yeah but we do know that potentially this year the 2021.

Ram TRX is coming which is supposed.

To be healthcare powered you know probably well over 500 horsepower yes maybe. Even 700 yeah so the Raptor is what for 450 right.

Ft right we know the Hellcat 727 so potentially you could have a raptor fighter with 727 with crazy.

Suspension you know really high suspension yeah you know all of the bells and the whistles that you can imagine you know there's really! Let's face it no one has stepped up and competed with the Raptor in ten years now.

Right there's like three things you need to build a wrapper competitor you need to make it look cool right you need to have like. Grace worthy suspension and people have done that so look at look at like the Colorado. Zr2 oh yeah kind of as small as it's got those two thefts or but power.

Power it never has the power it never additional power additional extra power. Same thing with the RAM rebel right it same thing with the trail boss it's the same engine choice whereas!

The Raptor has that additional level of power that they can run to and so yeah I'm expecting finally a competitor and and we've. Seen the previous gen right they came out with it they unveiled.

It intact prototype a prototype and then they waited for the next generation and now hopefully in the next several months we'll.

Get it and I'm super excited the other two things I think that Ford might be playing with and we haven't talked about. This yet is air suspension yes because Ram has air suspension.

Obviously it's big in the aftermarket community? Yeah and that's a big deal because you can make your truck more efficient you can lower the highway speeds it's either. Cool for looks or cool for function!

Yeah both ways well it can go both ways you can help you hook up a trailer! Because you can lower the hitch put the trailer over it and then raise the truck and actually.

Hook up the trailer that could be very useful and self-driving self-driving is one we kind of mentioned it already Tesla is pushing that envelope. Riffian is talking about it to others aren't talking about it - before we move off the raptor and before we wrap up this episode yeah you know. What they usually do when they switch generations the Raptor usually goes away for a year or two right.

That's happened last time when the 2015 f-150 came out it took them two years: To bring the new raptor what if they need to do that:

Again they could lose market share if the TRX is there the raptor is not the TRX will eat the lunch.

Basically for at least a year yeah or even if the raptor is there I think as much as the raptor has been hugely successful and we don't for? Doesn't publish numbers in terms of how many raptors: They sell they sell about what 400 to 500 thousand f-150s every year alright and we've heard from guys on the line I guess I can?

See it now there's nothing 10% 10% yeah one out of ten of the vehicles that come off the? Line of Raptors but that means if the raptor has gotten. A little long in the tooth you know you know I there's a lot of guys and gals.

Out there who want the greatest and newest thing and you know a healthcare powered Ram TRX would certainly! Be that so I don't I think even if Ford doesn't do away! With the Raptor there'll be a lot of guys and gals!

Will be going to the Ram dealership and trading in you know a rafter on a TRX just because. It's new and it's different whether it's better I don't know we don't know but I think there's gonna be a lot of a lot. Of interest in there because let's face it you know more power whether you need it or not it's always great and and v8 sound:

NV 8 n v8 sound yeah that could be huge well there you have it so we will cover the unveiling. As much as we can of the f-150 when it happens on the 25th of this month. So be sure to stay tuned to and let's see if we are kind of mostly right.

Yea or wrong you think is gonna be something. That's gonna like like when we missed it they'll be like blow our minds like like like the wow factor. That we haven't taught over like like you know they took a fiesta 2 cylinder once well they mentioned the generator.

They want to put a celery a generator on the truck?

Maybe for hybrid technology or maybe just for the job site I was thinking more like Tesla wow like you know where he comes out.

With a roadster and it's got Rockets like that no wonder they're out so you. Know one of my dreams when I work late at night looking. Up trailers yeah and I need to go to the weight scale one of my dreams is where the truck.

Actually knows how much it weighs ooh that'd! Be cool you know when you can actually dial into the center screen and and technology. Exists you can have little you know scales.

On each spring yeah on each corner. Of the truck and if the truck said you have way too much tongue weight do something?

You know change it that'll be cool if the truck actually. Knew how much how much weight was on each corner:

Of the truck that's it that's all I have that's cool. Andre I would love that I would I would.

Love that I would write it will make? My job easy okay hard cash for that well guys thank you for spending another what was that about!

An hour with us yes a little bit less than an hour talking? About the new Ford f-150 and you know if we're right or if we're wrong let us know in the comments! Below we want to get your ideas we want to know.

What do you think the new truck will hold that. Will allow us and make you guys wanna.

Buy it yeah and do podcast it's published across anywhere where: Podcasts are our Sola but or not sold it's free but on Apple podcasts they're actually.

A section of reviews and comments yeah: We're actually reading the comments and we're gonna be doing more yeah involving you guys a little? Bit more in this discussion let's finish that subscribe button or something and they'll end the ratings but oh yeah rated:

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