The new Audi Q3 Vail at the Detroit Motor Show

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The Compact SUV is named after the famous winter sports venue in the United States and unites a powerful presence with a sporty lifestyle. The Audi Q3 Vail represents a new, potential variation on the SUV concept. The themed vehicle has been designed for young fans of winter sports who love skiing or snowboarding. The sporty and robust design offers many practical attributes. Basics of the new Audi Q3 Vail include:. • 2.5-liter five --cylinder turbocharged engine. • Roof rail support for sporting equipment. • Painted in Energy Red. • Charging station- can be used for storing flashlights or other electrical devices. • Thermos bottle- which can be used to chill or warm drinks.

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An exciting show car the Audi q3 veil and an exciting announcement I'll take you three model serious so let. Me start with a short recap of Audis strong? Performance in 2011 last year Audi increased its deliveries by 200,000.


Units reaching a total of 1.3 million cars worldwide for us this. Is unprecedented growth and I admit we are quite proud about that achievement audi is now ranked second among premium car manufacturers worldwide? We set new sales records not only in the US but also in China and of course?

In Western Europe we can now say in all confidence that we are on track to exceed our growth forecasts! At a global level we expect to reach our strategic target of 1.5 million cars earlier. Than the original forecast of 2015 so despite the current market conditions we also plan to grow faster than the overall market?


In 2012 in all regions also including Europe.

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