The Ford F-650 Is a $150,000 Super Truck

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THANKS TO CNC MOTORS. The Ford F-650 is a super truck -- and it's crazy. Today I'm reviewing the Ford F-650, and I'm going to show you around one of the largest pickup trucks in the world. I'm also going to show you all the quirks and features of the Ford F-650 super truck. WEBSITE & MERCH.

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This is a 2016 Ford f650 sorry excuse me for a second this is a 2016 Ford F 650 and it is the ultimate.

Pickup truck you've heard of supercars of course well this is a super! Truck one of the largest pickup trucks on the planet.

And today I'm going to review it I've borrowed this F 650 from CNC motors which is an exotic car dealership: Here in Southern California that has an amazing inventory of amazing cars everything from million-dollar exotics. To old cars to well weird stuff like this they have one of the most incredible.

Showrooms of any car dealership on the planet and you can check them: Out by clicking the link in the description below now you surely know the Ford f-series which is the best-selling.

Vehicle in America most people buy the Ford f-150 which is plenty capable! For almost all needs if you need to tow or haul something specific maybe you upgrade to the f250? And if you really want to pull something huge then you get an f-350 and the vast majority of consumers think.

That that's where the Ford f-series lineup:

Ends but it doesn't because this is an F 650.

Ford f-650

In fact the Ford f-series lineup goes all the way up to the F 750 but most of these higher numbered.

Trucks are typically commercial vehicles like tow trucks or ambulances. Or dump trucks but not this one this is just a regular old pickup:

Truck except massive now Ford doesn't sell it this way they sell the f650 with a cab and then just a basic beared strip chassis they.

Call it and then this company called super trucks converts it into a pickup with luxury features and a pickup truck: Bed and the f650 weighs 10,000 pounds before that version so this thing really is huge fortunately it has a good engine to handle all that. Power it's got a 6.7 liter power stroke.

V8 and makes about 330 horsepower and about 750 pound feet of torque so anyway. Today I'm going to review the f650 first. I'm going to take you on a tour of it and show you all the interesting quirks and features of the ultimate pickup truck then I'm gonna get:

It out on the road and drive it and then I'm going to give it a dug score and for more of my thoughts! On the f650 click the link below to visit slash oversteer alright I'm gonna start the crooks and features of the f650 with simply getting. Inside and as you can see this is a truck with a staircase because.

It is massive but there is a problem with the staircase?

F-650 review

The lowest stair is still really high up you can see I have to lift my leg really far and if you're like. Old or small you might not be able to do this so even with the staircase it's hard to get. In fortunately they've thought of that you open.

The door and another stair deploys so now you have an even larger staircase but this is more than enough to be able to climb. Step 1 step 2 step 3 in to the f650 and then you're finally in same deal when you get out you. Start here at the top step 1 step 2 step three you're out you shut the door and then the additional stair retracts back.

Into the vehicle and it's worth noting that folding. Stair isn't unique just to the driver side of this truck they have the same thing on the passenger side and in the back you open?

The rear door and once again the stair.

Automatically extends out and then you climb on in to get into the f650 and then you're in and again same deal?

To get out step 1 step 2 step 3 and only then are you comfortably out of the f650 and next up I'm. Not quite done with this staircase to get into the f650 because this isn't just: A staircase it's also a fuel tank if you look.

Down at the back end you will see a big cap on top of it and that's where. You stick diesel fuel in this thing and there are two of these there's one giant fuel tank on the driver side that includes.

Ford f-650 review

These steps and then there's one giant fuel tank. On the passenger side that includes these steps so this. Truck has two fuel tanks for a total of 115 gallons of fuel at the current price of diesel filling up this.

Truck is something like four or five hundred dollars but such as the price you pay to drive the ultimate pickup. Truck but down the side of this truck it isn't all fuel tanks in fact this is a cargo compartment.

You open and up turn this little latch and then you can see you can stick it in some cargo in here and in fact same thing on the. Other side over on the passenger side of the truck in the same spot there's another cargo compartment just like this! One that you could open up and put stuff in which i think is actually a pretty good idea because otherwise.

This would just be wasted space and one of the big problems with pickup. Trucks is there's no trunk you can't. Lock anything but with this you can you'll notice there.

Is a separate key lock you can stick your stuff. In here and no one that will get to it and next we move on to the bed which is rather ridiculous! Now I say that because like I mentioned before Ford sells the f650 as a stripped chassis which means it has a cab and then.

Back here just chassis rails and you. Can add whatever you want in the back now most companies.

Add like a tow truck or a dump truck or an ambulance box but in order to make this into the ultimate. Pickup super trucks just adds the regular bed from the Ford.

Ford f650

F-350 dually it matches and pretty much that's all they have available to them but this creates: Some problems I will start with the fuel. Door now I showed you earlier how you add fuel?

To the giant fuel tanks in here but the f-350. Bed comes with a fuel door when you buy it so you open up this fuel door and there's. Just holes there it looks absolutely ridiculous stupid unfinished but that's just the reality when?

You stick on a bed from a different vehicle and? Next step we move on to the next problem created by the bed and that would be the problem with the tire now the regular f-350. Uses normal street car tires obviously huge ones but they work for normal?

Road going vehicles but the f650 uses these massive commercial grade tires you'd see on like a crane or a dump truck.

And so these tires don't fit under this wheel well because:

They were never designed to go here so if you actually look at the wheel. Well you'll see the top of the tire fits into the bottom of the wheel well but if it went any it would cut off the tire and it?

Wouldn't actually be able to turn and so for the first time in the entire history of one of my reviews. I can confidently say that this wheel well is purely here for decoration since? It doesn't really have any function since it can't:


Actually contain the tire and then we move on to the most serious problem with the bed and that would be its usefulness what do you need.

A pickup truck bed for to put stuff in well you can do that in this truck but the problem is when you drop the bed. It comes up to my stomach or even a little bit higher there's no way you could: Ever get something into this bed especially anything?

Heavy if you wanted to carry it around so you have this massive truck with this incredibly capable.

Chassis and you can't even put anything back here in order to drive it anywhere because nobody can get into this bed that is probably! The biggest bed related flaw it's almost like the entire! Bed is there just for aesthetic style reasons but anyway speaking of the bed if you were!

To actually be able to get something in here you would find that it's just a pretty standard Ford f-350 Super Duty bed nothing unusual!

Nothing particularly special in the bed of the 650 but while the inside. Of the bed may not be particularly interesting there are quite a few other interesting quirks and features on the outside of the f650.

I'm gonna start with the mud flaps this thing has such massively huge tires that it has to have massively huge mud flaps these? Look like they've come right off a semi-truck. They are really intense in fact the:

F650 review

Mud flaps are so huge they have their own turn signals? You put on the turn signal and one specifically the lights up on the top of the! Mud flaps and speaking of excessive lighting.

That's a bit of a theme on this particular f650 when you put on the turn signals for separate signal.

Lights light up in the back of this truck on either side you have the one in the mud flaps then there's one right. Below the bed you have one in the normal tail light brake light housing. And then you have one at the top of the cab in the back so there are many different?

Ways this truck lets you know that it's changing lanes or turning from the and the theme of this truck! Being a little over eager to let you know that it's changing lanes:

Continues down the side where you also have an enormous number. Of turn signals we have one on the front fender you have one in the side mirror: And then you have four separate LED turn signals on each side under the doors letting other.

Drivers know that you're changing late this is not due to any regulation:

It's clear to me that this truck was just owned by like an LED lighting enthusiast who wanted a lot of different lights whenever. Anything happened but probably the most insane exterior feature of this truck is the front-end:

Ford f650 review

Design you look at this front-end and it's clear that this is Ford's giant commercial vehicles this doesn't look! Anything like a regular pickup and I guess that's why people: Buy it their neighbor just got an f-350 they want to show them up so they get this and no one:

Will ever confuse this for any regular pickup truck when you see the front end! Of this thing it is just ridiculously huge especially huge and massive. In this truck is this giant front bumper:

Which sticks out like a foot and a half beyond the front of the trunk it's chrome. On the front this matte black on the top and I can completely sit on it which isn't something I can do in most: Of the cars I review I'm not sitting on a lot of Pagani Huayra bumpers but you can do it in this thing because it's just.

So tough and massive and insane it's worth noting this bumper.

Will also push anything out of the way and since we're up front we might as well talk engine.

Like I mentioned this is Ford 6.7 liter power stroke turbo diesel v8 330 horsepower: About 750 pound feet of torque pretty healthy numbers but my favorite.

Thing is how you access the engine there is no little latch you! Pull in the driver foot well instead.

Ford super truck

You walk over to the passenger side and undo this little strap then you come over the driver: Side you undo the same strap and then it's all about. Full brute strength and force in order to get this.

Absolutely massive hood up but once you do you can see the engine although it's still: About 6 and 1/2 feet on the ground. So it's not like you're gonna have all that much access to it and by the way.

Since I'm upfront it's worth noting that the massive LED lighting theme of this truck. Continues upfront you can see there are four separate LEDs in this giant front bumper now you turn these:

On with the four auxilary switches in the cabin if you press them all to turn them all on you will: Turn on the lights in front all four of them the two. Circles and the two in the middle and you will also turn on all the lights in the back there is a giant LED above the.

Bed that goes on and then there are two more LEDs in the. Rear bumper again I'm not sure what the obsession was with LEDs but when they're all on this truck is very unmistakable and next we move.

On to the inside of the f650 and by the way my camera and tripod is as high as it possibly goes right. Now this setup has worked for every other car I've ever reviewed but it is not tall enough? For the f650 and it looks like you're.

Like a little puppy and looking into. A car come with me but anyway moving on to the interior now the interior!


Here is not as interesting as the exterior mostly. Because this is effectively just a regular.

F-series Super Duty truck cab put on this ridiculous body so there's!

Nothing particularly interesting or weird but there are some quirks and features worth noting the biggest of which is the transmission situation. This truck has an automatic like you'd expect but?

It doesn't have Park take a look in the gauge cluster you can see all the other gears are there but there's no pee? Instead in order to park this truck. You put it in neutral and then there's this giant floor mounted parking brake you pull that and then the truck.

Is parked like a manual transmission car or an exotic car with like a dual clutch or an f1 Ferrari transmission. I have never seen this in any other. Vehicle but it's in this one and next up there are some other interesting.

Quirks and features in here worth noting? For example in the center control stack there's a little fuel icon and: You can see there's a switch marked.

L and R this is to switch? Between left and right fuel tanks so if you run out of fuel in your 60 gallon tank on one side just switch.

Over to the 50 gallon tank on the other and just keep on going and next up another interesting item in that? Center control stack there's a button that's marked two sec with like arrows next to a truck? Bed if you press that button it will actually lower the truck to make it a little bit easier to get stuff into.

The bed unfortunately it's not easy enough the bed. Is still really really high up and there's not really all that much you can do to change it because. There's so much hardware underneath but that does make it just a little easier.

Now when you want to raise the bed back up again just press. The button again for two seconds and the truck will come right back up and then you can drive along like normal and.

Next up another interesting button in the center. Control stack to the right of the steering wheel there is a button. With what looks like a little cloud?

On it you press that and it will!

Restrict the exhaust gasses for the engine the theory. Here is you use that button when you're.

Going downhill you press it and then it will restrict the exhaust flow from the engine! And that will make the engine a little. Bit harder to turn and that will slow down the engine and thus the truck and that way when you're going.

Downhill you don't have to ride your brakes which is especially a big problem if you're. Towing a trailer it's very heavy it will burn out your brakes quickly but you press that and it will slow.

You down a little bit more than usual and next up to the left of the steering wheel you have a little black button. That one wasn't put there by for do you know that because it's unlabeled.

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