THE CLIMBKHANA FILES: Behind the scenes of Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO — Part 1 of 3

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Presented by Ford Performance: Ken Block's The Climbkhana Files is an epic 3-part behind-the-scenes documentary series offering a look into what it took to coordinate, drive, and film Climbkhana TWO. The Climbkhana Files gives viewers the same raw and unscripted behind-the-scenes storytelling from the creative team (Hoonigan Media Machine) that brought you The Gymkhana Files - the 3x Emmy nominated series launched on Amazon Prime in November of 2018. In this first-of-three episodes you'll see Ken Block and crew arrive and ready themselves to take on one of the worlds most dangerous roads - Tianmen Mountain Highway in Hunan Province, China - as the race crew unpacks and prepares Ken's 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck for a quick shakedown before heading up the mountain. Follow me on Instagram: @kblock43.

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The goal is always to raise the bar and it's the hardest. Thing about making me soon and I think for this one radio check can Radio check we had to think about a location that was. Gonna be something completely different Erica good pictures up I looked alive everybody.

Well that so yeah I'm gonna do the thing about climb kana is like the whole concept: Of it was taking Gymkhana and going somewhere else with it and so there's all sorts of very cool cool climbs around. The world there's very cool mountain roads and being.

Able to take that Gymkhana style driving and our film style and go to places like Pikes. Peak it was really the simple concept in Pikes Peak being like.

Ken block

The ultimate to me because of its history the racing legacy there and because. Of the unique shots that were done there back in the day cuz it was dirt and they were sliding. The car around but I've always wanted to take it beyond.

Pikes Peak like Pikes Peak to me was just a great starting point now take this concept and go beyond: What you think there's not too bad right!

There's so much yes you there it looks so good right well when Brian said we're. Going to China I was like are you sure really. Why China I mean there's so many other places we haven't been China is going to be complicated alright.


So let's get into it I hope no one's afraid of heights the road we picked for clim.

Kana too is a highway on Tiananmen mountain and chanmin looks like something walked out of a guitar with amazing hill time rally!

Road built in the middle of it so I found the search literally by seeing a photo it was actually. Like really small like 72dpi like the little image and this photo was this road wrapping around on itself.


And it actually has a part where there's this complex of hairpins. And it was just so unique to see this:

Tunnel where the road actually goes back around itself. To loop up one of the most unique driving situations. I've ever seen it just looked insane and it also!

Was like in the sky I think in the shot like the clouds were below it so it looked like this just majestic thing? And when we found that it took us like a year to figure out what it was attached! To I've seen it called Heaven's Gate but the Heaven's Gate actually.

Gymkhana files

Is a name for the hole that's at the top? Of this road what were the other names: For it do you remember the road is also called!

99 corners because 9 is a really lucky number. Jim Tom Jones so will they actually. Built the road I think purposely the land on 99 because some corners you're like that's only half of a turn and the Chinese have deemed it's!

So dangerous that they don't let the general public drive on it they only run buses up it those.

Climbkhana files

Years almost retired this ballot is absolutely crazy.

That's your pucker moment huh every film has to have a pucker boom but you hit that fast enough!

With the truck and it's all-wheel drive so little. Clock the big difference between this road and Pikes Peak really is the drama of it and when I say drama I mean that. The word Pikes Peak you're kind of traveling a long distance here the actual vertical distance is really compressed it goes really.

Behind the scenes

Kind of straight up this mountain with a big series of switchbacks and only six to seven miles ten kilometers.

And it's dangerous like it's I obviously don't like that's really the danger aspect: Of it I don't even want to fathom it it's like. Ken goes over it's not like oh let's:

Go see if he's okay like that's just but that's what also makes this look so cool know. Why it looks so dynamic anyway next question crazy other chicken nuggets tastes: Just like chicken nuggets at home 7:30 and turning traitor as.

The making of

Be super cool on the scape we're off now back. To the hotel to me weekend and go off and unload the car it's very important. That if we're going to race or we're going to film or we're.

Going to do a demo that our equipment is a hundred percent right from the beginning? So now we're in China we're at a national park but somehow?

There's a place that does like fast and furious.

Climbkhana two

Style demos alright so we are out here or I am out here and! China I believe the cities called bear with me Zhang GI zang generator right now sounds like alright I'm gonna do my intro on the elevator and.

Then I'll catch up with these guys but we're here well if you've been on Facebook you've? Probably seen the stunt show where there's like fast and furious. Cars and all kinds of other crazy!

Things and we're going there yeah what's it called some kind of extreme we're here filling?


Climbed on this happens to be the same location that we're using like shake down hands car and we went the other. Day you Scout it you realize that.

They had a bunch of drift cars and some other weird things.

Like semi trucks they drive on two wheels so it's right.

Ford f-150

You got nothing to do so we're gonna go check it out welcome. To China and that worked out perfect for us let's see if everything's. Made it in one piece never know if the trucks gonna get damaged or so many transients oh okay.

The Hoonah truck is the sequel to the home court but for Gymkhana. 10 we wanted to do something different very different we said let's. Go the truck we'd never built a truck before it is a 1977 Ford f-150 a truck that?

I grew up driving it but really the body is kind of where that stopped if you squint a little. Bit from far away just looks like a farm truck and then you get up to it and you're.


Like oh man look at all this stuff Oh we'll drive over 900 horsepower and over 700 foot-pounds of torque? That all comes from twin turbo v6 engine that was one of the development. Engines for their Ford GT program that went on to win lamothe Thank You Ford that being.

Said we've barely used it go away to the point today shakedown for clim kana you're. In jung-jae china it's soon as I change. Saying let's say what confidence you say it like you know it I think one of the biggest differences for.

The team between racing and Gymkhana is that they probably don't have as much preparedness to get involved like they're not dealing with setup as much. And changing that but they are dealing with the unknown.


Like they don't know what's going to go wrong it's kind of strategic packing for sure you can't bring everything just because. You're limited on space you only got one of these? 40-foot containers so you just picked off the big items that you really need you have a suspension you have sub pregnant body panels you have anything that.

Would actually run the vehicle first days on location. Are always pretty generically the same freaking unloaded quantity check! Everything make sure we have everything that we need before we start filming.

This oh the boys are over there right now just checking the engine making sure everything looks right as much as it did when it went. Into the container they'll change the fuel to get it running make sure it comes up to temperature everything just find that they're also right.

Tianmen mountain

Now it was fitted with its aluminum body panels. Which are extremely expensive so they're just. Popping all those off putting steel ones back on the only problem we have is you can see if there's steel not wrapped so they need.

To be fit and then they come off and Irish? Guy Johnny he goes over and wraps everything that we have small changes.

Visually hood wheels are going on wait. We had no tires what's special about these desires the same thing with a different rubber. In it Wow you all know I tell big girl when you see the local truck it's supposed to be a fireman!


To Trevor and iron but it has like the compound in it a like a 200 Fred we're like an archer? Pulling so extra stick the extra smoky yeah so sometimes yeah this is kind of like this.

Weird hurry up a weak moment I've been here for over a week I got here before. Everyone else did I've already been on the mountains like five times this is something that like?

I just want time to go cocks. On the moon it felt good to finally get in the truck!

And be able to start driving cuz that's the beginning that's how this really starts.

For me is when I get in the truck and actually hit the start button and start.

Ripping nothing around I don't know if it's because I haven't. Seen it in a while but it seems so how's it feel driving this thing.

For the fourth time yeah it's good this surface is really slippery oh yeah I mean it doesn't: Look like it's just moving around really easy moves really yeah this is like the complete opposite of the mountain.

But something's wrong with the drivetrain so what's wrong just I don't know and the good thing is that happened here but it's. Good to have something happen now up there the finding of the dips felt a little rough and. Then there at the end is just something.

Let go I don't know where what I felt maybe I think it might be one one driveshaft: Anymore we had a few issues but that's the whole:

Point the whole point of shaking something down is teething. We want to see what breaks and happy it broke today instead of breaking.

Tomorrow this is turn 88 okay be more come over here here's the ladder for you be more yeah oh you couldn't: Pay me a billion dollars no that is literally on the top of my nope list this whole thing I'm circling:

Nope on my whole book of nope this is it yeah we're gonna get off here.

Oh I'm gonna be the first person! That to hike an IV pound camera.

And for the entire tour we're getting there it is heavy I just actually!

If you didn't know I just tripled my rate it's not 1 million. A day oh poor be more let's put slippers. On to make it just had a little bit of more drop values.

This is big ass camera it's a little slippery with DP yeah I'm sweating profusely. Do you see how bad I'm sweating I don't fit swim nervous.

Or I'm just a hot or both well this is our vantage point but as you can see there's gonna be a little bit. Of foot traffic turn 88 is our priority here the one that looks like a little snake down there imagine. Just following it would be incredible this mountain is so difficult.

To shoot but at the same time it's also so beautiful I jokingly said I don't think there's a single? Bad angle but it's also trying to get the best angle we've always like had random cameos so:

When we were going to China the thought was we need a new character that comes out or a new cameos: And since Jackie Chan didn't answer our phone calls we figured a panda a second.

Past do we say that the guy that we hired unfortunately bit of a language barrier.

As soon as he comes in behind you start moving the second one of you a lot fighter trying to explain. To him what to do was a little difficult he actually seemed a little concerned a friend ving.

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