Тест дверных блокираторов. Вырываем двери Хендай Солярис.

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Продолжаем эксперименты на устойчивость блокираторов дверей (или противоугонных штырей) на механические воздействия различного типа. Напомним, что при установленных дополнительных охранных ингредиентах под торпедой, деактивация противоугонок возможна только при условии открытых дверей !! Через стекло не угонишь !! Как это делается ? Как защититься ? Какие угрозы ожидают автовладельца ? Авто мошенничество. Угона.нет - официальный видеоканал Федерального сервиса.

Текстовая версия

Hello, everyone! We re going to use Yann s services.

Egor is helping him today. Closing door, putting doors locker on We may start.

I think he ll be knocking all the time. The alternative will be.

cabriolet There were experts of ugona.net. Visit our channel.

Hello, everyone! From the moment of our last video about test of door lockings the long time has passed. And there are a lot of questions.


Before we start answering these questions, I d point that the most widespreaded question was Why is it needed to break the door? Would it have been better, if he had broken window? Why doesn t it sound? I agree. However, the main idea of door locking like one of the security elements is not just to let muggers open doors and go into the car but also to keep being locked even when mugger tries to turn extra anti-driving away systems off while doing his best in the car.

Mind you once again, if security components are well-insolated, for example, taken off torpedo, in most caces dismantling is possible only if a door is opened. It concerns muggers Who has a lot of time on stealing. If I had time, I wouldn t spend it on nothing.

Today there will be a test of new locks modification that prevent from anything For this aim we equipted 2 cars of our friends Got their agreement. So there ll be new experiment where we ll try to answer viewer s questions. -He didn t manage to break the door.

-He broke the door, didn t he? -Why did he break it? The 2d place after advice of breaking window, the reccomendation comes We should do the best at giving pressure to the door in order to unlock. To prove this statement We re going to use Yann s services. Egor is helping him today.

Ready? Study? Go! The car is ready to be tested. Closing door, putting doors locker on Hear the special sound.

Защита от угона

Checking... It s fixed. We shall start!) Torn.

So, Yanne. -It s torn from the 6 th time.

Here the plastic detail cracked. So, Yanne, what s next? I ve got the extra variant.

vice versa Please aim only on the one place...


Угона нет

Stop! So Apertura! Come to me! Curved.

We won t work from this side anymore. Because I don t like the place where Yanne made the aperture.

Was knocking and knocking... but it s located below. But I think it ll just damage iron and there won t be a result.

There is put another type of lock.

Closing door, putting doors locker on closed We shall start! Why are you so oblique? I like it! It s very cool! New ones Go! So while being pulled, armature was broken. So this variant is left out.


So, we re going to make the whole below.

Spin the cable arount that tube, then pull that construction. How will door locker withstand it? Enough After pulling it, there is a big damage. Cable is torn.

Some body elements are shifted. From the wing if we go deeper and deeper. The car is moved for 0,5 m Would muggers use this method? There is a big question.

So, there is also another less vandal method without using extra car and we re going to see how strong door locker withstands. So, Yanne, this time without LBM. without any saws.

Without extra cars and cables. Please, only manual methods.



again... the car... again...

the door with the door locking system. with accelerator.

So, So...

Closing door, putting doors locker on... The door is closed.

We shall start.

strong So, unlocked. It s obvious And here is...there...

Door locker is kept. Doesn t let the door be opened.

But we still can t see it because We need to expand this corner. And using powerful lever...

How many time is needed for rest? I m tired. You need to put the lever deeper. And...

with the lever... just to push the door. So So, Lyokha, I opened it.

Opened, opened, but with so damage! Damage! To estimate the loss of these 2 cars for this day. We re going to move them to the warm conditions.

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