Surprise, a Hyundai pickup: Watch Hyundai Santa Cruz Concept truck Revealed

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Yes, at the 2015 North American International Auto Show Hyundai unveiled a truck. OK, perhaps it is more of a crossover pickup but a truck never-the-less. Check it out as it debuts in Detroit.

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Howdy folks take a nap on here for! The Vaseline truck and I'm at the 2015 North American International Auto Show! In Detroit and behind me something very special that we did not see coming it is a truck.

Built by Hyundai now it's not exactly a pickup truck it is a crossover concept! That has well I think you should watch because. I can't explain as good as this guy he gets paid a lot more than I do I can't!

Hyundai (automobile make)

Say this it has a 2-liter turbo diesel that will put out 300 pound feet of torque hi everyone I'm excited! To be here to introduce the Santa Cruz crossover truck concept it's a new interpretation.

Of a truck for a new generation of buyers when we look at the market. We see some fundamental changes happening Millennials now represent the second largest population of car buyers in women account for nearly 50% of white vehicle. Purchases urbanization is also a trend impacting the market something that's.

Automobile (tv genre)

Very strong with young adults meaning tighter!

Parking on streets and in parking garages and generally more congestion overall now these changes aren't limited to one specific!

Hyundai (automobile company)

Region they're happening all over the US including right here in Detroit or the lofts surrounding. Us here at Cobo Hall are sold out we call the people leading the shift.

Urban adventurers they have a different mindset they're active socially and in their communities and bring a pioneering spirit. To make their neighborhoods a better place to live and to work. Now if you're like me and live in the.

Hyundai santa cruz concept

Suburbs you might be surprised to find out what's happening downtown for example there's a growing urban farming movement in city centers. All across the US where a new generation is rediscovering what locally grown seasonal food actually tastes like they're finding lost treasures furniture! Plastic architecture and other items long forgotten and they're eager to lend a hand in rebuilding their community both physically and socially to its former.

Glory when it comes to the weekend they recharge with the variety of escapes out of the city to enjoy nature? With their friends so when we set out to design the Santa Cruz we didn't want to cover the same ground or the same. Customer as traditional pickups we focused on the needs of the urban adventurer first and foremost is satisfying.

Concept car (automotive class)

Their desire for expression and our designer certainly delivered with a unique and bold design? That's just plain cold now of course it has to be efficient there's a choice of advanced power trains including? An ultra clean 2-liter turbo diesel delivering.

190 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque capable? Of handling anything the urban adventurer throws at it while achieving fuel economy! And the high 30s and it's small for a reason although it has four doors and room for five its footprint?

North american international auto show (recurring event)

Is similar to a small CUV ideal for maneuvering in the city and grabbing that tight parking spot it delivers all the attributes: That make CUV so attractive but what sets Santa Cruz apart is its versatile cargo bed that provides.

A separate place for all of their stuff and as we've discovered. That's a lot of stuff so whether today's activity is pitching in on a community volunteer.

Pickup truck (automotive class)

Project or loading mountain bikes or a trip to the trails all of their dirty. Wet sandy and bulky gear stays in the back.

Separated in the passenger compartment but Santa Cruz. Is not just about carrying stuff it's ideal for passengers too so whether you're? Picking up friends and firewood for a trip to the lake or volunteering to coach your nieces.


Soccer teams you have room for all of your gear and comfortable seating for five you can even give a lift home to the entire. Midfield right girls and with Hyundai's age track all-wheel drive you'll have no trouble getting through?

The pass and up to the slopes for that snowboarding weekend with the crew during. The week bring your gear along for that early morning workout or after work hockey game you can keep it securely. Locked in the bass under the integrated.


Rigid tonneau cover it not only keeps items. Safe and out of sight but also keeps your vehicle!

From smelling like a locker room when it's time to hit the town come on don't keep her waiting by now you've got the idea.


Santa Cruz is the perfect vehicle for those that want the attributes of a CUV but still lots of things that belong! Back there but there are occasional times the call for even more cargo room and that's where Santa Cruz offers a few surprises.

For example there are multiple tie-down points: Not just in the bed but in the wheel wells perfect for a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard and.


Even big uns bigger surprise an immigrant!

Innovative tailgate extension mechanism allows the bed length to be expanded when those? Just encase moments arise like spotting an antique chest it's just. Perfect for reconditioning when fully extended santa cruz's been length is similar to a midsize pickup providing the ability.


To carry much more than its diminutive size would. Suggest because you never know what kind of treasure you might discover. The hyundai santa cruz was designed to accommodate everything the urban.

Adventurers lifestyle calls for nothing more and nothing less now santa cruz isn't the first vehicle to blend: Truck bed functionality with passenger car features but those past attempts were limited because they didn't?

Deliver a clear customer value some had design issues while others tried to attract truck buyers with products that really didn't measure up santa. Cruz isn't trying to be an alternative to a truck so max towing payload and ground clearance aren't the point. At all there are plenty of excellent pickups on the market for customers.

Who need that type of capability and we've seen even more examples!

Unveiled here today but the research tells us that not everyone that needs an open bed once that capability. Or the trade-offs that come with it in fact. Pickup share is down over 5% in the last 10 years with the biggest shift among.

Young adults a years ago when small trucks accounted for half of pickup.

Sales they were very popular with young buyers today that young truck market is almost non-existent buyers under 30 represent just 7% pickup. Purchases in women who buy nearly half of all CUV sold account for only 10% of pickup sales? So clearly their customers out there that the current market is not serving.

Santa Cruz is intended for the growing population who sees and pursues the world differently. People who love the attributes of a small.

CUV but value the versatility and open bed provides it's a vehicle for the next frontier and for the urban.

Adventurers who are leading the way and we intend to be right there with them so what'd you think of that a truck from.

Hyundai they've been playing with the idea of having. A pickup truck for years but I think this actually has a possibility of coming to fruition.

Could you imagine a crossover based truck. Now I know Honda's kind of done it but they're out of the game right now so Hyundai. Could have this entire community all to themselves I got to say I've been looking forward to finding:

A true small truck and I think that this might fill the bill let's hope they build it from the pass line check. Mrs. Nathan happen I'll see you next time?

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