Статистика угонов. Что ждать в 2021 ?

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Анализируем статистику угонов за 2019 год. Мы заметили возникновение некоторых трендов, на основании чего делаем прогноз на 2020 год. Как это делается ? Как защититься ? Какие угрозы ожидают автовладельца ? Авто мошенничество. Угона.нет - официальный видеоканал Федерального сервиса.

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Hello, everyone! This video is about annual statistics of hijacking cars It s worth a point that comparing to the previous period Quantity of hijacks has decreased at 6 % However, we ve made some conclutions about trands that are due to market s demand changings, mugger s wants So we re going to predict hijacking situation in 2020 Well, let s start with budget segment that might have increased comparing to previous period Why? Firstly, because of stealing Chinese cars Worth thinking about it! If you call me again, I ll kill you! That s why we re going to shoot a video about security of these cars in order to understand what owners deal with Also hijacks of some Korean and Germanese models have increased too Remind you that the most hijacked vehicles are cars which are equipped only with OEM alarms And vulnerabilities of these cars are the following: cranking of cylinder locks, changing electronic modules and registering new chip in factory immobilizer So, hijacks of middle segment cars are the following: models that are sold on the prime market Toyota Camry...Prado and Land Cruiser As we remember, the most popular burglaring method is targeting digital tires which are located in needed place Crypto Protection of these cars needs improvements and additional slave systems s security is easy to be turned off after turning off OEM alarm (also by using retransmitter) These models hijacks are increasing too There re hijacks of premial segment cars Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Evoque are at the top Also Porsche Cayenne is demanded around hijackers This model is hijacked thanks to using Turbo Decoder Every premial segment car, which s equipped with keyless access that makes it easy to muggers And comparing to hijacks of budget class cars premial cars can be hijacked within 10 seconds Unfourtunately, cars producers still haven t come up with idea of eliminating this vulnerability In 2019 Luxury segment cars hijacks have increased too Statistics of hijacks in regions is the following: 24 % of cars - hijacked in Moscow and Moscow region 22% - in St Petersburg and Leningrad region 5 % - in Krasnodar region Statistics of hijacks in different Moscow s districts: So the most dangerous parking places are in southeast and south districts To cut a long story short and taking into account facilities of prime market which had a few disadvantages in 2019 Macroeconomic parameters will be safe And secondary market downturn will be the next "All the best! Goodbye!" We can see that hijacks will decrease and there will be a redistribution from the middle segment to the budget and the premial ones Market of Chinese and Korean cars is going up also quantity of hijacks of these cars is increasing too It also concerns premium class models Well, you can see full statistic if you click on hyperlink given in description But if your car still has only got factory alarm and is vulnerable to hijacking, you should put extra security systems to be happy! There was the expert of ugona.net See you next time! Goodbye!).

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