Siv M9 Прошивка

Видеорегистратор siv m9 gps dual camera driving recorder Однако, невзирая на простоту в и креплении, авто видеорегистратор SIV M9 GPS по собственной сущности является Прошивки для китайских телефонов ПО для видеоматериалов авто видеорегистратора SIV M9 доступно на нашем сервере. SafeBox sb-k1sb-k2 BOARD SIV-M9. SafeBox sb-k1sb-k2. SD с прошивками от производителя, k1 и. F900LHD Регистраторы с GPS SIV M7 SIV M9 2 min — Uploaded by MsBorqCar Blackbox or Video Drive Recorder is a device installed. SIV M7; SIV M9; Visiondrive VD видеорегистратор. FHD mk2 прошивка от texet DVR-1GS Видеорегистратор.

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You introducing ghosts a digital video recording device

You introducing ghosts a digital video recording device for your vehicle use the footage.

As evidence in an accident or crime you can also. Use it to capture memories of your road trips and other activities ghost is fitted with two cameras one looking. At what is going on in front of the vehicle in the second and the vehicles passenger cab it is easily attached.

To the windshield above the rear-view mirror and powered by the vehicle or it can be permanently installed to hide. All wires once installed ghost begins filming it will continue filming.

Even if the vehicle is turned off ghost has a car battery monitoring system.

It will automatically turn off when the car battery' s low to prevent battery drain ghost records the footage. Onto an SD card which is easy to retrieve once. Removed the information can be uploaded to your PC for playback and analysis the software.

Is provided and ready for installation easy to use GUI features a navigation screen that. Displays the footage from both video feeds. The software also plays any recorded in cab audio save the footage as an mp4 video file or make screenshots the bottom-left.


Displays the g-sensor alerting you two times with high g-force activity like braking or collision the compass in the bottom center shows.

Your direction and in the center a speedometer is displayed ghost has an onboard. GPS that detects in saves your route and can be opened directly in Google Maps ghost is useful. For accidents robbery collisions and burglaries it’s also useful for extreme sports road trips and much much.


More ghost making every Drive memorable..

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