My Week with the 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor!

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After reviewing the current-gen Raptor a couple years ago, I recently had the slightly revised 2019 model for a week thanks to Ford. Here's my thoughts on what it's like to live with for a week. What do you think about the Raptors? Please subscribe for more if you haven't already. Twitter @mattmaran. Instagram @mattmaranmotoring. Business inquires can be directed to mattmaranmotoring (at) gmail (dot) com. Matt Maran Motoring is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program.

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What's up everybody Matt Moran here for a my week with video so first off I apologize but I feel. A little often slightly under the weather here I'm gonna push through.

But I'm just not firing on all cylinders here but so first thing about the Raptor here so I already reviewed one back in 2017 whenever. These first came out and very little has changed for 2019 but there were some significant handling improvements.

That I thought were worth checking out but didn't. Justify an entire video showing you every. Couple older and every nook and cranny again because none of that stuff has changed so I just wanted to do a video:

Because the last one that I did review I only had for a few hours this time I actually. Have been able to put 150 miles on this one over the course of a week and kind of have a better understanding of what it's. Like to live with a Raptor and basically it's really:


Hard to not feel like a boss driving around this thing I mean it just you're so high up here. I mean you tower over most pickup trucks and stuff it's. Just insane how high you are in this thing and it's really fun but it's also very intimidating it's it's very hard to?

Park like this one I'm you so these! Start around 52,000 dollars but this one has testa's around 72 part of that.

Is it has the 802 a package which is like ninety three hundred? Dollars and that's the only way you can get the 360 camera which? Is unfortunate because that is a necessity at least to me personally like its makes it a lot easier to drive and park this thing you.

Know in tight spaces and stuff whenever you have the for casing camera and you know the 360 to you to kind of show you just:

Matt maran motoring

How tight you are and obviously you can do it old-school! You can look in there mayors and all that kind of stuff I'm not saying it's impossible.

To drive one of these if it's not four loaded but it certainly makes! It easier and it's a much nicer experience I think one thing though that's interesting. About the Raptor here is the handling.

So that's what the main difference is one of the smaller. Differences here are these new Recaro seats and this one has this color. Accent group so it has the dark Alcantara inserts here in a dark blue with the outside.

You know being blue obviously I think that it will change depending on you know what color the exterior is and they're nice seats. They are pretty comfortable there he didn't violate it and they have pretty good support but it is still very wide but I mean that's what:

2019 ford raptor

You would expect for attracting out looking for race car seats in this thing or anything so I think. They're an improvement over the old seats but I'm still not like in love with them or anything?

Although they do you work well someone did ask me on Instagram! About the ventilation of the seats and that seems. To work okay you know Ford's kind of hit or miss like you know some Mustangs are better than others!

And the f-150 so generally seem to be a little bit better although: They're not without foam and some of them aren't.

Great this one seems to be okay it's not going to get you freezing cold like some of the others there's a few that. Do really good cooled seats like actually Kia and Hyundai do some of the best Cadillac does very good cooled seats these ones are kind. Of in the middle a little bit mediocre but still.

2019 ford raptor review

Fine and one nice thing to help out this thing is it is so big that everyone does notice you either. For better for worse but you're driving because people can kind of see oh see you coming: Up with a rear view mirror and they're more likely.

To get out of your way you know if their left lane hogs and things. Like that so there are some of that which is definitely interesting but it's just again you just feel like you're! Just really the king of the road in this thing which is definitely!

A fun experience but anyway long tangent getting back to one of the main new things here are these Fox internal bypass shocks which. Are new here and they also can there now electronically. Adjustable so you know they can adjust.

Depending on the terrain and the circumstances and stuff.

2019 ford f150 raptor

But what I've noticed is that a lot of people are saying that these are gonna feel a lot better. In corners than the old raptor and that was one of the major downfalls of the RAF I mean obviously.

It's an off-road focused truck not expecting it to handle like a sports. Car once again but it was even compared I know there's some less intense off-road applications with other manufacturers and their trucks:

Like the that's a coma TRD pro tundra TRD pro but then there's even some pretty intense stuff like you have the Colorado zr2 which obviously! Is smaller lighter so it's going to handle better just inherently but that I did notice.

You know even though it's super off already it did handle. Very very well on the road this still to me these shocks don't fix the handling at least at lower speeds I will.

2019 ford f150 raptor review

Say at high speed it seems a little less eager to be blown around I was doing you know. Some elevated highway speeds and was driving it on the highway.

On some higher speed limit highways there. And it still it's very very stable. I will say that this is a great cruiser.

Truck if you know that's what you're going for is something. To just cruise in and relax you know that I think this is really great if you want taking on a road:

Trip I think actually is very nice for that aside from the appalling fuel economy it is you know great row shore. Vehicles tons of space all the luxury features as well as the Bang and Olufsen stereo which is optional speaking of the fuel economy:

2019 raptor

Me saying how it's disappointing though that is one thing so I'd like I said about 150 miles and! I will say was probably a little bit more highway than City. Actually this time around and so these were a 215 in the city 18 on the highway 16 combined and I got 15.3 doing more than a!

50-50 mix so I mean I guess the grand scheme of things. I'm only like maybe one mpg lower than I should:

Really expect to be but with that much highway I was hoping you'd a little bit better I mean I haven't. Really been hammering on this thing a whole lot I did do a few full.

Throat accelerations but actually been raining a good bit of the time and so if I want. To do an acceleration in two-wheel drive mode it just spins like crazy?

2019 f150 raptor

And if I go to the automatic four-wheel drive I can't. Do that but that just takes a little! More pre-planning so I've usually just been taking it easier in this it does have a great amount of power.

So I'm kind of slowed down here a little bit just.

Give you a little sample of this engine note and the performance here and it is very very sweet and one thing that did actually grow. On me over my wake of driving was the sound of this I know everyone. Wants a v8 hopefully that's coming that's what the rumors seem to be suggesting with possibly this gave a Shelby gt500 motor.

But you know the the sound isn't as awesome as you know some of the v8 offerings out there but I will say this?

2019 raptor review

Does sound pretty sweet especially when you keep in mind this the same engines in the. Ford GT supercar just detuned and I think it actually it sounds pretty.

Good here now there might be some you know audio stuff helping it out here on the stereo but overall I think.

It sounds good it still has a v8 not even close but independent. Of that you know expectation I think this? Does actually sound pretty cool and so performance is is good you know again it's not amazingly.

Quick you know like a you know it's probably about. As fast like a v6 Toyota Camry to be perfectly honestly a 5.2 seconds.

0-60 is what they claim here so I mean it's not going to blow your mind obviously if you want something. Fast then you're spending 72 grand you can you know. Go up to a Shelby or release that a little.

Fully modified Mustang GT if you want so obviously. This is for people who want to go off-road and all that type of stuff but it's also just.

A very large vehicle so you've to make sure you're on a very wide open trail? And a lot of trails are pretty narrow so it kind.

Of limits how you can take this off right now there are some better: Things so even though the Fox shocks are new they have the same travels!

Before so I think it's like 13 inches in the front and thirteen point nine in the rear or something?

So definitely has a lot of articulation and stuff still and it does feel good but you know and they're also. A trail control system which is also new for 2019 which is like cruise control but when you're! Off-roading so you can set anywhere between zero and 20 miles per hour and it'll continue to vary the throttle.

And stuff to make sure you have the best grip possible but how you kind of throttle. Manage as you're going over trails and stuff which is cool.

But I think that takes away some of the fun and excitement of doing it yourself:

And some people on hoon around I don't want to have private? Traction so but it's a cool feature nonetheless so I'm gonna head put it into the sport mode the first thing I notice is throwing responses. Sharper steering gets heavier and it's even pretty heavy even in comfort mode but anyway.

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