Мотоцикл из дерева wooden motorcycle

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It's a motorbike but not as we know it you won't find this at your local! Bike dealer nearly every component on the bike is made entirely from wood there's no gleaming chrome but plenty.

Дпс беспредел

Of wood to wax its proud owner is 50-year. Old farm worker esteban puskás for an Eastern Hungary.

Gus-gus has used wood naturally he had to bend the rules for the engine and tires the motorbikes fuel tank is a barely: Handlebars and exhaust pipes are horns from Hungarian.

Гаи беспредел

Bulls the project took him nearly two years to complete he's putting the bike on the market.

For three thousand dollars to raise money for some home repairs before starting on his wooden. Motorbike project puskás built several bicycles from work?

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