Modern Altezza Build — New JDM Import

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My Altezza arrived from Japan. Been waiting to start working on this thing from the moment I won it in auction. Big thank you to Brian @ b-pro auto for the phenomenal experience 🙏🏼. B- PRO Auto JDM Imports. (Let Brian know Lowcals sent you). The best Headlight Restoration service in Calgary (YYC). Boslla 4 colour LED bulbs.

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All right what's going I what's going.

On guys so my new cars right behind me the Altezza but first off I wanted to give a big shout out to Bryan. At be pro auto he helped me source this car and all my other.

Previous cars Bryan is a great guy and be pro auto JDM they. Bring cars in so any of you guys are looking to bring. In that car from Japan be Pro autos the guy to go to super good.


Guy and he helped me find the perfect car that I wanted he cares about: All his customers and make sure Bryan's.

A super good guy you make sure he's able to find you exactly what you're looking for and he tries to get you the. Best price too so like I said if any. Of you guys are looking at import a car be pro Auto Bryan he's.

The go-to guy all of his information will be in the description.

Pacific coast auto

Below check him out if you're wondering how to import a car he has that all on his website too so definitely go through. That alright guys check out the car looking fresh I put one of the new one of my new headlights. In restored by YYC headlight restorations super mint look at that before?

Hazy ugly and it's got this amber in it which I'm not a fan of and then the after is just black.

Housing with clear corners it looks so much.


Better look at that so brand new this is from like!

An old 405 model this is the older. Generation and it actually took quite a bit to retrofit it it's a surprising amount like 2-3 hours just to put this.

Headlight in take the lens off of this side marker light but it looks like this this is how it comes so this housing.

Jdm import

Right here I'm gonna be painting black replacing this bulb to an LED and putting.

It back in so it's gonna look so much cleaner rather than an amber light with a white housing it's: Gonna be an LED with a black housing.

It's gonna look sick the rdd's look so good on this car perfect:

How to import a car

Specs for an altes I think they're!

18 by 9 plus 35 they were the rears still need to be rolled. As you can see the tires pretty much touching the lip of the fender or the quarter there so gonna be rolling the fenders.

Today and adding a 5 mil because it's not perfectly flush so there's the non LED bulb dam that is cleaned. Let's see how it looks with the lights on alright guys. So I know I should do this second light but I'm actually gonna.

How to import a car from japan

Hold off no joke these ones are so much wider than these ones they actually require:

A lot of retrofitting what I want to do right now is install this pioneer? Double din deck well the car already has a single din deck the before: Shot and I go ahead and use this.

Bracket and bolt the doubled into this if use the unit it's so clean lucky enough. To have the aftermarket deck harness already because the. Car had it in in it but connectors and stuff alright guys finish the deck harness it works I tested.

Toyota altezza

It trust me still wanna turn it on right now and then right now I'm just working on the mic so this will be for. Like phone calls or giving commands to carplay I'll show you all the features! Here in a second but yeah so I got everything all put together and damn.

Look how good this looks Wow side note - I'm gonna be. Replacing the boot for the ebrake and the shift knob because I'm pretty worn out it's gonna be a nice touch alright so super happy with how that.

Double din turned out I want to film stuff while I have carplay. On but like the video just cuts out I'm trying to show all the features! But I can't but it's sweet I'll find a way to do it damn damn damn look at that:


Interior got the 5 to 5 in. This thing got the Pioneer deck look at that damn alright guys so it's.

The next day quick update on the Z so pretty much. The chassis it's all like cleaned up gonna button it up a little more and it's gonna be chilling waiting for the engine to be finished interior I.

Still have the - off just because I want to wrap it in like a nice like suede.

Z edition

Material some nice like black silk suede stuff it's gonna really look good I'm gonna be doing a big overhaul on the!

Engine still gotta change the timing belt - the gates timing belt replace! All the tensioners already did the water pump and I have. The thermostat I just need to make a gasket for it and figure out oil feed and drain I want?

To upgrade the lines I need to order two new turbos because! The turbos that came on this engine are shot I'm actually gonna be going with GT 28 60s which is disco. Potato as 15 turbos so literally the VG is gonna have - as 15 turbos on it which is pretty?

Rs 200 z edition

Cool but just before tucking this chassis away I'm gonna be cutting the rest. Of the AC off so I can get rid of it right here already deleted. A bunch of like the HVAC stuff all the heater stuff - this piece here so there's.

Tons of room under the - now who was lucky enough to cop one of these jet tags leave it in the comments below? Alright so now that I cut a little nub off I can pull that through.

From the inside of the car this is heavy - deleting AC is actually a lot of weight reduction so right now I'm getting.

Altezza z edition

Ready to roll my fenders and you need to roll them when. You go low so yeah progress update so as you can see this part is rolled.

Or starting to roll and then like that's. How the car comes so that's what you're:

Doing you're literally rolling that piece of metal back. The next day fenders are rolled you turned out really good tons of room there now both sides as you can see now there's tons.

Modern jdm

Of room won't be any rubbing or anything like that what I'm gonna be doing today is doing a couple little things to really.

Clean the car up you guys look at this trim right here it's got some like paint fade on there? All along on both sides this part of the mirror. The paint is pretty rough on there too and like this windshield:

Cowl is pretty faded I'll start off with masking and prepping these I'm gonna take this off and then giving? It a fresh coat all right so there's the masking update all.

Modern jdm build

Right so I took the front end apart I'm gonna get ready to restore these because they're pretty hazy check out these boss low lights.

That I'm gonna be putting it to my fog lights they have four different color ways in just one bulb and to cycle.

Through the colors you just turn your light switch on and off so like this would be the first. Color second color third color so the first color is just like LED white?


6k it's clean for that like VIP a spec look!

Next setting is more of a warmer color the next setting is a complete yellow. 3k gdm look and then you got gangster mode which is flickering 3k which has the fourth setting. On the bulb and then you can turn on your hazard lights.

For extra hot boy points guys super. Quick update I've kind of been messing with the front end fitment:

B pro auto

Just to make sure it lines up mint another thing is this hood has some. Clear coat spots missing so I actually was able to source down. A new hood so I'm going to be putting that in and.

I was missing this roof trim piece luckily I sourced one down from a buddy and it's!

Looking way better much cleaner kind of applied it crooked so I'll after he do it and. Touch up the paint on it but it's way better now i repainted the grills both black and a lot of the hood latch stuff. And the horns were showing because there was like.

B pro auto imports

A faded black you could see it through.

The grille so I just gave that a fresh coat of black to the front end is looking minty! So my deck came with a backup camera so I'm just putting that in right now decided to put it like I don't want. It shown at all like I don't want you to be able to see the camera I'm gonna tuck it under this trim.

Possibly drill into the trunk so the camera fits flush and yes I'm working on tucking the harness. Here along this pre-existing harness I'm just gonna ground on one of the trunk.


Bolts maybe and then run it through the car to the back of the deck and then it should be mint alright.

Guys so now I'm gonna be building a little like modern:

Mod to clean the car up so the deck comes with this USB extender instead. Of just having this cord show basically. What I'm gonna be doing is building a little like hole into the trim building a bracket and having:


This sit in here flush with the plastic piece so it's gonna. Be a part of the - it's gonna look clean but! What I did so far was just trace this you know cut a hole and then think of some?

Bracketing for the back because I want this to be secure.

Step 1 drill a really bad hole that the cord can fit through don't worry that's gonna get covered.

By plate so check it out reverse works mint as soon as you put it into reverse camera comes up I don't have the camera angles right now I still.

Have to figure out how I'm gonna mount it but yeah you put it into.

Reverse camera comes on take it out comes. Off and by the way if you're wondering how to do that there's a purple wire at the back.

Of the deck you wire that into the reverse lights and then you just connect the.

Camera harness to the back of the deck and ground it so I trimmed this plastic piece here. I did some edge trim to it double-sided tape have the wire tucked it's coming!

Through this lens right here and then coming down here across the trunk I just kind of like!

Secured it so the wires wouldn't make any noise it wasn't long enough.

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