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We review the famous 2010 Lexus ISF donated by a viewer to discuss the technical aspects of what is good and bad. For those seeking an affordable, fun and reliable sporty luxury car this may be the one. However, there are some things to consider which we discuss in detail. This era had some classic sports sedans like the BMW E90 M3 and Mercedes AMG which in retrospect are quite attractive on the used market.

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Well hello inside the lexus is-f now this particular model is a 2010 hit at 65,000 miles and it's been donated: To us by a local viewer I've spent. The last three or four days in this car and it's the very first time I've ever been.

On the lexus is-f and because of that I've been left with a couple? Pretty strong impressions so let's get in the positives first now the big positive of this interior is its build quality particularly. When compared against some of its competitors as I mentioned before this car is about 10 years.


Old and has 65,000 miles it's also a track car so it's live not the most blessed life and yet there are no squeaks and rattles that's. Really the big positive of this interior well it's not as aesthetically pleasing as an e 92 or c63! The materials hold up a lot better these seats look basically brand new all the switchgear feels brand new and it's a pretty simple interior unlike I Drive:

Or the let's call it the AMG infotainment system it's very easy? To use while it looks dated I know how to pair my phone it took me about two seconds the audio system in this car while.


Not amazing it's fairly simple to navigate and lastly the gauge cluster in this?

Car too it's stupid simple at the end of the day this is an affordable car particularly. Now they're between twenty to thirty thousand dollars for a 2010 there's!


Only two Drive mode switches and it's very easy to turn off the traction control. That's great it's a regular is on the inside but because of that it feels pretty dated.

Mark always brings up how infotainment dates cars and that's the case here. Because this car came out in the mid to late 2000s it feels a lot. Older than it really is because of this screen.

Rod bearings

The other thing is if you're a bigger buyer like myself I'm six foot tall and I struggle to get comfortable.

In this car my head constantly touches the ceiling and if you want to buy this as a track car good luck fitting in here. With a helmet it's it's the unfortunate truth with the Lexus IS line as a whole the other sad part about. This car is legroom it's great up front I can get comfortable in the leg proportions however no one's fitting behind me so this car becomes.


A 2-door 4-door meaning a four-door with the practicality!

Of a two-door coupe thankfully though as a daily driver if you are shorter you can fit all their Korean barbecue you could. Want in the trunk it's great in that regards if you're a shorter guy like Marc who's 5 foot 1 it's a very comfortable!


Interior he has none of the complaints.

I have so keep that in mind when you're shopping for one of these so with all that being said we're. Already in the shop let's put this thing on the lift we are under the ISF the Lexus!


And this is a first of its kind even though this is much older so tell!

Me a little bit about what happened here well this car is Genesis for Lexus it's their first v8 rear.


Wheel drive m3 competitor it was a car design largely after-hours:

By very small team of engineers and was a passion. Project you go chase on the chief engineer of this car who happens! To be the chief engineer of the GS F had his hand in the RC F they he was responsible.


For kind of creating the what what this brand meant it had. To be fun it had to be engaging an emotional connection I had to sound?

Good which is why they focused so much on the VA people? Wonder well why didn't they do something else well the v8 sounds.


Amazing and I think this was kind of the start you can see!

How the RC of the LC and the GS have?


Kind of carried over a lot of what was good here and just expanded upon it yeah this! Car was a lot of firsts for Toyota you know their. Very first 8-speed direct shift automatic it's their first attempt of a real 5 liter v8 like a relatively.

High revving one at that yeah and as a great architecture for the most part it's double wishbone front. Multi-link rear it's I mean it's an impressive car given how small the team of engineers.


Was and their relatively small budget and you have to kind of turn your brain off for just a little!

Bit with this and understand this was a mid kind of 2000s development project that kind of extended out and this is not?


Like an e 92 and competitor completely because the body structure isn't nearly as good they didn't have the development.

Budget in terms of the chassis so you don't see the weight distribution that you did on the 92 it's about 54 front the cross balance isn't.


As good which I'll show you the chart here it weighs about well at least this one weighs? About 30 770 pounds so you don't feel the balance in the car that you would!

In some of the competitors at that time point but the difference is this they put so much money into the engine. Design the transmission design that's why this car feels special and why it's still relevant. Today yes it's indestructible and that somebody was gonna come.

Sports cars

Up a lot in this video one of the reasons why the ISF is held its value. Even better than the e90 or c63 is when you buy this car you don't have to stuff.

Away three four five thousand dollars in case something or actually not in case when something catastrophic happens on your be 90 or c63. So if you're not stupid with this car and you don't go to try to modify it insanely or try to add. It on a horsepower like this one it's just gonna last and the owner tracks this car and.


There's some things you're gonna notice about it this is prior to them:

Using a ton of aluminum so you still see a lot of stamp steel here it does have a an aluminum cradle for the subframe but. Little little details like you still don't have adjustable camber on the front!


Of this car and that's something I complain about with the RC F how do you make kind of a performance car that. You can kind of take to the track and not have the ability to tune that so you can't. Do it here either and because of the way that they design the suspension they made!

The lower control arm bushings a little bit softer because the car is sprung more stiffly the dampers are stiffer so they have to kind of dial back. The bushings to still give some slop there and when you drive this hard there's too much slop and as those bushings age? It gets worse so he's added solid solid mount.


Bushings and the rear lower control arms at the bottom to kind of firm all of that back up when he's driving on the track but these?

Are just typical things that you're gonna have to do on pretty much any car when you try to dual-purpose them and this is no different. But I think you know let's head to the back and then we'll! Talk about the transmission and then under the hood we've:


Transported ourselves to the the back half of the car and this looks very similar to many modern Lexus's. To certain extent except there's something special back here yeah it's got a limited. Slip diff in 2010 a Torsen yes in 2010 onwards.

To 14 til the end of the production line of this car they had a Torsen limited slip earlier cars were open diff which means. Honestly you should avoid those cars so from 2010 on is kind of the car that you want yes in 2011?


They did some suspension tweaks to get the car to handle a little better to ride better and they updated some. Of the interior electronics but really 2010 onwards is what you want to buy when you when you purchase:

This vehicle something we didn't bring up. On the front that's worth mentioning is the brakes on this car are phenomenal they're like Cisco developed them with Brembo.


And they're far superior in my opinion the least - the brakes you got on your e 90 - 392 brakes the m3 brakes were they! I don't even know how they let that go out the door they were absolute garbage. So the and you notice it right away and granted he's got track pads on this because he does!

Take it out there but even with that said you feel a lot more confidence in stopping power and repeated stopping. Doesn't turn into like just a sloppy rag it doesn't feel like a wet rag when you get deep. Into the pedal like though you 92 m3 did it's great I mean it's it's genuinely?


Impressive and as we mentioned before the career cradle in this car is not aluminum like you get in the 92 and 3 yeah and. You know again chassis development right this is one Lexus was trying to create like they're trying to get into that. Well how do we make a performance.

Car that's not just es 300 and all the things that they were known for just kind. Of the quiet comfortable couch like ride vehicles and this was that turning point for them they:

Had to to create something more fun to rejuvenate? The brand yeah they just worked with!

A compromise platform this car was never designed? The is was never designed in the first place to be an m3 competitor so they worked with what they!

Had yeah the last thing to bring up back here we'll touch on the trans. When we get to the engine are these. Exhausts it comes up a lot the dual tips are fake oh go figure yeah it's a cosmetic option really it's a single tipped.

Rear-end exhaust with a fake I mean this whole fixed your back here not real it looks. Cool to me it's real tough well you know that's. Nothing this is this is what's happening in modern cars it's no different I mean they just stacked.

It make it look a little bit differently but yeah! They're just finishers we got to talk about the is the ISS specifically this is what this was Lexus's.

First attempt at creating enough car and one of the big reasons and one of the big fundamentals behind it was. The emotional connection over raw performance and spec sheets it had to sound good it had to feel good and with the passage. Of time there's some things that have stuck around.

Namely the engine I think that's the biggest and the biggest heart of this car at if namely. As naturally aspirated v8 s have disappeared you just want a downshift you want to floor it at the end. Of the day I get that this is Genesis.

But at the same time it does show its age mark well how how do you mean. The trans the trans is the big one for me I yes it's more reliable than the!

SMG and it does shift better than the c63 is automatic but I have the same problem.

With all Toyota transits passed or started:

Below 5,000 rpm it's totally dead yeah and I can kind. Of understand that I mean I get what! They're trying to do here and I've talked about this I beat a dead.

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