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Welcome Back to JNS Daily Drives, Where Today, I Drive The 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport. HUGE THANKS to INTERNATIONAL MOTOR CARS for making this video possible by providing me with this AWESOME car. They Have One Of, If Not The Best Used Car Selection In Calgary. Lambos, Porsches, Ferraris Or Anything In Between, They Have It. Go Check Them Out. INTERNATIONAL MOTORCARS. My Social Medias. Instagram: @jnsdailydrives. Twitter: @jnsdailydrives. Any questions, comments or concerns let me know I would love your feedback.

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Now the first thing to do when you first get into a car make sure the stop it's a beautiful day outside: And we've got a beautiful car here the 2014. Lexus IS 350 this is the newer generation starting.

In 2014 and like I said this is a 2014 model so it's not quite as updated as some of the newer ones? The body has completely changed compared to the older model making it look much more refreshed and much more aggressive. There's some beautiful lines down below some absolutely massive vents to help.

Cool this three and a half liter v6 which will hear it a little bit the overall design.

Of the Lexus is350 and this is the F Sport model and keep. That in mind and it does have.

Some TRD upgrades TRD side skirts rear spoiler. Rear bumper and exhaust it also has an intake like I said?

We'll get all that in just a second but a little overview of: The car to start that's a three and a half liter v6 producing 305 horsepower and 277 pound-feet of torque.


Now this car kind of competes directly with the Infiniti q50 the 3.7 liter version that is and that car produces 330 horsepower. And 276 pound-feet of torque so they're very similar on the top and the infiniti? Might be a little bit quicker but I must say I do like the look of the Lexus a little?

Bit more than the Infiniti beautiful headlights. At the front I love this design with the daytime running!

Light I think it looks absolutely fantastic integrated there into the front bumper as I said we have some massive intakes? Below the grill as well this car is actually sitting really. Low as well which I think makes it look even better let's go ahead and we'll walk around!

The car see what it looks like now a quick interesting! Fact about this compared to the Infiniti q50 and even the g37 is that this car has 18-inch wheels! The q50 has 18-inch wheels on the S model they're very very similar and it's very interesting?

Because I personally own an Infiniti g37 so this car is it's direct competitor so I can give you any pretty. Much an exact idea of what this car is like compared!

To that other vehicle but overall like I said. I do much prefer the design to this over the g37 or the q50 I just think it looks better the lines the lines are. Nicer the side skirt looks great as well this.


Paint - similar to the infinities I think it looks even better on this car now I want to quickly show you the rear seats and show. You how much space I have back there because I'm 6 foot 2 and a lot of people!

If they're gonna get a sedan they want to have a bunch of space in the back face back here I have somebody who's. 6 foot 2 sitting in front of me and like I said.

I'm 6 foot 2 as well while legroom is pretty good the seats kind of have a weird: Curvature to them so might the top of my knees are actually hitting head space is really good I have probably an extra inch.

Of headroom so if we're comparing apples to apples here the Lexus is350 is definitely more spacious.

In the rear of the car compared to the g37 I said if we're comparing apples to apples! Here the Lexus IS is a little bit more spacious in the rear then either the g37 or the.

Q50 now let's go on to the rear where most of the major upgrades to this car have been done and we can talk a little bit more. About them so it has this absolutely massive: Rear wing this is for a rear decklid spoiler on a sedan this is huge if you think about it without having:

F sport

One I think it would look a little bit weird to be honest! But having this spoiler fits it just right as you can see we also have the quads exhaust that's the TRD exhaust.

Will let you to listen to it I think it sounds pretty darn good I must say we also. Have the rear bumper that folds nicely over top of that: TRD exhaust now in terms of cargo space back here let's find out simply press the button it's a little.

Bit hidden I had troubles finding it myself now back here I mean it's not bad it's pretty spacious.

It's like every other mid-size smaller sized sedan you can easily fit two drone cases maybe.

Three if I was pushing it the rear seats do fold down to give you extra storage. So in the top right hand corner you'll find the storage with the seats fold it up for five passengers and on the left!

Top left of the screen they find out what. The seats folded down I want to ask you a quick question: In the banner on the top right hand corner of your screen you'll find a little pop-up banner that says how do you think that!

Lexus is350 review

This car looks rated out of one to ten let me know what you think I think it looks.

Pretty good I'd have to give it at least an eight because I do like the look of the is 350 it's too. Bad that there isn't an is F but this is as close as you? Can get with the is 350 F Sport so now let's go ahead we'll take.

A quick look at the engine then hear what it sounds like and get that exhaust. Clip as well so as I said this car has an intake as you can see it right here it is quite.

A large intake definitely gives it a better sound from the engine as well as adding a few extra horsepower. Nothing too crazy maybe 510 horsepower max the engine itself nothing too special here it is very clean. Engine bay I must say though nicely done let's go!

Ahead here oh it's outs not too bad I'm gonna say compared to my car the g37 it does sound better beacuse: Engines just don't sound like good but this engine does.

Sound pretty good let's go to the back and get that exhaust club and see what that sounds like now before we hear what this exhaust sounds like. Like I said it's a TRD exhaust which comes from Toyota but don't be fooled Toyota owns Lexus so it's ok it does sound. A little bit better than sucks and like I said.


Four exhaust tips always better than two let's go before we go on with the rest of this review: As always I have to thank norm and International motorcars from.

Providing me with this Lexus it's for sale right now for around twenty nine thousand. Dollars Canadian make sure you go check them out linked in the description below is their website: Along with a link to this exact car like I said you should go buy it because it's a fun car super comfortable.

And they're gracious enough to let me borrow it let's go help them out now the first.

Thing to do when you first get into a car is make sure that you come to a full stop your traction control! Is off go in the sport mode okay terrible let's say that's not too bad Lexus is350 like I said.

As a 3.5 liter v6 and it's producing an ample power at 305 horsepower.

And 277 connotative torque it's good enough that's not amazing it's not going to be SuperDuper fast but it's designed to be fun all-wheel drive means you can. Be safe you can drive it in the winter it has a snow mode which is just fantastic about: It I love that and it's all made it to this 6-speed automatic!


Transmission which I don't really like that much it's it's pretty slow I put it into manual. Mode I'm in m6 right now let's just do a couple. Down shifts and you probably hear it so that's five there's three and then it's not it's not as quick as I was hoping it would.

Be and that was that's one of the biggest problems with! My Infiniti g37 as far as main competitor. Is that the transmission is stupid slope this is a little.

Bit faster than that car but it's still not a whole bunch of better. I was really hoping that Lexus would have taken maybe some dual clutch technology or some faster torque converter technology?

To make this thing a little bit faster. Cuz it's a little bit lackluster peut changing gears it's not all that fun but like I said the power and the torque made.

Kind of makes up for it it's pretty fun to drive it sounds really good with this TRD?

Exhaust and that intake it kind of reminds me a little bit of an e 92 m3 the way that the.


Same downshift so I don't if you can hear that very well but it does sound very. Similar to the way that in an m3 downshift but let's move on to the interior and the interior quality? Is fantastic everything feels well built well put together all the leathers are super nice.

The steering wheel I really like this during wash day it feels really good in your hand it's kind of similar.

To the way that the Lexus LFA steering wheel was again some differences. Here and there it's not going to be the exact same but one thing that I don't like about the interior: Is the layout of it I don't I'm not a huge fan of how the screen.

Is kind of pushed back and there's this giant platform in front? Of it it makes it kind of difficult to see it you don't know if you're seeing the whole thing it's a little bit annoying?

At times again not a huge deal the rest of it though is pretty good I really like it I like the I like the design.

I like the center console the center console is actually laid out really really well you have the nice: Mouse pad thing which I'll show you on the screen right now it's actually.

Car review

Really cool it's really intuitive the way that it works makes things a little!

Bit easier we have our drive mode selector in the middle: We have eco mode which again is going to make. It more economical for you normal mode if you push it right down kind of everyday.

Driving sport mode when you want to have a bit more fun and then when you want to really rip this thing Sport Plus mode: Is the way you go one of the coolest things about this car is actually the instrument cluster right in the middle!

It's a center tach kind of like the way that the Lexus LFA was and once I pull. It out of normal mode and into sport mode it changes to these white dolls just like the LFA which is really.

Cool now sport mode is form plus you can notice a huge difference it's a little bit more responsive! When you're in Sport Plus which is nice to have in normal mode it's like every: Other car super easy to drive it's a Lexus at the end.

Of the day it's going to be comfortable easy to drive and then because it's the F Sport it's gonna be fun when. You want it to be and I love you know the way that this in taking this! Exhaust come together to make this v6 sound really really good.

2014 lexus is350 review

It's it's loud it is really loud but it sounds like a v8 it sounds. Like it's weird but I mean only Remington you know 6600 rpm it's not a very high redline.

For this car we don't really need it to be it means that you can. Have more fun because you have a smaller.

Power band to work with now we're gonna find out how this car handles and I can already tell. You that this the suspension is stiffer than a lot of other cars that I've driven which I've really surprised. About driving this car again it's not you know?

Bone-shattering stiff but at the same time it is stiff enough. That you can have a bit more fun so we're going to come up on some corners here kotl response is fantastic turnin feels good little: Bit of body roll do you expect that.

From a bigger sedan and it sounds like a bunch of the other cars that I've driven where it has a bunch of power right out of the corner it's!

Enough and it's enough to have fun but it's enough to have? Fun without getting into much trouble because you know with a lot of other cars you get in a lot of trouble. Because they have way too much power but in this car it's just enough to have fun and not be arrested or get.

Scared or anything like that nobody wants that it's not fun after having been driving this thing for about. An hour now I can't I can find. A few little interesting little things about.

This car like number one the coolest thing I think I may have ever seen fitted to a climate control. System on the car is this touch thing I don't know how to explain it so it's a little. Piece of silver that is touch sensitive and you kind of scroll.

Your finger up and down it to change! The temperature of the climate which is really cool I kind of like that it's it's really interesting it's very unique kind of elegant.

Too and it works really well a couple other things this car does have a rear sunshade. Which is nice you know if it's too sunny in the back that definitely.

Helps out a ton I've lots of storage space too I mean I've got pretty good sports.

Storage space in there got some decent sized door pockets as well and like I said the truck space is pretty big. Now in terms of safety features on this car it's actually.

Pretty jammed pack it has you know radar sisters the cruise control it has blind spot monitoring it also has forward collision. Warning and forward collision mitigation which are all really nice features!

To have and something that Infiniti didn't. Really release until the same year but that it didn't other things that:

This car has - it has a navigation system which works really really. Well like I said I love this. Mouse layout everything is just super easy to use you got your climate.

And have info stuff like that really easy to set up bluetooth. Phones easy and super easy to set up it's like every other car really quiet you can hear pretty much anything on the road it's! Really well insulated in here like there's.

Quite a big difference between having the window down and just driving. The car and Lexus has been known for that having.

Incredible insulation on their cars and making it feel right at home it's making feeling right at home it's super super! Comfortable these seats are so soft like unbelievably soft they they're just they feel great they hold you in actually.

Really well they're not adjustable on the bolsters and stuff that's okay. Because they do a perfect job as is like I said all the materials feel you feel really good it's actually just a really comfortable place! To sit I hope you guys enjoyed today's video if you did make sure to smash that like button:

Don't forget to hit that subscribe button as well planning a bunch of new content. Coming really soon so yeah stay up to date hit that on finish belt see you next time:

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