JDM Toyota Altezza Review — 8,000RPM Fun Haver

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We test drive a JDM Toyota Altezza RS200 the equivalent of a Lexus IS300 but with a Beams 2.0L 207hp 8,000 RPM 4 cylinder. Favorite Tools:.

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Welcome back to another track test video here at Toronto Motorsports Park where today I'm test driving? This right hand drive toyota Altezza rs200 is our buddy Mike everyone who has been known to work occasionally at envy? Auto yep and he works right up the road he'll right up the road he'll.

Hear it he works right up the road at Red Hill Toyota now I did your attack there yep joining us apprentice. I apologize he'll be a full teksu n-- and he has some really cool cars as a matter of fact you've. Got a badass Evo Time Attack car yeah I have an Evo 7gs are from Japan right hand drive I got used for Time.

Lexus is300

Attack he's got a thing for right hand drive a car barreling cuz this thing is a very sweet right hand drive Altezza rs200 with. A beams motor everybody at beams I love myself a beam so we couldn't couldn't.

Help ourselves but go for a rip in it this is your like daily driver:


Or use it for work and whatever I just I have a keys a little time like. Fun at the track so yeah you just have to be out here.

Without why not go for a rip and it's basically stock right he's? 100% stock it's gone like an upgraded tire a fire ha yep fire 500 right which I've never tried a mission to try it out these Indy.


500 tires because a lot of guys like. Them they're affordable and it quite grippy yeah and they last super long tell us a bit about the. Car that beans motor is rated at 207 horsepower if I if I'm correct I knew own one so I should know and.

Other than that how does it differ from like the is 3 hundreds that? We see here well I know that the 2j and that has like the lower. Compression it's a lot heavy on the front so this actually from the factory has a 50/50 weight distribution?

How fast

Nice so that's really nice especially for going down on the tracks a really high revving engine. And it's a lot of fun to drive and you've changed the steering wheel oh you've got like a deep it actually came with that:

Steering we also has like this fake-looking momo replica wheel a nice security button ok the horn and a really nice really!


Rarity ship now I saw the shift knob people. Is admiring too and it's got this TRD let's get factories kid that you can kept in Japan well I'll be gentle.

To your lip kid and I'll I'll have to remember how to shift with my left hand it's been. A while since I've driven anything right-hand! Drive so I'm excited to go and turn a few laps here for you guys and look at a lap time again I don't.


Expect it's gonna be crazy fast but I think it'll! Be a lot of fun all right everybody I'm looking. Over here for the camera but you're over there cuz I'm on the rock side of the car what's:

Going on this is so weird I have not driven? A right-hand drive car for quite some time I think I might. Have been a reverse there for a minute as a matter of fact I think!

Toyota altezza

The last time I drove right-hand drive was when.

Pete and I were in Japan for the Tokyo Auto Salon? Back in like 2008 I want to say and we went to an HKS day that Yokohama Tire. Invited us to when we got to drive a bunch.


Of really cool cars built by different juni houses? Including HKS so that's over a decade:

Ago everybody so it's gonna take me a minute to figure out the gearbox. And just you know shifting with my left hand and all that but it is a j1 60 gearbox the same six six-speed that.

Beams 3sge

I have attached to my beams in my salika so then again I've only driven! My silikal once so it's not like I'm a j1 60 expert by any means and like we talked?

About with Mike it's basically a stock car so it's not gonna be a rocket. Ship I've tested a stock is 300 around here which of course has.


A 2j it had a 5-speed manual not a 6-speed manual and it had the. LSD rear end which is really really rare here in North America in the is 300 this car of course being the rs200. Kind of like the hot boy version.

Of this car in Japan has the LSD and wow it's so weird to be on the inside of turn one and see the curb there right and: Drive you're messing with my head so I'm gonna take a minute just to familiarize: Myself with the car what it's like?

Video review

To try for the peroxide I don't know what to do. It's so hilarious your brain just gets used to being on that side and shifting with you who your right hand and everything:

And this is gonna be a fun ride but in.

Car review

Any case like I was saying with. That is 300 I tested a basically stock one around. Here and I think I did about a one minute thirty second.

Lap time so I'm curious to see if I can do a little better.


Than that in this I might be pressing my luck to think I can given the fact!

That I'm using the wrong hand to shift and just. Feeling completely out of place on this. Side of the car it's kind of hilarious wow this beans motor feels good though I'm not gonna lie.

Bonsai rides

It feels so different than the that big kind of lazy naturally aspirated 2j motor.

That comes in the is 300 it's like that's a nice motor but it has a very flat power band so it's.


Just like it's torquey and it just feels like. It accelerates at the same at the same rate all the time so it it's. Not that it's not fast it just doesn't doesn't have any zip to it so it maybe feels kind.

Of slower than it is but with this beams being a bit of a river you get more sort of excitement out. Of it it feels more alive maybe you know it just.


It changes the character of the car quite a bit so I'm just trying to familiarize myself with the gauges. These multi set of clusters are really cool I've always been a fan of the way they look the tach is a little.

Small on the left and Mike was telling me you know - they went to a bigger tack that's. In the middle so I think he's gonna change that out in the future.


Which I think it's a great idea because having.

The the little tack down there on the left is a little bit odd I think so future. Tuning from coming from Houdini on the daily driver. And someday we will do a video on his evo 7 because that thing is really.

4 cylinder

Cool alright down a second gear here wow it's so weird. To experience this racetrack that I've done so many laps on in left-hand drive cars it's just so strange to experience. It sitting on the other side of the car it's really!

Weirding me out but I'm starting to get a bit of a feel for it oh yeah. A little drift there a little rear-wheel Pele. Happening we're testing out these Indy 500 Firestone fire Hawks the tire I've never tried before but a lot of guys:


Like because they're inexpensive and yet apparently quite grippy and so far they're hanging!

In there pretty good stock suspension is soft a little bouncy I mean it's a 98 the shocks have seen better. Days I think a little fortune 500 upgrade on this thing wouldn't. Be a bad call Mike maybe that's a future mod for you what do.


You say about it now it's got long gearing.

I'm only using third gear on the front. Straight it's so cool being on the inside of the car on turn one like they geared this thing. For the Autobahn though like 140 K in third year that's so weird alright we'll go down a second here it definitely has understeer.


But let's be honest this is a kind of a luxury sedan what luxury sports sedan I think is probably the fairest. Way to categorize it they just definitely did not design it to be a drift car so I got to remember.

It's on stock suspension it's gonna understeer but look at that we could get a little a little. One wheel peel I guess it should be a two wheel peel but felt like. The diff was kind of open there maybe this car doesn't have an LSD left.

I'd talk to Mike about it Oh beam's II scream enough around here in second gear so aggressive beep Xia love ya make. It such good noises I do want to put an exhaust on you though and I'm Corki a little! Bit come on BMC give me all you got two liters of you 207 horsepower!

3sg goodness she asked get into the top of third gear? There I shouldn't mention Mike upgraded the brake. Pads I think to a hawk hv+ so the pads are taking a beating.

And standing up to it quite well at the back straight here all in third gear it just needs borscht it just needs shorter gearing everyone. I mean really for a 20 year old car though this thing feels really. Tight feels really well-built oh yeah you can do a little lift throttle oversteer.

There Square has a lot of potential all right there you have it everyone a 131 flat and I mean that's.

Faster than some new cars we've tested recently. So for twenty year old car then. It have fast I mean you've done a file break that.

Upgrade that say he's gone regular stop tech one big stack back there it drives really good it took. Me a long time to kind of like figure.

Out the mechanics of sitting on the wrong side and Pete you got to think this for a drive? Afterwards because it's hilarious when you turn in and turn one you see the curb the curves like right there:

It's like blowing by you you like well it changes the whole experience of being on the track. It was really interesting and wow I've never driven a car in my life that needs a higher final drive.

More than this car now absolutely isn't it bizarre like third gear on the straightaways and then second?

Gear under the couple of slow corners and then it's just that's the third:

Gear everyone with a high revving motor like that you think they put really tight gear spacing: Into it but for whatever reason maybe fuel efficiency or some probably they gave it really long gear so you're saying! It's a for one final drive we're one balance right and then the.

Upgraded one is a 4-3 okay seven so like TRD or somebody makes. You later for seven I mean a four seven.

Would just transform this car it would just let that motor: Do what it's meant to do and really sing in the RPM high rpm range. So if this was my car that's what I would!

Do another than that like put some fortunato like five hundreds on here it would. It would take a lot of the Rollie. Pollie de sout of it and it would be perfect so what a great car thanks so much for letting me take.

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