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What's up guys today is a very exciting day but it's not because. I'm going to be lifting something heavy! It's actually for a different reason but before I get to that I want to just say I actually.

Started in the sport of strongman roughly 15 years ago back in 2005 is when I did my first contest and you know back then: People thought I was crazy number one for starting strongman I was told that I would never really do anything.

In the sport I was told that I would.

Brian shaw

Never make any money from the sport that I needed to just treat it as a hobby that I needed to be realistic and: You know that these big goals and dreams that I had in my head well not something that we're gonna materialize!

For me now luckily for me I did not believe any of that and you know. I set out on this strongman journey.

With some some very big goals and some very big dreams and you know at times you know I was kind of the only person.

4x wsm

That could see that and see that? Vision and that was perfectly okay with me and! You know through a lot of hard work and dedication and sacrifice and making very hard choices that not many people would really want to make!

I have been able to open doors through strong men and you know through my life and through.

Business and through a lot of different things and it's been a very very fun ride now what I'll say about myself through. This process is I'm not a super materialistic guy you know I as you guys can tell normally. I'm just very comfortable in a t-shirt and shorts and you know I don't need to have a lot of flashy!

Worlds strongest man

Things or are things to show off or to make me feel better if anything. I would say that I'm probably the most connected to my gym equipment you know just cuz it's a part of my profession part.

Of what I do but this past: Year you know I started kind of thinking hey it might.

Be time for me to get a new truck do something different but I really. Like my truck so if I'm gonna find a new truck and get a new truck I'm gonna need to find something. That I like that I'm very excited.

2020 ford f-150 shelby

About and I actually stumbled on to a new truck. That got me really excited but you know I kind of talked to my wife about it and I was like you know it's just it's. Maybe a little bit too much you know not something that I really need.

But she kind of said you know what I think it's time you kind of treated yourself. And you know did something for yourself that's gonna make you. Really happy and some of that's gonna be really fun and so you know when I got that vote of confidence.

For my wife I was like all right I'm not sure that I fully? Believe that but we're gonna go ahead and do it so long story short I am getting a new truck and I couldn't be more excited we actually: Ordered this truck it's a really special.

Shelby super snake

Truck it's a 2020 f150 Shelby Super Snake now what makes this particular truck so special. Is it's numbered so it's got a number plate in there and this particular truck is actually the number. Two truck that was made number one from what I was told goes to the barrett-jackson auto auction so this.

Number two truck is the first one of the 2020 models that's? Available to the public so I had to order it from Kentucky I've been. Waiting to have it shipped to Colorado it's been.

Quite a process a lot of stuff behind the scenes but this new truck should be here any minute. And I literally cannot wait to see that thing drive up and get unloaded the truck is officially. Here the driver is just pulling up made its way all the way from Kentucky so I know he hit some.

F-150 shelby

Weather coming through which made it a little bit delayed but I'm glad that it's here and first look. I gotta say I'm pretty happy so let's get down there and get this thing.

Unloaded awesome I'm Brian yeah Bradshaw yes that's awesome. Man that's awesome that's pretty crazy so this? Is actually really crazy because I have never seen one of these trucks in person so I did a lot.

Of research online and and of course. Saw a lot of pictures and that type of thing but it's really crazy actually seeing.

2020 ford

It in person obviously with the trip you know in the weather it's a little bit dirty so I think the first trip.

That we need to take us to the car wash but overall honestly I couldn't be happier I mean this is really crazy to think! This pinked it this is my truck now and um you know it's it's surreal.

I mean it's something that obviously I'm super proud of and really happy about and can't wait to enjoy it so let's. Go ahead and hop in for the first.


Time that's not bad not bad at all it's actually cut out pretty good I mean I pretty much make any truck look. Small but it's actually feels like it's got more room than what my RAM had in it you know just just from a center console standpoint: So I'm pretty crazy and this is uh it's got the number badge will show you guys but so this is this is number.

Two so it's got got that right there so it says 2020 the second second one of these. Trucks done so really really cool but I think it is time to get out of here and head to the car wash to get this.

Bad boy cleaned up just got back from the car wash. And I gotta say this thing looks. Absolutely ridiculous even better than when it first pulled up on the delivery truck I am just blown.


Away by how amazing this thing is and you know it kind of got me thinking that when we were over in the.

UK Eddie had his truck all done up and his beasts logo and was really proud of it but this truck.

Looks a lot like a truck that Eddie Hall kind of wishes he had oh I didn't see. You standing there what Wow well I gotta say that is clean and that is one heck of a supercharger I don't know a lot about. Engines but I know that I know that that thing.

Super snake

Will hopefully be a heck of a lot of fun and make this truck super entertaining to drive which is really. The point of getting this thing I mean it's? It's a little bit over the top but you know being my first actually first brand-new truck.

I've I've always bought kind of new used trucks and and never really gone for a brand new truck. So this is a heck of a way to make that introduction to buying a brand new truck.

But I got to say this is this is super impressive I'm you know not gonna sit here. And claim that I know everything about engines or or anything but I know that this looks. Amazing and I cannot wait to break.


This thing in and and see you know what it'll do but have fun driving it let's take a look!

At the interior here now this thing is completely customized by Shelby so it's of course.

Scott you know that the and the seeds. And it's you know kind of got the custom emblems which that's actually really really cool it's the Shelby. F-150 770 horsepower basically everything is is redone on this truck!


To look better to just be customized by Shelby so really from top to bottom I mean everything is is done. Up kind of kind of over the top which you would expect especially with. This truck and I gotta say you know hopping in here for me it's actually pretty hard to find a truck that's fairly.

Comfortable for me to drive a lot of the center consoles and and that type of thing.

Nowadays get so built up that it's really hard for me to get in a comfortable position.

Doug demuro

To drive but you know just initially driving this thing it's really more comfortable than than the RAM that I've had which. Is exciting and and great actually I was a little bit worried you. Know with it being so customized by Shelby that you know might not be comfortable?

It might not be that great to drive and of course ordering. It and having it delivered that would have been a very big problem if I would have got in here. And not fit in it you know if it wasn't comfortable but it is really.

Comfortable and I gotta say I mean I'm really blown away by it by how great this thing looks. And how awesome it really is you know it's something that's that's really special. And like I said earlier in the video you know this is just one of those things where you know I think somewhere in the back of.

1000 horse power

My head when I was first starting this journey into the sport of strongmen and you know really.

Into my life you know I kind of envisioned things! Like this coming someday but you know I I'm like I said I made all those. Hard choices for all those years and you know it really!

Now is is you know coming to life and its really surreal you know so what I would say to you know anybody out there that's. Got a dream or you know something that maybe your friends. Think is a little bit crazy or you know people around you don't maybe believe in that doesn't mean.

You can't do it and that does not mean that you! Make it happen it may take a heck of a lot of. Hard work and it may take you know I mean.

For me we're going on what 15 15 plus years in the sport of strongman. To kind of build up to where I'm at now but it can be done and so you know it's something with with enough!

Dedication enough sacrifice enough hard work good things can really happen.

And you know I'm really glad to be able to you know.

Bring you guys along show you this this part of my life and you know hopefully you enjoy it and you know I gotta: Say I definitely appreciate the support guys and you know we're gonna we're? Going to keep rockin 2020s off to a great start and a lot of good things:

Are coming this year so hopefully all of your years are off to. A good start and for now go out to be great and we'll check you guys later?

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