HQBKING Q1 Magnetic Dash Cam Unboxing & Review

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In this short video I unbox a dash cam by HQBKING and show some sample footage.

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Hi there and thanks for joining me on this unboxing and review of the hqb Kang dashcam so what just looking. At the outer box art at this moment I'm but the hqb kang dashcam.

That's a 1080p saw fill HD camera for your car it's Wi-Fi enabled you can use a mobile app to view. And download the recordings from the camera and it's magnetic as well so it uses a magnetic mount.

So the first thing we're going to look at in the box as the the moment itself so that's: Part here stacks onto the windscreen of your car and then a camera connects onto the the part. With the Pens using a magnetic connection the sticky.

Part I'm checking here is just to show that it doesn't have a white sticky pad or not some cheaper cameras do have a white. Pad which doesn't look so create the other. Side of your window and then we take a look at the camera.

Itself so the camera is roughly the size of a golf ball maybe a lot bigger and so yes a full HD camera and it has. A Sony lens that has a button.


That you can use to meet to make there's some buttons in the bottom to use the menus on the screen which? You can see here and those are upside! Down and I got a digital display on the back of the camera where you can view the footage.

Wife and control the menus and then this connection of this flap here's a lot of a staff? Button that flap we have the many USB connection to the laptop or your PC and to the micro: SD card slot so beyond - does not come with a micro SD card.

You have to pray that yourself so that magnetically. Just stacks onto the moment itself to the mount goes onto your windscreen and then the camera just x1 like that because of the magnetic.

You can move it around and the angle can be adjusted.

As well which we don't look at in this clip here but you can adjust.


The angle as well so that account us for different I guess. Angles off of when skin on your car so on the rest of the box we have the assisted car charger.

So this plugs and a second power socket in the car has a generous long cable. So that they can run through your head leaning or down you're a pillows this is a shorter. Many USB cable for connecting to the laptop we also have a spear adhesive pad so that if I change!

Into a different car I never have the user manual as well and that's also the user manual I would say this! Feel good I was able to understand the functions of the camera using. The user manual my only complaint was that it didn't give a lot of information!

With regards to the mobile app or the actual recordings itself so we're going to take a look at some of the footage. From the camera I know and I'll try not to talk too much through these so one thing.

I just wanted to call out is that there's quite a lot of reflection. From the dashboard of my car on the screen which you can see here. And as we'll see one of the leader clips some things that can cause.


A little bit of a problem and it does handle the view of things like registration. Place so we'll take a look at that shortly so overall I think the quality here is pretty:

Good the DES car that I am driving is fairly has feel estar suspension and I found that regardless? Of the road condition it doesn't impact the clarity of things like registration plates or road signs as some people.

Are still quite distinguishable as well so I thought from that perspective. It was pretty good and here we're joining the motorway and again this footage is captures that things remain clear even?

When there are a lot of smaller micro. Vibrations as a car picks up speed on a motorway we do have some other motorway footage a later.

One we can see as well it's overall. I think that the camera is pretty soared:


And stable and the the car at all times during the bottom right hand corner you can see some information so you can set the date.

And time which I did this morning and you can't provide a registration of your. Car as well so I didn't do that you can see what is done is put 7 a letter ease and. There so if you don't provide one that's what it's going to display and those details down in the bottom right hand.

Corner you can turn them off if he doesn't want them displaying when you're recording you can turn them off so the recordings themself are based upon: Individual Clips so you can set you know take the clip regeneration the maximum length is 5 minutes. And I sense what that means is that the camera will record a five-minute.

Video fail and then the end of the 5 minutes:

Will start to record another one at the end of the video would take a look at our sample as to what those recordings. Look linked with on the SD card so this was the worst.


One here and you can see that the angle of the Sun I was hitting my car and the reflection. From the dashboard is actually making it very.

Difficult to see some of the special at the current front the details. Of the car in front so that's just one thing to be in mind this was a wast I was able to get it? So that's why I have included s clap at this moment.

Time was the worst example that I could find and even with the worst example. When you get close enough and you look at the video and full-size and pausing you can still make out the registration number so that.

And everything you don't need to recording you can get that yes again here just shows how the reflection in dashboard can come and: Go so go under the pledge on the left-hand side here you'll see that the you know. The reflection is the earth skating was but it's a gondola package.

The reflection doesn't become an issue at all it comes back and goes again. I don't have any footage of me driving and the dark at this moment I'm I can't capture that.

As a separate recording I'm a lot broader in G of course but I'd assume that the reflections don't become. So much of an issue and evening. So again the camera can be angled I found it when I put it into the car initially:

It was pointing too much to this. Guy but I quickly realized that you can adjust the angle of the camera.

And you also have the flexibility of adjusting manually the exposure of the camera as well so if it's over. Exposing or under exposing and you can't see an information you can adjust that so this. Is what it looks like on fail Explorer and then.

The next couple of patches here not just showing Estelle's of the video where you can see registration plates can be clearly seen.

So you may have to go through. The screen to see those I hope that gives you a good.

Idea to the capability of the camera if you have any questions please let: Me know?

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