How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 SHG-M919 on android 4.3 fast and 100% safe.

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Here is a quick and easy way to Root you Samsung Galaxy S4 sgh-M919. Run Odin as administrator. Click on PDA and browse to the extracted folder and select root file (CF-Auto-Root-jfltetmo-). Top left hand should light up yellow now hit start and in a few seconds you are done. Use this at your own risk i will not be held accountable for any damages to your Phone, thank you.

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Hey YouTube this is your voice' and today I'm going to show you how to root the. Galaxy s4 m9 19 and I'm going to show you a very easy and safe way to root your phone as you know many.

Of the unlock studies these phones require root: Access open user access so let's just verify this model we've? Got about as you can see it's model is SG h m9 19 right there my hope you can:


See that and it's on and on Android 4.3 so we have here a Samsung.

Galaxy s4 m9 19 running on Android 4.3 it's from t-mobile so I'm going to show you how to root your Galaxy! S4 easy it's a very popular route routing procedure and I'm just here to verify that it works to me and it's not my I did not. Create this software I basically downloaded it from another.

Unlock samsung

Website so I'm just here to show you that it works to me and how easy it is to do so first after you've downloaded the RAR. File you extract it and you can look in the description i'll leave.

A link there to you as you can see and we can get this clearly so we open. This you have autoroute we open orden are ordered and we select. PDA and you browse to wherever you saved your your favorite folder and you select the route 5 CFR to route.

Galaxy s4

And that is in PD 8 now after you after you've done this you will not have to put your! Device in to download mode so we need to you need to turn it off force strength device off see hold volume down the home button:

And the power button good you will see the big warning sign and continue into download mode you'll? Select volume up but then you'll have this big Android this big android.


Logo here on the screen now you can plug we are you tickle USB cable. And connect your device to the computer after after. You did tripped on this you will see you will see here come seven or whatever number you might have!

But it will be yellow here and it means.

Then that you're ready to go so after after you've. Done this you can hit start is a very fast process i i've already routed this device but i'll still. Run it again just for you to see.

How it works let me undo this camera so here we go we will hit start here.

Good it starts as you can see it's working its loading and pass it will turn it will. Say show blue and then it will go to green. And to say pass as you can.

See so your phone will be doing something like this now and it will restart by itself. Automatically when that is when that finish restarting means then you're good to go and your route is complete safe and now you can proceed.

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