How To Remove Radiator on T1N Mercedes Sprinter ZIMALETA How To Show

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So anyways guys removing the radiator first! Things first you need to drain it so the drain plug is located. And unfortunately it'll right over here at the back it is like right there well to put the portion that you got a twist and then that's what's going.


To leak out of it's a little stupid. Place it because you just got to make a whole big mess so you know so let's go ahead. And try to flip it out of there there you go starts leaking so there we go guys it is leaking out of there.

While it's leaking out I don't want to waste any time so I'm gonna go ahead and start removing? Some of the hoses and stuff yeah I guess that's a little bit too early for that hose so guys while: Everything's draining you guys are having uh undo this one here so much transmission.

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Lines some cool it's going to come out of there will not pull it but fluid. Like them do that one and you wanna go ahead and do one at the bottom so guys everything's. Removed it's barely dripping I'm going to remove the lust holes so here's the radiator guys it is completely out this is the way it comes.

Out right with the shroud here's the piece that you got a drain that's the drain plug right? There and that's where it drains from right at the bottom I know it's really hard to see but you could? Really use kind of like a thick screwdriver or even some pliers to get this thing loose obviously.

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It sits like this in your vehicle. So once you actually remove everything else?

This is actually quite easy to remove it sort of just inserts into the rubber. Things over there and that said guys it's real simple. Um I hope you liked this video and all of my others I am doing them in parts obviously because there's a it's.

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A lot to cover a lot of different stuff so yeah one last thing this is what I was talking about. Guys this seam right along here I wasn't? Talking about in this video but in some other ones that's.

Where my radiator is leaking right now from after a while you know they you know just: They're just old and they just kind of start leaking from there so unfortunately this one it seems pretty clean back there so obviously it's not leaking I'm.

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Not gonna take any chances what I'm gonna try to do is I'm gonna take some? Jb weld and I'm going to mix it together? I'm just gonna go around it to try to you know cover it up before I dude I'm gonna.

Try to clean it out put some up brake cleaner you? Know and I'm gonna get it just go around it cover it up and. You know to keep it from leaking?

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On me again I don't want I don't want it to leak from there?

Cuz as you can see it's a lot of stuff to remove just to. Get a radiator out you know so yeah pretty ridiculous ain't it but anyways guys thank you so much for watching it and thanking yourself? God bless bye bye fuel rail next and Hyper's and uh and the fuel injectors those I believe I could put them.

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Together in a video if I can't yeah sorry but anyways guys if you like this video and you want to see more videos.

Like this please how to like put in the comments? Below what would you like to see for me to cover because there's.

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A lot of stuff I haven't covered for the Sprinter and and there's a lot of stuff still to find out even though I have plenty of videos. On my channel so anyways guys it's always nice seeing you guys in a comment section. I have really enjoyed answering all your questions and I'll.

See you in the comments section guys see you later take care.

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