HOW to make a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Ace And

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First I will say sorry for my bad English :C. But I hope I can help you and if you have some Questions to Samsung Galaxy Ace than ask me please.

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Hi guys my first video on youtube:


Today / show you how to make a screenshot roof to samsung. Galaxy SIV to android / c two point three point six.

And first they say sorry for my bad english cursed i'm from germany yeah but i will do my best. You see this the samsung galaxy ace in a version three. Point two point three point three you can make screenshot with this year first two three buttons.


But don't work then we have to make like iphone or ipod screenshot and we have to press the home button. And power puppy at the same time and you here next screen shots and today you can go in the gallery yeah I don't find: It but okay anger and screenshots and Daris picture.

And is a hope it can help you and see you later!

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