How Fast is The Lexus IS 200t?

How Fast is The Lexus IS 200t?

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Looks are deceiving, fast looks doesn’t always means it’s fast and vise versa. I did a couple of runs in the car to see how fast it could do 0-60 and the results were pretty shocking. Follow me on social media. !!!Share and Subscribe!!!

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All right guys so lately I've been asking myself: Since you know I've been doing this little racing. As you can call it with friends I've had the question.

To that I've been asking myself how fast is the car actually Lexus claims is a 6.9 second. Car zero to 60 but you know I want to give it my own test runs. You know I do not have a specific.

Special equipment to test the zero to 60 time so I will be timing. It with my phone you know on the timer. So I want to see if it's actually six 6.9 seconds.

You know let's say seven seconds zero to sixty or slower or faster you know. That's that's something I want to find out on my own so we're I brought the car out here where and you know there's no cars?

Pass by it's a closed closed Road and I will be giving.

It a few runs I will be doing a normal. Mode eco mode and sport mode you. Know see if I can if it actually.

Makes a difference you know if the car actually performs differently!

And on this on different modes or if is you know just to waste the time so let's give it a couple: Of runs are gonna do two two runs on each mode traction. Off and on I'm gonna try to get the best time okay I want to actually.

See how fast the car is or or how slow it is you can say you know it's it's a four-cylinder? Turbo it's not high in a high horsepower or torque but you know.

It's just this is the car alright. It's it's a car that I like that I bought for the looks not for the performance. So yeah let's get on with the video before I start want to show you guys what I did you know during the time earlier?

I I finally finally painted the little chrome piece around the car you know I was I was tired of it I hated chrome you know as you. Can see the grill I painted that black as well up but that was earlier? You could check the video out of them on the playlists you know pretty much there is no chrome left on!

The our except for the little chrome strip that's inside the headlight but you know with. The tint that is differently I got rid of the but not rid of it but I put a sticker over the Lexus logo not because I was.

Trying to get rid of the chrome! I just wanted my logo in the front alright guys so this is gonna be the first take it's on normal. Mode traction control is on so you know we're gonna see how it goes I'm just gonna.

Remove my feet off the pet or the brake and you know floor. It and you know we're gonna see how he goes see how fast it actually is on the count of three two.

One and that's actually worst worse than Alexis had actually said it's 8.6 like I said you know they have different equipment!

For the videos I mean for the for their testing so do I you know this is not a straight straight road you know it does have some. Up and down so we're gonna give it another. Run and we're gonna see if we can get a better better time than that Oishi week is that's.

Pretty pretty sad so this time I'm gonna try to launch it see if that actually. Helps a bit or if it or if it doesn't traction control is still gonna. Be on and this is on normal mode we'll.

See three - whoa whoa whoa okay we're gonna start that over three - three two one go 7.5 that's hot that's that's a bit better I still! Still more than you know what they actually said it six point nine so we're gonna give it another try we're. Gonna try a different mode we're going to try sport mode.

See if we can get the the time shorter 3 2 1 8.65 that. Was actually worst that's actually worse than doing it on normal.

Mode but yeah I don't know for some reason it felt like it reacted slower than in normal. Mode so this time we're gonna try to launch it see how it goes. Three two one 7.92 so it it is faster on normal mode.

They don't sport mode for some reason I you know I actually thought it would be the opposite. But we're gonna give it another try maybe you know we can get different result seeing that it's faster on normal. Mode than actually on sport mode it kind of makes me wonder?

If on eco which I don't think so but you know we're gonna give it a try. See if it if it actually is different I have not taken traction control. Off of any of these tries so we're going to see I am going to try to launch it three two one 7.33 that's.

So far the best I've gotten of this car we're. Gonna give it another try cuz I know I feel like I can do better you can actually. Get to seven flat but like you know another thing another factor on that is my timing on stopping the clock.

And starting it so you know like I said I don't have the special equipment for that so I'm doing my best three. Two one 7.25 honestly I think it is on seven flat it might just be my timing you know we stop in the door!

But the timer in three two one okay this is definitely going to be the slowest.

8.6 4 so that's about average as on the first times in normal mode. Actually but it did it did react.

Way slower than on the other tries so I don't know maybe maybe we'll. Get a better one 3 2 1 7.73.

All right so just for the heck of it I'm. Gonna do one last try I'm gonna.

Have it on on sport mode traction control off and I'm gonna try to launch it see if we get actually inner results or if it's gonna. Be a constant seven which i think alexis is righty this is seven. Second zero to sixty car which you know it's not that fast in my opinion you know you know there's cars that.

Outperform it I believe the Audi a4 does but you know! That being said it is all wheel drive so you know there's different variants.

On that but I think this car is a series of 16 in seven seconds but like I said I won't give you one? Last try on sport mode I don't have traction control off see if we get any results whatsoever. So this is the road guys it is straight but if you can see all the way over there you know.

It's actually you know it's a little steep over there so the car does possibly. Loose loose at some time there some speed but you know that I don't think that's a big factor all right. So not traction control this off and you know it's on sport mode we're gonna launch.

It this if this does not get me below seven then you know this car is definitely. A seven second car zero to sixty I think this should get me a little bit less you know get me deserved 60 being less time. Then on the previous runs a seesaw.

You know which I'm not sure if that helps a lot or at all but yeah we're.

Gonna give it a try and we'll see if actually what you do get a better timing three one 7.65. I mean seven point six nine we leave. It one last run and if you know this is gonna be it there's no way I could prove you know doing.

It my way that this car is a it's less than a seven second zero to sixty so we're gonna! Give it one last run I'd I felt like you know:

There was a lot of there was some turbo lag in the car three two one 7.17 so there you go guys thanks.

For watching you know this I'm actually. Pretty disappointed I thought this car you know would? Be on the six second zero to sixty.

But like I said it's not a high-performance car you know I got what a one and I got the. Fun out of it it was actually fun trying to get it you know to a lower seconds but like I said!

It was impossible and you know I had to add some fun doing this little runs you. Know got the hang of it kind of learned a bit how to launch! It and what and you know how much I can launch it even though I launched.

It on 2,000 rpms basically the whole time but besides that if I if I try to rev it up a little more the the computer. Will shut it down we cut the power off and you know it was just. It's just how the car is is how the car is tuned but thank you guys for watching please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it.

Let's try to get 10 likes on in we are three currently as I'm making this video. I am three subscribers away from 400 please share the video you know show your friends so let's get this the channel.

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