Here Are The Top 10 New Truck Debuts Coming in 2021 That We Can’t Wait To See!

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These are the top 10 new truck debuts we can't wait to see.

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Howdy folks and welcome to 2020 it's going to be an awesome awesome year the reason why. Because we got a lot of trucks coming your way and in this particular.

Video we're gonna be talking about the top 10 trucks? That are coming in 2020 and when we're expecting them let's waste no time let's get right to it with number 10 on this? List one that a lot of you are not only excited.

About but a little tired about waiting for and that is this vehicle right here and it is. The Ford Bronco ha finally we are expecting to see it according. To Ford in the spring of 2020.


And it will be taking on the Jeep Wrangler directly this is the first Bronco in over 20 years now this vehicle. Has been somewhat revealed in the deserts of Nevada and also racing in the Baja however it wasn't exactly! What I would call an auspicious start because unfortunately it didn't finish?

The race however it still was a really good hint as to what we are getting?

Because this was a serious off-road vehicle it looked pretty: Good at least at the start let's move on number 9 on the list is the Hyundai Santa.


Cruz now this is a vehicle that's supposed to be produced sometime. This year production has been confirmed by Hyundai it was first revealed way back in 2015 at the: Detroit Auto Show and we were one of the first ones to break that story.

It was really cool because when they had it under the sheet they actually.

Had some PVC pipe in there and it looked like an SUV everybody! Was expecting it to be you know something. Else like a Santa Fe the Santa Cruz will be built in Alabama alongside the Santa:

2020 trucks

Fe crossover and because of this we're sort of thinking that that rumor about it having. A frame doesn't really hold a lot of water because if it's being.

Built on the same production line as a Santa Fe well. That's a crossover and Hyundai called this a crossover.

It makes sense that it may not have a frame and by the way when this concept:

Pickup truck

Came out it didn't have a frame either it's a unibody vehicles! So that's what we're expecting to see and we are expecting it to come out in 2020 the next vehicle on this well it's the Jeep gladiator with. The Ecodiesel now here's the thing about it we're expecting it in early 2020 the Wrangler gets much.

Better fuel mileage with the eco diesel we recently tested one on our loop so it was real-world. Testing and we were really surprised by the result of that mpg loop and you.

Will be seeing that video very soon the thing is is that the gladiator needed more torque it desperately.

New pickup truck

Needed it so more torque better fuel mileage I don't know if it'll be able to tow more interestingly? The regular Jeep Wrangler and not tow more even with this diesel: Engine which puts out a lot more torque so I don't know if the gladiator.

Will be able to tow more or not but at the very least it'll get much better fuel mileage and it'll have. A lot more torque good stuff next! On our list is the Cadillac Escalade that's right by the skull aid we are.

Expecting to see this on February 4th it's a new design it'll most likely!


Keep the v8 engine and one of the key features of this vehicle is the 38 inch.

Display shown in the teaser that GM sent out a little while ago that 38 inch display basically: Goes from the driver all the way to the passenger is the entire! Lower section of the dashboard where all the components would go normally.

With gauges and buttons and screens and everything on one screen it's gonna. Be interesting not only that but this is a vehicle that we know will have an independent. Rear suspension pretty much an all-new platform that completely revised.

New 2020 chevrolet trucks

If not brand new interior and a lot of other goodies there may be some. Surprises as well General Motors and joy is kind of throwing a surprise or two out apparently so this is a big vehicle for them: So we'll see what happens with it let's move on to the next one which is its cousin the GMC Yukon now we're expecting.

That vehicle January 14 so very very soon like the suburban and the Tahoe it'll have styling updates inside and out. We are expecting to see the 3 liter Duramax diesel as an option just like on the suburban. And Tahoe that means better range and better fuel mileage and pretty good torque so something to think about it could be a vehicle.

That has over a 400 even 500 mile range on a tank of fuel that would be really. Cool for something so big alright let's move on the next vehicle come on we had to cover an electric line at least one of them right and?

Work truck

It's the rivey n' r1t now the launch is scheduled in late 2020 that's all the information they've so far been able to give us however. It may be the first of all the electric trucks that are supposed to hit the market? Now bear in mind there are a dozen electric trucks that we know of that are supposed to hit the world market and out of that dozen!

At least 10 hitting our market here in the United States. Within the next few years not all of those vehicles will actually happen because some of them are vaporware but riffian. Looks like it's the real deal and they've!

Had a lot of money invested so we should.

New cars 2020

Be seeing this vehicle in late 2020 bear. In mind it was revealed at the 2018 LA Auto Show and it looks like at least with the ones that we've. Been seeing the test mules they look very similar:

To the one that was revealed at the show so I don't expect to see too many differences styling wise alright. Let's move on oh yeah this is one of the ones. You guys have been waiting for the RAM rebel TRX basically for those.

Of you who don't know if you've.

New trucks

Been living under a rock the TRX is think of it as a ram Rebel 1500 with a Hellcat: Engine and major updated suspension the entire purpose of this truck is to bring the fight to the Ford Raptor and that's exactly what this vehicle. Should be able to do it will be the supercharged v8 we are expecting it to have at least the 8-speed automatic.

Transmission some revised version of it so it can handle all that Tork SuperDuper: Off-road suspension as you can see in this.

Test mule it's a little bit higher than the regular. Ram rebel and it most certainly looks ominous and it sounds like a million bucks now we don't have an official: Date confirmed on the reveal of this truck they're keeping it under wraps but Ram is not has been known to reveal.

2020 new cars

Their trucks at the Chicago Auto Show and if that's the case it would happen!

This February in Chicago that's if they decide to do it there we'll.

See what happens the next vehicle on this list is one that a lot of you guys asked us about during live!

Best trucks

Shows and actually just about during Eddie I get a text sent to me a tweet sent to me personal emails from people I don't even know! Everybody's asking about the Nissan Frontier so the next frontier god I hate saying it that way but the next.

Nissan Frontier is due out soon now this is official based on what Nissan says they are building: A new Nissan Frontier however they have! Not confirmed any dates yet once again the Chicago Auto.

Show looks like it could very well be the place for it and if that's the case this show is going to explode.

That's some big stuff so we've had the same model since 2004 some of the people who are actually watching this video are younger than. The original 2004 nissan frontier but it still sells pretty decently Nissan makes a lot of money for every truck they sell. Because these stamp Ian's are so old they've more than paid for themselves and it's a solid truck.

As it stands so what are they gonna do to replace it I'm here in a million rumors some of you guys have as well everything!

From diesels which may may not happen to turbocharged four-cylinder engines to upgraded suspensions in some cases they're. Basically talking about taking the Nissan Navara from overseas and slapping. On a couple components on to the current.

Frame that they have here and boom having that and then the other rumor is that they're going to take the nice tighten. Frame cut it down a little bit and boom set up the next Nissan Frontier on that frame all of these. How not exactly what I'd call substantiated but a lot of them do come.

From Nissan insiders so there's a lot to look forward to and we'll? Find out about that in the very near future all righty guys how about this one here the Ford.

F-150 now we've known for a while that florida's working really hard on replacing. The Ford f-150 every few years Ford's been diligent about updating it and changing some of the exterior!

Styling in some cases a lot of the exterior styling engine choices transmission choices hopefully. This next one will even update the interior which is something they desperately! Need to do the 2021 model should debut in 2020 but there is no official word this is one of the ones we're.

Really guessing on because Ford has been really weird about:

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