2020 Ford F-150 Raptor: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

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👋 Checking out a 2020 Ford Raptor! In todays video we test drive the brand new 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor. The EcoBoost V6 packs a punch and has a great sounding exhaust. The new Raptor has a sleek interior with nice leather along the seats, a ton of technology and a great overall look. The exterior of the 2020 Raptor is bold and aggressive. Hands down the best looking truck out there. Super wide appearance and a tough looking stance. The off road capabilities of the 2020 Raptor out perform everything else, and this is truly a beast to drive. The all new Ford Performance Blue looks great as well on the 2020 Raptor. Definitely the truck to buy if you want the best pickup truck out there. Check out Mooresville for your next brand new Ford. 👋 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review🏎. 🗣 TALK TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 👋About this channel: What's Up Everybody. And Welcome To, Bros FOURR Speed. We are two brothers, Mike and Brian, and we love cars and anything automotive related. Currently own a Nissan GTR, Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Supra. We started this channel filming in the backyard just doing fun things like riding dirt bikes and skateboarding. We never knew that filming at such an early age would eventually lead us to a successful channel and the amazing opportunity we have to drive very cool cars and film anything automotive related. We enjoy working on our own cars and showing the DIY process and how you can save money doing these installations. Feel free to smash that subscribe button along with the notification bell to stay up to date on our daily uploads and what we have going on. We bring you unbiased reviews and vlogs involving sweet cars, motorcycles and anything with wheels and an engine. 🎉 THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT. Want us to promote your product? Email for rates and availability 🤝. Music By: Joakim Karud.

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What's up everyone and welcome back to the channel today. I've made my way down to Mooresville Ford we're gonna take. A look at the 2020 Ford f-150 Raptor huge shout out to them for providing this truck for me today definitely!

Check out their web site that will be in the description below this one is finished off in Ford Performance blue it has an MSRP just?

Over 73,000 dollars also don't forget for the month of February we are doing a GoPro giveaway more details will be later in this video: Under the hood of the Raptor this is powered by the high output EcoBoost three-and-a-half liter v6 it's only paired. To a 10 speed automatic transmission you can?

Shift using the steering wheel mounted paddle shifters as well it'll produce 450 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and 510 pound-feet! Of torque at 3500 rpm it is rear-wheel drive with the optional four-wheel drive engagement it weighs right around fifty-seven hundred pounds and it will do 0 to 60. In just over 5 seconds it has a top speed of 170 miles an hour and with a fuel capacity.

Of 36 gallons you can expect to see 15 miles per gallon in the city and 18 out on the highway? This has a wheelbase of 146 inches its overall length. Is 231 point 9 its height is 78 and 1/2 and it has ground clearance.

At 11 and a half inches this truck also has an approach angle of thirty point!


Two degrees it's breakover angle is 23 degrees and it's departure angle is twenty-one. Point eight degrees signing up front on the raptor we're going to take a look at the grill this is what separates!

It from a regular f-150 you can see Ford: Spelled out it gives it a really. Aggressive design I also like the fact too that all the cutouts in the grille not only are they functional.

To provide more cooling to the engine they're also nicely integrated. Into all the letters so you can see them around the F on the center of the O and the D and then even. In the middle of the arc right below that we have a forward facing camera to help with extra visibility.

Along with some more cutouts down below? And I really like the trim that runs. Around the entire grille it just has a really nice finish.

To it as we make our way to the side here this has quad beam LED headlights this also has.

LED daytime running lights and turn signals as well the DRLs and the turn signals run the entire! Outer side of the housing and it has a really cool design along with these! Cutouts down below so you can see a little bit of the tire if we have two tow hooks.

2020 ford raptor

Along with a skid plate up underneath.

And you can see there's more mesh in the lower section again to help provide better cooling and then.

A nice trim piece and it'll at the top of the grill you'll see there are three amber lights just giving. It a really cool design and then as we make our way up to the hood you'll see there's really clean lines running? Down both sides along with functional vents in the center.

Of the hood moving to the side of the Raptor we'll start off with these 17-inch:

Wheels they have a really nice finish to them along with a six double spoke design? They do have functional bead locks and they're wrapped in AVF good wrench all-terrain tire they measure about 35 inches behind now we'll take a look at.

These functional vents on the upper quarter panel it just gives it a really cool look side mirrors our body-colored their power folding feature. The integrated turn signal and you'll see there's a camera nicely integrated underneath.

2020 ford f-150

Each one as part of the 360 camera. System down below this has steel running boards you can see Raptor in the back section of it just:

Giving it a really cool look up top this does have a full panoramic. Sunroof you can see the door handles our body color as well and then there's really.

Great lines that run the length of this vehicle the fender arches.

Also have a really nice bulge to them as well so you can see the bodywork coming out away from the tire here just.

Giving it a cool look there's a nice line that runs on the top of the door handles and then down. Below you can see there's even more lines just. Giving it a really aggressive look also what sets.

The Raptor apart from the regular f-150 is its suspension all around this has a Fox suspension it features high output live valve.

Performance blue raptor

Monotube shocks with internal bypass travel and the suspension can adapt to any of the terrain.

That you're driving this truck on so it's a really well equipped. Suspension for this truck and finishing off in the rear you can see Ford spelled out across the tailgate just like up front so it's nice how its.

Integrated into the back here f-150 is on one side with Raptor on the other has a nice trim piece that separates it from the blue this has. Your normal backup camera with all the parking sensors down in the lower section of the bumper this also. Has LED tail lights you can see there is a tow hook on each side along with the dual exhaust and this can?

Tow up to 8,000 pounds that's gonna. Wrap it up for the exterior walk-around on the 2020 Ford Raptor definitely an awesome truck I love.

It in blue there are so many cool features on the exterior before we go ahead and hop into the inside. I'm just going to go ahead and lock the vehicle and then double tap on this? Button just underneath it it has remote start.

So that is an awesome feature to have specially in cold weather like it is today! And then you can just double tap on that to shut off the vehicle but when it's still locked! And the key in my pocket I'm just going to walk up place my hand on the door handle and.

Ford raptor

It will automatically unlock moving inside now we're gonna. Start off with the door panel this has really nice leather and silver stitching on the armrest a nice:

Trim piece on the grab handle which also functions as the release handle there's a lever just on the other?

Side of that you have a little bit of storage space in the middle section of the door along. With a great amount of storage on the lower section it runs the entire length? Of the door there's one speaker above.

That this does have a seven speaker audio: Sound system there's also three memory seating adjustments along with your lock and unlock and then all the window controls are just. Above that along with the power controls for these side mirrors alright so hopping up into the Raptor now let's start off with these.

Seats you can see rappers spelled out giving.

It a really cool look these are heated and ventilated seats they have a 10-way. Power adjustability to them as well really nice bolsters I like the material that runs down the side so it's definitely!

F150 raptor

A comfortable seat and then moving to the steering wheel this has perforated leather. On each side along with solid leather on the top and the bottom there's a red stripe. On the top and then raptor is spelled out on the bottom giving it a really cool look this has steering.

Wheel mounted paddle shifters that are quite.

Large they are finished off in aluminum they have a really nice solid click to them moving. On to the controls on the steering. Wheel now often to the right you have your voice commands along with volume and tuning for the radio you can mute the audio you have.

Your Bluetooth controls there are a few different modes you can go into for the steering wheel you have normal sport and comfort. And then there's also a bunch of driving modes you do have to be in four-wheel!

Drive to engage some of these but this has baja rock crawl you have to be in four-wheel. Drive for that slippery tow and haul their sport. Normal deep snow and sand over to the left side you have all of your cruise control settings.

Along with the adaptive cruise and then all these buttons here will go through the center screen so there's. A lot more information that we can look at right now we are in my view so you can look at your fuel economy. Your telling information we can scroll over to your trip and fuel so you have some more information that you can see there along with your.

Ford f-150 raptor

Truck info your tire pressure you have your gauge view and other things that you can go into we can scroll over. To towing you have your off-road settings so you can go into the status. Look at your pitch and roll along with if the lockers are locked and where your steering angle:

Is and then we can scroll over to settings. So you can adjust a lot of things like your pre-collision your lane keeping: Assess your trailer blind spot and different aids like that you can see just above that there's some more vital.

Information like the engine temperature and your fuel gauge often to the left side is the. Tach and then the spirometer is on the far right to the left of the steering wheel we have the electronic.

Parking brake along with being able to move the pedals forwards and backwards you have all of the headlight controls along with.

The bed light you can turn on and off the lights on the. Side mirrors as well if you need to use those. At nighttime there's one air vent with some nice trim around it you can see there's.

More leather up on the dash in the center again?

Doug demuro

This is a 4.2 inch screen and then as we make our way to the center this is an 8 inch screen just above:

That this has a Bang & Olufsen sound. System there's a little bit of storage space as well down below we have audio to the far left we can go into.

The climate's and you can easily turn those on this does have a dual zone climate control? System you have where you'd like the air to go right in the middle. Here and then fan speed is over to the right side you have a few other buttons:

That you can go into along with clicking on menu so you can bring up the heated steering wheel along with some other buttons we have. The phone right next to that along with the navigation we can pull that up fullscreen you have some other.

Apps to go into along with all of your settings so you can configure your phone your clock your apps different. Things like that swipe over to valet mode you have your display just?

Above that we have the traction control button along with a downhill assist control:

Vehicle virgins

We can push on this camera button and that will automatically. Pull up the surround view camera right now.

You can see the forward facing camera along with the top-down view if I go ahead and put the truck into reverse. Now we see the backup camera with the top-down view as well if I click on this plus button here that.

Will bring up a different angle for the rear camera so if you're backing up to a trailer you have a little! Bit better visibility and then to the far left is the engine start/stop feature.

Just below that we have the power and volume for the radio along with tuning to the far right you have some other presets.

In the center as well for that just to the right of that there's another 12 volt in a three prong. Outlet if you need to use those over on the left side we have.

The engine start/stop button along with the four wheel drive selector and the rear locking differential? Just below that we have the trailer backup system.

2020 ecoboost f150 review

So you can easily use that when you are backing up that will just aid in being able to do that along with the trailer: Brake just below that right in the center we have fiscal buttons for the AC so you have each temperature:

For driver and passenger along with some more research buttons in the center: As I mentioned earlier this does have heated and ventilated seats so you have those adjustments on both sides fan speed is right?

In the center and then moving down below this has two USBs on one side. A good amount of storage space and then you can close this up as well often to the right side!

There are two cupholders along with a mini storage spot right in the center for your. Keys or phone or something like that and then looking at the shifter you can see it's wrapped.

In leather this does have plus and minus on one side so you can use that to shift between the gears. Or using these steering wheel mounted paddle shifters.

Whichever one makes sense just behind that is the lane-keeping assist. And then as we make our way to the center armrest here in center console area it is wrapped in leather.

Ecoboost raptor review

With more stitching I'm just going to push: On this button here to open it up and it reveals a ton of storage space you can see there's a. Removable tray here that you can easily take out and then there is so much room:

In here that you can easily put whatever you would like. To so that is awesome to see as we make our way over to the glovebox. You can see that has a good amount of space with a tray on the top and then a little bit of storage!

Space just above that for anything that you want to place there and then we'll go ahead and take one last look at these: Seats very nice design to them and then up top this does: Have a full panoramic sunroof so you even get that.

For the backseat passengers all those controls are up front here along with some auxiliary switches. So that is pretty cool to see if you want to hook up lights or anything like that compressors you have the option to do that! And you have switches already available for that just in front of that we have a sunglass.

Holder you can open and close the rear glass just by using. This button here many of course you.

Can adjust the sunshade the Sun roof itself?

Ecoboost raptor

Along with the dome lights now in the back seats of the Raptor you have plenty. Of space for three people to be back here comfort I am five.

Foot ten I have the front seat set.

At my height and I have plenty of space in front of my knees. And then about two or three inches above my head behind both front. Seats there's a small pocket here for anything that you want to store.

There and these seats are heated so you have two controls right in the center here along with two USB ports and a three: Prong outlet and there's two air vents on each side you have two cupholders right in the backside? Of that center console and then if you fold this armrest down you have an additional two cupholders as well that folds.

Out which is nice to see also touching base on the door panel has the same attention to detail!

As up front along with the storage space in the center.


And down below these seats also have a 60/40 split to them on the lower. Section of the seat so all you have to do is pull this up and it will lock into place giving: You plenty of room for anything that you want to slide through.

Here it also has a divider here so you can throw some items on one side and they. Won't roll around or anything like that moving onto the bed now this.

Has the 67 inch bed I'm just going to double. Tap the button on the key fob and the tailgate will automatically open up which.

Is very cool to see this does have? A bed liner to give it even more protection? Along with a dome light on each side and some tie down hooks for anything that you need to throw in the back my favorite feature!

On this truck is the step that's in the tailgate so all you have:

To do is push on this button. Right here and that will pull this step all the way out towards you and then. All the way down and then you can go ahead and pull this handle!

2020 raptor review

All the way out flip it up it'll lock into place and that.

Gives you a great step to get in and out of the truck along with a grab handle there! Just to give you a little more security!

And then you can easily close it up close. The tailgate and you're on your way alright so getting the 2020 Raptor out on the road now this is actually. The first time I've ever checked out a raptor if you're familiar with our channel Brian has reviewed a majority.

Of the Raptors and even some modified ones so this is the first time I'm actually moving and driving? One and this is pretty awesome to check out I love these paddle shifters here not too often you hop into a pickup truck. And you see these four or five inch steering wheel-mounted!

Paddle shifters so that is pretty cool I can't wait to try those out and see how responsive they are but so far coming from my mid-sized truck. Into a full-size Raptor I can definitely!

Tell it is quite larger but it's really not all that hard to drive either it's something that you get to obviously being. In a truck like this but I can definitely tell how big it is even from the inside. Here with all the storage space that you have up front I also.

New raptor exhaust

Just noticed two on each sides of the center console area there's a little storage.

Bin so if you want to throw your phone down there!

Or something like that it's on the driver side and the passenger side so just a little bit more hidden storage. Space but just cruising down the road now you definitely feel very high up in this truck. It is a tall truck I really like the fact too that.

You can see the hood vents from this side just gives. It more of an aggressive look from the driver's seat here I've just been cruising! In normal mode for a couple miles right now I'm going to put it over into.

Sport mode and then down into the manual here so we can test out these? Paddle shifters so just going down to fourth gear now go into third gear we're coming up to a turn here so. We can test how this does second.

Gear you can hear the engine a good bit there and then just give it a little.

New raptor

Bit of gas Wow nothing crazy but those shifts are super responsive?

Nothing I would expect from a pickup truck again having that performance driving? To a truck like this is pretty awesome now obviously.

I think this would be a heck of a lot more fun offroad using these paddles.

And you know going on some dirt trails and things like that but even on the road that's exciting. That gives you a really cool exciting factor.

To driving a truck not that they're not fun to drive but I'm not even doing. Anything crazy here we're all the way up into tenth gear right now just cruising like normal that puts a smile!

On your face it's not crazy loud obviously. You could make it louder but at the same time it's just it's fun to drive even just like that so we're. Coming to another stop here one all the way down to second gear coming around.

This turn here for a heavy truck it gets up to the speed limit just like that I can't get over how responsive these. Paddles are but I couldn't imagine putting this into Baja switching it over into manual mode and just having a blast.

In this truck that's what it's for it's meant to go off-road do high? Speed runs you have the suspension to back.

That up you can even get some air in this truck and still be fine so it is purpose-built for offroad.

But at the same time it has a really smooth? On-road driving experience coming around this turn here it's a heavy truck so you're definitely. Going to feel it wow just a normal mode getting?

Out of that turn you have plenty of power so even going around turns like. That just normal driving you can power out if you want to so let's move on to the overall. Visibility now obviously pickup trucks really don't have any blind spots all the glass is really.

Easy to see around that back glass is pretty much right behind you there so looking over your right shoulder there's really. No blind spot same with your left shoulder you can easily. Glance over and see and then I do like the fact that this has a full panoramic sunroof so it gives you plenty.

Of light to the inside even for backseat. Passengers I really like everything on the inside it has a premium feel to it I like all the leather on the steering?

Wheel it's on the seats really nice Center Configuration with the screen and the buttons. Underneath it there's not too much going on there you have all the physical AC buttons which I really?

Like to see so I think that's going to wrap it up for my walk-around review.

And test drive in the 2020 Ford f-150?

Raptor once again huge shout out to Morrisville.

Ford for providing this truck for me today definitely check out their website that will be in the description below. Also don't forget for the month of February we are doing.

A GoPro giveaway all you have to do is be a subscriber to the channel and comment on videos at the end of February. We're going to pick the video with the most comments and then pick a random winner from that video so that's.

All you have to do subscribe comment on videos so that's going to wrap it up for today's video. If you enjoyed it make sure you give it a thumbs up smash that subscribe button I'll see you guys in the next video.

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