Ford F-150 Raptor Roush Edition Modified

Ford F-150 Raptor Roush Edition Modified

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Some of you have asked for more trucks and some have asked us to shoot my brother Erik's Raptor. This episode focus's on his "street Raptor" with Steven from SMP Fab talking us through all the mod's. In another episode we'll get to his luxury pre-runner Raptor in the dirt with Steven. It was a rainy day in LA so we terrorized the streets with the Always Evolving Roush Raptor. Sit back and enjoy the ride with us. AutotopiaLA Social Media:. "Nowhere" - CJ Beats. We want to hear from you. Like the music? Like the cars? Like the locations? Tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to bring it to you as we continue creating content. Thanks for watching and help spread the word by telling your friends to check out AutotopiaLA. New episode every Tuesday and Friday at 5 pm (pst).

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SilverHawk hey guys what's up it's Sean audit Opia LA today is gonna? Start off with a massive thank you by.

The way this is not a paid advertisement this is not a paid sponsorship. Endorsement nothing this is a thank-you to our friends at sea tech chargers in Sweden spending a few days with sea tech especially at their.

Research and development facility I got to understand just how much better they are than everybody else in the game of making. Battery chargers and if you question that check this one out 42 luxury. Brands use sea tech chargers rebranded Ferrari McLaren Bentley Rolls Lamborghini Porsche after seeing?

Their place and seeing what they do I have zero question whatsoever and my shop has been using sea tech chargers. But not exclusively until this week everything. Here is being converted over to see tech why because they are truly?

The best and to all you see tech guys that might be watching this thank you for such an extraordinary.

Trip and now here we go with the Raptor all right you guys today what we're digging. Into is this 2019 Raptor owned by my brother Erik Davis and the always evolving team now this is his Street Raptor.

Street Raptor what do you mean Shawn is there another one well yes there actually. Is another Raptor my brother also owns a full-blown? Luxury prerunner Raptor that he pre runs Baja and other.

Events with but today that's not what we're doing today we're? Digging into his Street Raptor and I'm gonna bring in Steven from SMP who you guys have seen in previous episodes because! Steven is the one that did the build-out on this truck so dude tell us what the hell you did to my brother's?

Truck as you can kind of see in the grille here we did a little intercooler.

Not necessarily makes a neat power just kind of makes it run a little. Bit better yeah more air more airflow and then.

We have like a atmospheric blow-off valve and a nice coarse. Exhaust and this exhaust system that's it so just clean okay and then some like pedal commander stuff for like like pedal response. And just daily driving in shifting okay like a programmer basically got it so maybe has a subtle amount more.

Power than yeah or just feels snappier yes yeah okay so we actually did originally these intercoolers come down below in the factory bumper: And the first thing that hits the ground when you're off-roading. Is that lower bumper part right so we take it all the company cut is called full?

Race they make an aftermarket intercooler they give you some new piping. And stuff and so we take an intercooler. Out I got rid of the factory bumper I move everything up behind the grille to give us the ground clearance.

That we want basically for the desert yeah and I mean look at the sleek design! Oh no like it just looks tight you know and clean and as if it's supposed.

To be there like from the manufacturer so sure and a lot stronger so we have a full tube bumper skid plate right. Inner coolers been relocated and then I do some custom ducting and piping because:

I actually even get it even tighter. Than what they give you for the this bumper specifically that I make we make it already you make this right this is young. Guys so this is all custom liked by us handmade:

Right here at the shop down the street and then obviously! We added in some ball design lights yeah my favorite and then we did some aluminum work.

Under it and move the move you'll see down here the reservoirs for the shocks we moved them back a little.

Bit so they can't get hit by anything right and then it's also skid. Plated under the a arms like from the back from the front crossmember? To the rear crossmember so it's all clean a nice sleek line approach angle is as tight:

As it possibly can be all built on and powder-coated. Some cool little bezels in the corner the lights.

To fill up the gaps and just add some style like because otherwise here would. Have been a gap yeah just a guy but yeah yeah as far as front end goes bumper all that stuff that's pretty much what we did? To the front we did some suspension.

Stuff we did a we did camber.

Upper control arms on this one which is a kind of like right the upper control arms up here it's all billet and machined you know: We added some cam cam gusset kind of deal so it doesn't knock it out of alignment you know you see all the tin work here. And just kind of hit everything some dirt just makes it look clean that's.

One of your big things is like you get it all done under and then you do this! Clean the more you look into the truck the better things you're gonna see yeah if you know what you're. Looking at you'll understand like holy shit this we got into this thing really good it looks simple our Dino style!

Has always been simple and clean but it's actually.

The most complicated you know to make that look is very complicated yeah as far as suspension is basically: Stock I mean these shocks came with it this was kind of like the Roush deal which is like a nicer upgrade? Of the Fox factory version that comes in here this has like some adjustments for rebound and:

Compression right that you can kind of do on the fly we upgrade to 37 inches tall tires because it comes. Stock with 35 lives yeah 315 70s which is basically five we got some method wheels on here clean.

That up you know we did the whole murder I'm out of the teal on the wheels. I talked we had teal on here. You know on the block but you know what.

This thing looks like Darth Vader's you know like all. Blacked out like this so yeah the murdered-out look is really good all the fender flares got color match. You know gloss black yep I like the color matched the grille got all nice gloss black color.

Match just some high gloss on everything! Is really like dude it just went from like this is an expensive truck to this is a I catchy like popping: When it's all clean it's like dang you know so let's go to the back here we got rid of the side steps.

Which is great so now I got the yeah we got the amp steps. And everything's hidden I like the cleaner line makes the truck look a little taller you know than having the big old step kind of hanging. Out absolutely but because it is a fairly tall truck it makes it it is yeah yeah absolutely.

The back we did a nice camber got like bum stop kit which is like? Okay for like fully bottoming out the rear of the truck and there's like nice little. Safety shock in there so I added that under there and other than that it's stock is stock shocks.

But you did a bunch of other stuff back here this oh yeah actually we did a Deaver springs. In this this set up too which is nice and a little more of your aggressive spring pack leaf spring.

Pack but you did some radical stuff back here so the bed you know you! Want to have a spare tire you want to have a jack and you want to have a little spot for tools in the back your truck you. Know if you're going places so what better way to do that then make a nice custom S&P five.

And it right this is all you right. You guys made this whole thing so we build these and you know lately I've been building the crap. Out of these people love it you know they kind of tell me what they want:

Where they want it what they want to put in the bed and we kind of utilize it and make it as organized. As possible you know so you're not like just wasting space. Yeah honestly in this small of a bribe and I mean it looks bitchin it dude this this is so cool I mean this.

Is another one of those things that looks like. Like you could go on Amazon and order it yeah but you can't fortunately but hopefully pretty soon?

You can cuz I'm trying cuz I get so many people that hit me in Italy that I really need to do that but you know everyone just. Like on a different page like everybody wants. This and once that was this so you know Eric this is kind of what he wanted yeah actually half of the time I just.

Build Eric something and he just likes it because. I kind of know him already by now exactly well your Styles match up well he likes clean creative unique! One-off kind of stuff he really does so that's that and you know a little.

Ball design you know amber light you know it's all removable too so you: Can take it out of it it's good to go you got a jack under there right.

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