2020 Ford F-150 Raptor – Most Extreme Production Truck On The Planet

2020 Форд F-150 Raptor is the most extreme production truck on the planet. It’s wider, taller, faster and much better looking than the F150 and these are flying from the showrooms. Check out my review video and see if this is the right truck for you.

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2021 ford raptor

With me today is the most extreme production pickup truck on the planet. Earth and that is this brand-new 2021 Ford f-150 Raptor now. The Raptor is a modified f-150 it’s wider is taller it’s faster.

And it looks a whole lot better these are flying from the showrooms. And Ford can’t produce enough of them so in this review I’m going to tell you everything. There is to know about this brand new Raptor so you can decide if this.

Is a right truck for you stay tuned a big thanks to pack your web board for making. This video possible if you’re in the market for a brand new or used Ford definitely check out packy web board in Downers. Grove their URL is on the screen.

And in the description below let’s start. Out by looking at exterior — this Raptor starting with the front and which looks like a baja does a racing truck it’s bold its aggressive.

It’s in your face and it looks like it wants to run you over the Raptor is wide very wide in fact it’s over.

Six inches wider than a normal f-150 it is so wide in fact it is mandated by law that the Raptor. Have three identification lamps which is required.

For trucks over 80 inches wide that’s right. The Raptor is eighty six point three inches without the mirrors and close to ninety seven inches in width with mirrors fenders. On each side bulge out to accumulate.

The massive 34 point five inch tires the center grill is a signature for the Raptor and proudly displays. Ford in large bold letters the LED headlights also have the really unique design and to have. A cool amber accent light that’s wrapped around the outside the hood also has its own unique design.

As well moving to the side profile the Raptor.

Doesn’t disappoint what pops out right away are those huge. All-terrain tires and the lift the 17-inch aluminum wheels are wearing 315 7017 tires which is equivalent.

To about 30 4.5 inches they are from BF goodrich the ta keo to all-terrain tires the Raptor is about three inches.

Taller than a normal f-150 and in 2019 ford replaced the shocks with fox internal bypass. Shocks that can adapt to the terrain in real time now the back of the Raptor. Is fitted with dual exhaust tips they have a matte black finish.

And there’s a giant for molding stamped onto the tailgate as for the engine. There is only one option and it’s a good one the engine.

Is a twin turbo 3.5 liter that is pushing 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque this engine is also shared. With the Ford GT supercar lastly the Raptor is utilizing a 10 speed automatic transmission. Next let’s look at the different cabs and specifications for this brand new Raptor there are two.

Cabs for the Raptor the super cab and super Krewe now what’s. Interesting is the Raptor is the only configuration with a super cab that gets a five and a half feet bed all other. F-150s with the super cab gets a longer six-and-a-half feet or eight feet bed now the length is about.

134 inches long 86 inches wide and approach angle ramp breakover angle and ground clearance. Is significantly better than all other trims with the Raptor interesting to note though.

Is the departure angle is actually less now moving. On to the super crude the length.

Increases to a hundred and forty six inches which is 12 inches longer all other dimensions are nearly identical.

Let’s take a look at the tailgate and then next the tailgate opens easily and has a really. Soft open so it doesn’t just slam down the tailgate also has an integrated step and handle.

For easy access into the bed although due to the height of the Raptor I find it’s still a bit difficult.

To step in now once out putting the handle and the step back into the tailgate is a breeze and I’m really. Surprised at how light the tailgate feels when closing the tailgate could be open a manual or by utilizing the key fob as you. See here inside the bed there’s really not that much spray and liner or bed liner is optional.

And there is no built-in storage you have

And there is no built-in storage you have some tie-downs on the side as well as some in bed lights. And in terms of the bed length you only.

Have one option and that is five and a half feet on the raptor fun fact the Raptor.

Is so tall I have to move my tripod from outside to within.

The cab to be able to shoot correctly just FYI now with the Raptor you can select one of two. Cab configurations you could get super Krewe or super cab now super crew is absolutely enormous and that’s the.

One I’m reviewing today you get a full set of doors and enormous. Enormous amount of space I’m 5 feet 10 and there’s a good what 10 to 12 inches.

Of legroom left and this is not even my driving position my driving position is actually further up so the enormous. Amount of legroom same thing with Headroom probably 4 to 5 inches of headroom left and because of how wide. This Raptor is you could definitely fit 3 adults here no problems.

Whatsoever the seats are very very wide and massive but something.

That’s weird is those of you guys are parents you want to put car seats back here. You only get two sets of latches one on each side there’s none in the middle. But it could certainly fit it is absolutely enormous but besides that in terms of comforts very comfortable.

Everything is covered in leather it smells. Great it feels great the cushion feels really.

Good the only complaint about the cushion is it’s kind of kind of short I wish it was a little.

Bit longer but there’s a reason for that because these do fold up and I’ll show you that in a little. Bit now something that’s really nice that I will. Show you is the floor is flat so even if you move to the middle right there’s.

No problem with your legs or feet elevated that’s not an issue and that also helps with cargo because once you fold up these. Seats there’s enormous space over here for for sleeping for furniture for tools for bikes whatever you wanted to do back here you can do it it’s. Enormous space and I will show you that in a little bit now what about amenities you get a whole lot a whole lot starting.

With cupholders — over here — in the armrest. One inch door pan also six cupholders in case.

You’re super thirsty now you do also. Get a pair of vents two USB ports you get a 12v outlet.

And a regular household outlet so if you want to plug in you can that’s not gonna be a problem now this giant.

Panoramic sunroof that you see this is optional but it’s definitely recommended because it is so massive it lets so much air in light. In just feels feel so much different back here with this open and because of the way. This is configured this rafter is configured you.

Also get heated seats back here which is really.

Nice in the winter overall it is super super massive and comfortable. Back here next let me show you how to fold these seats up and what you get after you fold them up so if you. Want to flip these seats up very easy there’s a strap over here simply.

Pull on it and push up and that’s. It alright with the seats folded up this is what it looks like take a look you just get enormous amount. Of space over here one could definitely sleep over here.

You throw a pillow you curl up away you go but besides sleeping you can put. Boxes furniture tools whatever you can think of they’ll fit back here it is absolutely enormous.

The only complaint I have back here is there’s no hidden storage a lot of trucks these days you see hidden. Storage underneath the seat because it utilizes this empty space right you do have this bar here so you could somewhat put things over here.

2021 ford f150 raptor

But it’s not really intended for that purpose there’s no cover. There’s no lock and key nothing like that so it’s just really open space but in terms of open space you definitely.

Get a lot of it alright so now I’m behind the steering wheel let’s take a look at what the cabin looks like it looks very. Similar to f-150 but with subtle changes.

That makes it look even better starting with the seats take a look it is very sporty.

And they feel very good at least right now I’ll tell you how they feel after I start driving and of course Raptor stitching. Over here this is the standard see that you get an ax rafter there is optional.

Recaro seats that add a lot of blue accents. In the middle so that is something that you can upgrade to if you wanted now moving on to the door panel looks.

Very similar to a f-150 although you do have some trim over there that’s a little bit different that is like a black metallic. Look and you do have the aluminum surrounds and moving to the — take a look very f150 like and that’s.

Not necessary bad thing I mean you’re. Still driving a truck right so you still. Want to be reminded that you’re in a truck so I have no problems with the — looking similar now of course.

In the middle you have a large infotainment screen at 8 inch sink three screen and we’ll show you that a little.

Bit and then you got climate control media control and of course shifter cupholders a very very very large armrest.

And then we’ll being over here you have a 7-inch gauge cluster and a very sporty looking and feeling. Steering wheel now let’s start with the steering. Wheel it actually has a really good thickness.

I could tell right away that this is actually a real leather does not pleather like a lot of manufacturers. They try to hide that back it feels very good the right amount. Of thickness and I really enjoy it I think it looks pretty good overall of course it looks like an f-150.

Steering wheel but with subtle tweaks also like this red stripe I really. Like that now in terms of the buttons okay very very easy to understand over here volume control. Over here this is everything for the menu and was showing that a little bit this.

Is for all the cruise control settings now this is where it gets. Interesting down here is phone control but this is for your terrain. Select and you could select a number of different terrain modes for example right now is normal and then you can go into okay it’s shifting but.

You could go in deep snow sand then you can go into Baja a nun rock crawl so. It tells you to go into for low okay a nun let' s see slippery 4×4 shift in progress.

Then you can go into Tony Hall and then you can go into sport and then finally. You can go back to normal so besides the modes then you have this and this changes your steering feel very interesting. You can go between normal sport and comfort so I' m gonna test out those and see if I feel.

A difference oh that is a steering wheel all the buttons and take a look these huge paddle shifters. In the back these are not fake they actually are magnesium not even aluminum magnesium they feel great. And it' s massive it goes all the way from bottom to the top like a sports car that is really cool I' m gonna test.

That out alright next let' s look at this the gauge cluster with a huge 7-inch screen. This is what you can get with up 150 but there. Are things specific for the Raptor so my view is kind of like favorites and then you can go trip computer.

This is for truck information digital speedometer TPMS configure your gauges measurements okay this is for towing if you' re happy if you' re.

Towing with this up 150 you can do a lot of things status information light check trailer.

Setup and then if you go to off-road this is where it' s more specific to the Raptor.

So in here it' ll tell you your suspension setup your four-wheel. Drive setup your steering setup they' ll just tell you how you' re configured. Right now and if you go back you could go to off-road status this kind of shows you.

Ford raptor

If you' re on an incline decline what your what your differential is set up so there' s a lot of cool stuff power distribution. They' ll tell you you know as the power shifting forward and backwards side-to-side. It' ll let you know so there' s some cool specific Raptor.

Stuff on here but overall this is very easy to to read it' s nice and bright it' s pretty easy to navigate through.

Right here in terms of settings some of the safety features that you get in a raptor cross traffic alert is driver. Alert us on rear park aid us on trailer blind spot.

Since I don' t have a trailer I' m not turning it on pre-collision basically you know auto braking cruise control adaptive. Cruise control lane keep system a band setting so there' s.

A whole lot of safety features that you can turn on or off so moving on to the side you got a couple switches here.

For the lights on the mirrors if you want to turn those on or off this is for your high beam low beam dimmer. Switch this is for electronic break this is actually for your electronic pedal so if you' re on a shorter.

Side taller side and you want to move. The pedal back or forward you can actually do so with this this is really. Cool you don' t see this in a lot of cars over here you got some presets and over here you.

Do have window control and mirror control next let' s talk about infotainment.

And this is powered by sync 3 it' s pretty. Easy to understand pretty responsive it' s laggy at times but overall it works pretty well you could see how it' s divided up certain categories. Audio climate phone navigation apps settings now climate you could control through the touch screen or down there and while showing that a little.

Bit in terms of apps apple carplay andr auto those are standard so that' s not gonna be an issue now in terms of what' s up here you get.

A whole lot of stuff engine auto start-stop.

This is something that I normally turn off this is where your engine.

Shuts off at a stoplight and I don' t like that because there' s a lag over here this is your camera. Just like if you went into reverse this is what' s behind you and a 360 view of your truck along. With all the sensors with the truck this big you want all the all the safety.

Features you could get so you do have a camera system all around you so you know. If something' s next to you and you got sensors all around the truck to tell you a B value if something' s. Around you and of course you could see what' s behind you which is really nice now has their light this is traction.

Control on and off now this is cool this is called trail control so if I press. That and take a look at the gauge cluster. It' ll say trail control enable old you set bun to set speed so basically it' s like cruise control for rock climbing whether.

Or not you' re going up a steep hill with a lot of rocks or down with a lot of rocks. Or even no rocks basically it sets a low cruise control speed so all you have to worry about is the steering. And not so much a throttle anymore so that' s what.

That' s about that' s pretty cool now down here you got a big volume knob tuned knob — this looks kind of outdated. Archaic I can' t remember the last time I seen presets.

For radio on on a car truck or SUV but it is they' re. N seats and heated.

Seats really depends on what package you select so at the beginning of the video I told you about a few packages depending on which. One you have you' ll get either heated seats or both now over here this is of course how you control between two-wheel drive four-wheel drive. You get high and low and depending on what you select then you can have.

Different terrain modes and you can also. Do locking so if you want to lock your rear differential you could do that as well but you.

Can' t do that in two-wheel drive now this is a porter trailer so if you' re. Trying to haul something and you want to connect a trailer this is a camera system. That' s meant for that kind of cool now over here you just get a whole bunch of space so you open.

Raptor 2021

That up you got two USB ports and just space for whatever and you get two cupholders.

Now you' ve got a normal shifter kind of simple looking but you do get manual. Mode so once you put in manual mode you can shift utilizing these.

Buttons over here or of course the paddle shifter so that' s probably preferred. Method I' m going to test that out and this is for your.

Lane keep system whether you want to turn that on or off now this armrest I talked.

About it is absolutely massive it is actually so massive and.

So wide I was able sit on this no problem so it kind of gives you example how wide it is now inside it doesn' t disappoint so you. Got a tray that you can slide forward backwards and you got just so much space. I mean it is so much space down there.

You could fit I don' t know gallons of stuff you. Could put 2-liter bottles you can put laptops. You could put tools anything it is just enormous amount of space and of course you do get a 12v outlet.

So yeah you can fit whatever you want in there there you go now moving. On top you got a lot of buttons here for lights and a panoramic sunroof. Which is optional but my opinion definitely worth it it is absolutely huge let’s so much light.

In I really enjoy it here are some home link buttons for. Your garage and you got a whole bunch of auxilary switches here they serve no purpose right now but.

If you want to get off road lights or anything that is that part of the standard. Rafter you can hook it off so it’s really cool that you get a set of ox switches oh and finally over here.

Take a look you get another 12v outlet and a normal household plug and this goes up to 400 watts. Max so obviously this is for tools you have some power tools.

That you want to plug in or charge you could do so right up here alright. It’s time to go for a drive let’s see how this.

Raptor behaves on the roads the first impression is how tall and wide this rafter is unless. You’re super super tall you don’t have to use the side stuff to get in and once you’re in man you’re seeing really.

Up high you get a really really commanding view of the road which is good which is what people like in a raptor makes. You feel like you’re above everyone else like you’re you’re a king or something.

But you definitely do feel that however getting in and out can be a challenge. Depending on how tall you are and in terms of width and this is a wide truck I’ve driven trucks suv’s the ones are. Fairly large nothing compares to how wide and long this rafter is I could.

Definitely feel it inside inside feels like apartment. It is absolutely huge besides how tall and wide rafter is one thing that’s really surprising is how quiet isn’t here this Raptor is very very. Very insulated very insulated indeed so besides the the engine and exhaust which if I give us some gas I can hear.

But you know no wind noise no tire noise I mean these are huge huge 35 inch all-terrain tires.

I don’t I don’t hear them at all so there’s definitely a lot of insulation but when you put it foot down.

You can still hear the exhaust which is not a bad thing because of how high you sit there’s really no problem of visibility.

There is no blind spot anywhere the rear windows. Are huge the back window nice and big the middle headrest does not block.

The view at all so right now I feel. Like I’m you know on top of the world like.

On a camera system and check out what’s

I feel like I’m sitting like 10 feet in there where I could see everything around me and just in case I can I could turn. On a camera system and check out what’s underneath me too so right now visibility is definitely really good in here I’m in four-wheel. Drive automatic right now I have a little bit a little.

Bit of room I’m will see how zero to 60 is and see Oh that was pretty fast way faster than a tropical Oh the exhaustion. Was actually pretty good a lot of people complain.

Because this is a this is not a v8 this is a v6 EcoBoost. V6 plus pushing 450 horsepower zero to 60 in this thing is 5.1 seconds this thing gets up to speed tremendously quick. For this size so in terms of passing definitely not a problem getting up to speed definitely not a problem and that was in four-wheel drive so.

I’m gonna try it again if I have room trying. To wheel drive and see if it’s any different and also do manual shifting and let’s see how that is alright.

So now I’ll be able to accelerate a little bit try to get up to sixty.

Once again I have set the Raptor to two wheel. Drive and also a manual so I’m will test out these paddle shifters and.

See how it is oh yeah it is very very fast this rafter is very fast in manual shifting you go through the Cure’s.

Really really quickly now I didn’t really floor it until I got into second. Gear but man yeah this is uh this zero to sixty five point one I definitely believe it it is really really.

Quick in here you know now that I changed. Staring to to sport it doesn’t feel any heavier by default I think the steering.

In the Raptor is pretty good you have figured that it would be very heavy but no it’s obviously power assisted. It actually feels feels pretty normal like driving a normal SUV that’s kind of the.

Feel you get I like to steer in mostly because of this steering wheel. The thickness is right and it feels nice and soft and this leather feels really good I really like this steering wheel a lot but.

Overall in turn its steering feel it feels normal like right in between I feel like when. You’re coming to a stop or slow down this type of speed transmission keeps shifting through. The gears you know sometimes it’s trying to find right gear trying to maximize fuel economy so there are times.

When we go ahead low speeds it actually feels pretty bogged down in here ya see like when you put the foot down.

Deceleration is so so fierce it just comes in but when you’re.

Just like kind of cruising at 40 miles per hour you know the transmission is kind of just like. Hunting hunting for gears trying to be in the right gear.

And it’s kind of annoying at times.

Suspension is not as smooth as I thought it was gonna be obviously because of these of these. New Fox shocks and so much suspension travel and the thick tires you know I’ve read. A lot about how the rafter was super smooth it was like driving you know while sitting on a.

Cloud you know I thought it would be super smooth now I still.

Feel a lot of bumps I do feel some rattles from just the overall body more so than I was expecting it’s not bad don’t. Get me wrong it’s not bad at all but I do feel a lot just even driving. On normal roads so as for pricing the base the very base raptor comes in right.

Around $55,000 and that includes the super cab configuration now if you wanted a super crew cab configuration there’ll be additional roughly around $3,000 now for.

2021 model year basically the only difference. Compared to the 2019 is the paint there are a few additional paint configurations that you can choose from.

F150 raptor

But that’s pretty much it for 2021 now what’s important is the packages there are basically three important. Packages that you can choose from now if you want in the base raptor without a lot of the luxury. Features that i’ll be showing you in this review video then you would select an 800 a package.

And this pretty much comes with just the essentials the powerful engine the suspension setup the interior cabin. And the cloth seats however you want to add some comfort to your Raptor then you can.

Move up to the 801 a now this is around $3,800 it adds power seats heated seats. As well for both the driver and passenger you get leather throughout the cabin you get power adjustable pedals. And also a power sliding rear window with privacy tint and defrost now moving up to the 802 a luxury.

Package this is what most Raptors are configured. With and as you can see the price jumps up significantly almost $11,000.

And that’s because it adds so much to the Raptor this this pretty. Much fully loads your Raptor you get a 4/10 front axle with Torsen differential. You got 10-way power driver passenger seats with heat and memory 360 camera.

Bang an Olsen premium audio system but if you click here take a look this is how much more. You get with the 802 a package there is definitely a lot that’s added.

In here the tailgate plaque that says Ford you do get a Vance security pack which is for security you get blind.

Spot information on cross traffic alert Oh trailer tow monitoring. You get the dual climate zone Ford pass Connect heated steering wheel inflatable rear safety. Belts on the super crew only integrated trailer brake control.

LED box lighting and it goes on and on and on and on as you can see this is the one to get because. It adds so much which is why this costs eleven thousand dollars and most.

Dealership configured a rafters with this 802 a package because.

This pretty much fully loads your Raptor now there are additional options. That are still not included with this such as the panoramic.

Sunroof that is additional optional feature you can opt for Recaro seats.

With blue accents so there are other things. That you can get now with all that said if you do configure a rafter. With the 802 a package without anything else I mentioned it’s coming in right around sixty eight thousand.

Seven hundred dollars but a fully configured one with a lot of options can come. In in the 70s mid to high 70s the one that I’m testing today is coming. In right around $70,000 next let’s talk about the good and bad to this brand new Raptor starting with the good.

Bar None is the best looking truck on planet Earth the suspension tires and terrain modes. Makes it so that you can pretty much go anywhere it has apartment like interior space the Raptor has a remote tailgate with a step that’s.

Integrated Raptor duffel it gives you a very commanding drive and lastly it’s fast very very fast for a half-ton pickup truck. As for the bad there’s a few detent speed. Automatic continuously hunts for gears at low speeds the fuel economy isn’t the greatest there is no tool storage or hidden.

Storage into bed or the cabin there are slight suspension. And body rattles that could be felt the towing and payload is less than non Raptor.

Trims finally the Raptor is pricey especially with the. 8:02 a package and options overall the Raptor. Isn’t for everyone but for those that are looking for the most extreme truck on this planet that can pretty much go anywhere.

And out lacell rate anyone on the road then this might be the right truck for you I’m ranking the rafter with the score of a hundred and ten. And if you want to see how this raptor compares to its peers then check out drivers only rankings calm thanks.

For watching guys make sure you hit the like and subscribe to the channel and make sure you check.


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