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Henry takes the Ford F-150 Raptor for some proper off-roading at Hungry Valley in California to see what all the fuss is about. Don't forget to hit the 🔔.

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The slide around this corner big arrow it really well take some punishment it's a surprisingly drivable: You just have to be prepared to grab it can't be afraid of it otherwise it will eat you for breakfast.


And you'll find it doing things that you don't want it to do positive on the brakes positive. On the throttle and then it's a whole load of fun we'll. Come back to the Ford f-150 Raptor in a moment.

But first I think I ought to introduce what is arguably the star of the show this is the hungry Valley. State vehicular recreational park just off Interstate 5 north of LA it is spread out over 20,000 acres and has a hundred and thirty: Miles of trails graded in severity like ski runs from green through blue to black but vast though this place seems it is only the third largest.


In the state of California the state purchased the land about 40 years ago it's just brilliant we've hardly seen anybody here today.

And it's the perfect environment for this car sorry. Truck it's very definitely a truck recently back in the UK I tried the Ranger Raptor. I really rather enjoyed it that is the smaller brother of this the f-150 and I was really.


Keen when we came across to America try the bigger brother the biggest difference? Really straightaway is the fact that under the bonnet instead of having a two-liter diesel.

We've got the engine for duty but about that means it's! A turbocharged v6 need reminding with 450 brake horsepower now it's not the most characterful engine it's still it's not a v8s and that still does.


Feel a shame because it's in terms of sound? But it's certainly pretty effective the figures for the turbocharged three and a half liter.

V6 a 450 brake horsepower and 510 pounds foot which sounds like quite a lot but actually only feels adequate in such a big vehicle however as with. The smaller Ranger Raptor the star of the show is the suspension. Pair into the gigantic arches and lurking behind the wheels.

Ford raptor

You'll see rather beautiful to my eyes anyway Fox live valve racing shocks with 13 inches of travel at the front and 14 at the rear? These electronically controlled units are an update for this generation of f150 and give continuously variable compression damping I was perhaps.

Expecting a little more of this I don't think it's actually any better. The Ranger in terms of what it can cope with and I mean?

Ford f-150 raptor

It's a big heavy heavy car this 2,600 kilos which.

Is a lot off-road to manage constant of some big wide-open area for this but I like these sort of tracks it's more fun.


More challenging journey for the car and for me it's been not looking at the camera too:

Much and just be confident with it moving? Around it's it's always going to be just slipping: The slide in particular is quite sandy!

2019 ford f-150 raptor

Surface you really need to read what it can cope with because. It won't just steamroller everything in a bad sense what I'd imagine.

From sort of things I've driven the past things like folders which really.

Ford raptor review

Can take everything that is thrown at them having said that this is still pretty extraordinary one reason: This f150 might feel a little firmer than expected is that the dampers have been recalibrated in this latest model.

So that when you jump it's two and a half tonnes the? Shocks stiffen up in order to offer more support on landing anyway there.

F-150 raptor

Are seven driving modes that adapt the suspension. Gearbox steering etc to try and tailor the wraptor for everything from fast road driving to rock calling now I've got this.

In the Baja mode so that's in four-wheel drive and I will.

2019 ford raptor review

Actually show you and just put it into: Two wheel drive so that just this here up to two will drive because you think: Well that's obviously gonna be even more fun four inch wheel drive but as your receding trying.

To get traction of this very difficult it's easy:

Ford f-150

Put in to ill drive like it come home and it's just you're fighting.

It much more it's not it's really just noise enjoyable actually: So we're gonna go back into bahaar!

Mode well you should probably talk about because you might bill tell there is a loss of shuddering.

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