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The Ford F-150 is finally back in the Philippines. It brings to life Built Ford Tough as a full-size pickup truck that sets the global standard in trucks with its standout look and design, powerful performance, class-leading capabilities, and advanced smart and safe technologies.

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CQ m ez q GC q barbeque banana who the so knock knock fear has got me all cooked up and I'm sure you guys are too? So I think it's time to go for a little Drive little Drive but in my big baby yeah you heard it right.

BB big baby check out these huge side mirrors and not only that you got their new miracle treat bag which. Lets you write their code so you can easily open it's not hard did you see that automatic. Step boys let's get in so we can get out let's.

Do this first things first let's all get settled. In shall we of course we have the powered seats.

Nice power steering wheel goes up down whichever where you want it but this is actually pretty. Cool even the pedals go up and down I just into your height?

Or whoever is gonna drive it now you might be wondering. What is the first thing I noticed about this big baby these big seats they're.

So big and comfy you're practically sitting on a couch no as you go through the drive I've set up a camera.

Right here I also got a GoPro to my side couple of cameras in the back at all not fancy? I'm gonna make you my beginning didn't your skin cool so let me just make you burn this moon which is absolutely?

Panicked goes from the front all the way to the back sec let there be light before.

We hit the road let me just showcase this beautiful. Cockpit from the root word if of course you got your steering mounted controls your volume voice activation cruise. Control all the stuff you need to operate the instrument.

Panel so you can keep your hand on the wheel. And a lot of people think you can start this big baby. With this but I don't eat this I wish let's see my design but what's a long trip without some sound trip check out this Dan speaker.

Be a no system for maximum surround sound. Come on the back of you they come. On the side are you ready come as fast.

Or use it if you are man can I know you're ready man this thing is big bad and bold wildin. Let's get that punch from the v6 ecoboost Orion turbo engine mind-blowing now massive and that's bold as it is the guys? From Ford have made it super easy for anyone to drive.

This truck now what happened what just happened here is the precondition. Assist which is bling and beef your thoughts on it a beard of dashboard refinishing assist.

What happened there was a person just crossed suddenly and the car just break there it stopped which is an amazing safety feature not never and you! Know especially the Philippines I'm gonna make them to gonna pop out right.


Here in there they know Graham being the right night! I'm actually in front of a sit down right.

Now and I can see the roof then in China pass: There you go you heard that beep addition. Assist once again there's a car that just crossed we're gonna love us a convo?

Once again we live in style from the time of Buddha pero hindi nation a lunatic I said that's the good up for you it's the break. For you check out the right height here: Right beside a six wheeler not a problem the guy's gonna:

See you you know stuff it aside whoa what is that one thing I've noticed.

Going through these twisties if you veer to the left of the too much forth you're right it's got what they call. The main assist mode which helps you stay in your lane now what happens there is the steering wheel.

Actually stiffens abyss the mikado animal Iowa makes their help to go back Pyrenees supercool safety feature.

This is the exciting part we go off-road see how the suspension handles easy easy breezy oh my goodness.

What the music made alright check this out I managed to hit a switch.

By the side of the seat which actually engages a massager this is! This is nuts the seat actually has a massager and it's on it the touch screen right now you can actually: Choose to massage your back your thighs sir up oh man it's like.

This is what I need for like a long drive.

And flippin massage massage in my butt but not there goes the back I am not kidding. It actually has a massager these seats have massage jury everything just looks too easy every kind of road. Whether it's paid it was got rocks you got rivers it is just it just makes.

It look too damn easy the Ford f-150 is the epitome of being badass check this out go for a little sewer here like I. Said I mentioned I was driving these huge side mirrors chrome details check out the quad be an LED headlamps.

Keyless gives it a nice chunky feel this is just a crazy massive drill it's sort of massive shadow they think I'm a lunatic! Or something it's crazy of course the aluminum body keeps you nice and safe but I want you to go down here you're gonna have to get it off nice.

And classy 20 inch chrome out wheels of course altering tire sticky whatever: You want but definite it's not sometimes about the prompt sometimes. You wanna see the back no they were cool features.

Of the f-150 keep in your remote see that remote just double click you got the tailgate!

Another click here gives you a period step but that paints all very impressive meghamala bus number haba and it goes up it's called a tailgate.

Assist in tagalog boom you know makes it easy to bring stuff on your truck bed whether you're. Loading or you know it's making fam buy with your friends makes it a whole.

Lot easier to just get on the truck bed also?

Folds up nice and easy easy peasy lemon squeezy I'm gonna check out the rear cabin first once again. Step comes out lift this up look at how much space there is to the Medina what are these fish did demographics. Origamis please Thank You dr. Marvins hello oh wow just wow man I you know this is just loaded.

With features space and coolness you know all the all the features that you could probably: Want in a truck it's big bad and bull and wait a minute it's speaking with my uncle president appoint Philippines!

How Yuma hey Sam how are you doing I'm doing really great but I'm also the confused why does: Your f-150 look different from mine this is a quantity lariat Sam what you draw is top-of-the-line 4x4 f-150 platinum!

Very I'm still confused why are there two models good question Sam they both feature.

Loader on a very similar vehicles of the same engine same transmission same.

Suspension and a great ride and they're both loaded with fourth:

Copilot 360 I can't complain but please explain it depends on what you like if you are an adventurous 40 kind. Of guy for vital air it is a perfect country? If you're an awful kind of guy you definitely want the hardcore 4x4 capabilities of the cladding then these are both huge trucks and definitely big bad and!

Bored yes Sam they truly embody the! Built Ford Tough I love it I want it can I keep it yes you. Can lucky for you you can stop by any Ford dealership and pay for it as it's available starting!

Today ok I'm dying to find out how much Sam the 4x2 lariat comes.

At a price tag of two point six nine eight million pesos the 4x4 platinum comes!

With a price tag of two point nine nine eight million vessels those are actually really!

Great prices but I have one more question are you ready to play.

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