Detroit 2012: An Audi for Snow

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Named after the American wintersport resort of Vail Audi presents an Q3 special edition in energy-red for ski- and snowboard-fans. Next to the famous Audi-technique there are an inductive heated thermos, a torch with heating beam and a trunk-cover with heating function. Next on the stand there is the face lifted A4 all road Quattro consuming just 4.2 litres.

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Aldi is showing its redesigned a four in Detroit the mid class saloon is quite popular! In America but of course is always.

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Competition even four years after its original launch the a4 doesn't look old and consequently design changes have been fairly! Moderate the most obvious details are the radiator grill and the continuous LED strips for daylight. Driving the rear end of the car shows a new taillight design quite similar to that of the a force bigger.

Brothers the a6 a7 and 88 also new is the design of the rear bumper there are. More pronounced changes under the bonnet all engines have been beefed up while average consumption has decreased by about. Eleven percent throughout the range the smallest engine!


Is a 120 horsepower petrol version the s4 is at the top end with 333 horsepower. Howdy also presents a concept car based on the q3 its name q3 Vale betrays the preferred use of this car winter sports: But this new SUV appealing to a young demographic of winter sports fans would surely be able to please.

Outside of Vail Colorado as well it features a mix of matte and glossy body parts gigantic 20-inch. Wheels a wider chassis 3 centimeters of additional ground clearance the distinct.


Underbody protection and the roof rack with integrated LED lamps amplify the off-road appeal howdys designers came up with a number. Of attractive details for the car's interior?

As well thanks to high quality materials and fresh design solutions the q3 veil. Almost feels like a lounge on wheels winter sports fans can look forward to some interesting details the boot.


Features to torch lights which are constantly charged while driving this also an electronically controlled thermos flask heated seat cushions were inserted. Into the cargo section that to provide heat while putting on ski boots integrated LED floodlights. Provide illumination j'ecoute reveal is that relief is a show car and of course the q3 bail is our show car to announce:

That we will bring the q3 to America right now we're doing preparations to make sure we comply. With all the regulations at the end. Of 2013 who will produce the first vehicle for the US and start sales:


There the q3 veil is a very dynamic off-road vehicle fitting perfectly. With all the skiing efforts we've also shown that four by four vehicles.

Now take up more than a forty-one percent of our sales which is quite. Hard to beat for anyone the q3 veil is a great for public forum of course there's a high performance?


Engine the 2.4 liter turbo FSI that is also used in the GTRs that's a very powerful engine. And the q3 bail is a very powerful car and in that way I think it's quite appropriate. For America Audi's business is going well in America in 2011 every month bought a new sales.

Record experts agree that this trend should! Continue in 2012?

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