Copart Walk Around 8-8-2021 BMW X3 XDrive

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What's going on ladies and gentlemen welcome back to auto auction rebuilds guys this has been like the best copart walk around. Experience i think i have ever had although there is a serious shortage of cars.

The weather is perfect i'm not drenched in sweat i'm not drenched in pouring rain it's actually:

A beautiful day out here in del city so we're back of course at copart 2829 southeast 15th. Street here in del city oklahoma you guys need to come check this place out man because i'm telling. You even though there may not be a lot of room for or profit uh for a wholesale dealer like myself.


I'm telling you for somebody looking for a good vehicle for themselves or for family man this. Place is it you gotta check don't let a salvage brand scare you and remember:

Hold on don't tell anybody i told you this all right but not all cars at copart are salvaged they have.

A lot that are donations don't tell anybody i don't want them to kick me out for letting you guys know i'm just kidding. We're going to jump right into this today guys with a what is this old where's where's monkey wrench mike monkey.


Wrench mike where are you at man somebody tagged. Monkey wrench on this one i don't think he'd have any interest!

In this this is a 79 sl 450 an sl450 i've never heard of an! Sl450 before but i've also never claimed to be an expert. On all things car related yeah i just want to make sure i read that right sl450 says an operable!

Key now i think monkey wrench mike and i have looked at some of these similar:


Types of mercedes before and he told me if i remember correctly that this top actually comes. Off and if i remember correctly does it come off i could be wrong: No i think it does it's got a seal here i do believe it actually does come?

Off he also told me the seals tend to leak like crazy and it ruins the car ruins the dashboard.

Just completely destroys the car however this particular car looks like it's in relatively good shape unfortunately the key it says. Doesn't work that doesn't mean we can't try it out oh oh wow whoa. Trying to cut my leg off here man oh it's got that it's got that old mercedes smell?


Well here's a key of sorts and it it works hey it works the key does work guys guys i'm going!

To try to start it i'm going to try to start:

So it says inoperable key but the key works on this so obviously with an inoperable key this thing's not going to be a run: And drive well if i can figure out i wish monkey wrench mic was here oh where's that.


Monkey wrench mike at how do you open a damn hood on this old. Girl man is there a lever is there a lever up under here somewhere i don't see a lever.

Hmm i don't really i don't really. See anything for that matter to help.

Me figure out how to open the hood did i miss a hood release in here somewhere.


I'll bet some of you that know this car said they're going?

No randy the hood release is right there you're missing it it's right in front?

Of you oh is it over here ah okay. Found it i did most of you will not get. That reference that's okay all right now okay we figured out the first part uh how you open.


It from here that they don't make: It easy on you man so i mean i can see the hood latch it's right. Here okay guys as embarrassing as this.

Is oh wait no did they hide it over here somewhere i'll be right back i found it you have to reach. Through the mercedes star and right here okay so if any of you i doubt it'll ever happen. But if you find yourself in a place where you need to open.

The hood and you can't figure it out well maybe i just save you a little bit of time now what i just did.


Did not seem to help me at all because i was assuming there would be a nice big battery under the. Hood uh that i would be able to put my booster pack on and unfortunately there's: No battery so i'm assuming the battery.

Must be in the trunk and hopefully it's a push button yes can get into the. Trunk ah it seemed like it wanted to open see see the trunk there it goes there it goes okay now we're cooking with grease?

There's where the battery goes all right let me hook a jump starter!


Up to it or a booster pack and let's see if we can get this thing to do something all right trusty. Booster pack is installed don't think for a minute that i expect it to fire up i i don't it's probably.

Been sitting for 20 years it probably has no gas i heard the cd player make noise that's! A sign fuel gauge is bouncing around it may not even have any gas in it i hear a tap or a knock.

Yeah she's not gonna start i'll try it one more. Time but the good news is this was listed.


As not doing anything like the key was inoperable and as you can see the key absolutely works i'm gonna leave it there leave it at that i didn't! Expect it to run at all i just wanted to know if the engine cranked over as long as the engine? Cranks over and doesn't make any funny noises i feel comfortable that bidding!

On it could be a lot of fun unfortunately: The engine makes noise i don't know if you could hear the tapping or the knocking coming from it when you're cranking. It but i can assure you that once it actually fires up it is running whatever that noise is is going to get exponentially.

Worse so although i think this is a really cool car and it looks. Good it needs a little bit of work but you know i don't think it needs anything too major. Probably a good fuel system cleaning fresh gasoline being that it's a mercedes though.


It probably has that weird uh fuel injection that old school fuel injection system that is you know. Complicated and expensive to fix and with the engine making noise i'm gonna. Say this one is not for me next on my list is a beautiful 2020 bmw x3 it's got m sport wheels.

It is a flood and not running so being that it's a 2020 and it's sitting here obviously.

Something went terribly wrong now it was taped up you can see but it looks like somebody has already cut it i wanted to make. Sure you guys could see it was not me i didn't. Do it oh yeah she's oh wow okay this door does not operate.


Uh well for a minute i was thinking you know hey maybe we could crank it over and see if it does anything no no that ain't.

Gonna happen this thing ain't gonna crank i guarantee you that the water in this thing was high i mean there's.

There's mud on the seats guys look at this there's literally mud in the seat belts mud caked down here mud all.


The way up here and i think i'm trying to see a water.

Line i don't see the water line this car is just it's so full:

Of mud it's really hard to see how high! The water actually got i could tell you this the water got over the vents because i can see pine needles and dirt. And debris literally inside of the vents so wow wow i think this whole thing uh is it still closed?


On this side oh yeah you can see the water in the headlights the. Condensation guys literally this car was underwater i didn't even realize.

It was that bad like from the pictures you couldn't tell it was that bad it's very bizarre? Though because you would think inside of these cup holders and stuff would be like really really. Bad and i do see some signs that water was in them but i just would:

Expect it to look a whole lot worse there's water literally dripping out of the door right now what about! The screen can we see water behind the screen i don't! Know man i don't know good night makes you wonder how that happened you know it's.


Not like it ran off a bridge or something oh whoa yeah yeah yeah she was she was submerged she was completely submerged underwater.

Look you can even see the dirt and mud behind the headlight. Lens wow so this whole car was underwater. That's rare to see guys that's rare to see look at all the the debris the chips.

Of wood the chunks everything on top of the cowling pieces of trees oh it's too bad there's no dipstick? I would love to see what the oil looks like on this i i i guarantee when the insurance. Company got a hold this car they sent it immediately they were like nah nah no just move on it's done there?


Is no possible chance of saving this yeah i would love to check the oil in fact i'm going to go ahead and pull the not the dipstick. I don't think they come with dipsticks anymore but no maybe not. I was thinking this thing might be full to the brim with oil it's actually.

Not hell you might put a jump on this she may run i'm absolutely kidding there's no way in hell. This thing is gonna run what a fine though what a find and hey you know what it actually may run guys and:

You know why i think water may be about the same viscosity as the oil this thing requires zero weight 20 isn't that about. What water is anyway hey she may run just fine with water in the crank? Case oh this would be fun to mess around with guys but truthfully obviously it's:


A bmw the whole car was underwater uh it ain't gonna run it ain't gonna drive and even if you could get it to try to start nothing in here. Is gonna work at least that would: Be my guess yes you really don't know until you uh put.

The key in it put some power to it and try it out but you. Wanna know something this is one car we ain't trying it with we're moving on to the next one next.

On my list the 2013 chevy impala at first glance in the listing i thought hey this actually: Looks pretty good 148 000 miles not too.


Bad you know it's worth taking a peek at but this is why i always tell. You guys don't bid sight unseen come. Out here and look at the cars for yourself it's got some dings and dents that's.

A very interesting ding uh something hit it obviously. Through the taillight so this had to have been replaced and it actually wrinkled the metal there um this side tail.

Light is busted out it's got some weird chrysler wheel over here okay very interesting: Chrysler wheel right there and i think the rest are actually chevy impala wheels.


The fender is smashed not a big deal these are a dime a dozen easy. To find and easy to find in the same color too plenty?

Parts cars there oh my god are you serious right.

Now are you serious this is one of the worst i have ever seen ever good night.


How do you how do you i guess that's all i can say how do you how oh my god. There's mold oh hell no you let your kids! Sit back here with crowns and color all over your car and markers are you serious.

Let me tell you something guys look at this that's mold that is mold and mildew and markers everywhere look at this floor mountain dew! In the back food this is disgusting this is disgusting i mean absolutely disgusting there.

Is no excuse for that guys none absolutely no excuse. Let me tell you something i'm going.


To go on a very short tangent right now but this this right here this is what's wrong with a lot of kids in today's! Society this is what's wrong with a lot of these youngsters that's going to be growing up and running this damn country all right is stuff. Like this parents let me tell you something man i i'm this pisses me off and this isn't my car they.

Ain't my kids i don't even know these people but whoever owned this car and let their. Kids do this bad parenting you i could tell you. Right now by looking at the car you're a bad parent bad parent.

All right if you let your kids color all over your car and tear up your car and make. A hot mess of it like this.


You let your kids destroy your property like this this means. You let your kids run wild you let your kids just.

Do whatever the hell they want i'm telling you right now guys i'm kind of old school. You know i was parenting long ago things were a little.

Different than they are today you could spank. Your kids back in day let me tell?


You something all my kids got spanked all my kids got spanked back in the day this this didn't happen! In my house this didn't happen in my car okay i'm lying my kids did occasionally color on a wall but. You got spanked for it and then you had to clean it up yourself you were made to clean it up you were punished and?

You were made to clean up you had to learn i had to teach my kids there: Are consequences for your actions you let your kids run wild and rampant?

And do things like this they think. As they get older that they're entitled to act like this that they have a right to exhibit this type of behavior.


Not just on your property not just on their property. But on other people's property too they think.

It's okay you can't do this man you can't do this.

This is awful absolutely awful now i'm gonna i'm i'm i'm walking away from.


This one i can't even look at this one anymore guys i don't know. What just came over me but i couldn't.

I had i i got to hear if. It runs i i don't know why it says it didn't run. It says it had no key but it's got.

A key in it so i'm sitting here like well oh my god man maybe maybe. Hey we could give this to the auto spot llc nope wow something is real wrong with this oh it's a yellow jacket is that! A yellowjacket what the hell is that whoa i think that's a yellow jacket guys.


Whoa yo man i'm not even playing i've already i'm covered in poison. Ivy right now man all over i'm highly allergic poison ivy and: I'm highly allergic to bees and wasps he flew out see bad omen with this car this car is done yeah.

All right well i had to know probably just finished killing off my booster! Pack now we know she literally is dead as a doornail next i got a 95 gmc sierra says it was a donation? 153 000 miles on the odometer the tires look old and rotten with no tread the body somebody tried to wow someone.

Wants to put hours in on this so all the paint was gone here right all the paint was gone here somebody literally took. The time to try to fill in every single dot of missing paint all the way down this entire. Body i mean someone must have spent a ridiculous they did on this side too wow i mean someone must have spent!


An insane amount of time filling all that in that's wild that's. Wild let's take a look it's listed as a run and drive these: Actually sell they really do these sell very well of course it.

Needs a set of tires uh it could stand a coat of paint i think.

With a fresh one the body itself and the interior. Very good shape even the bed is in really good shape i think with a fresh paint job this! Truck could actually be worth some money:


Fresh paint job a set of tires thankfully the interior is in really good shape normally the interiors are trashed on these but the interior is really good. It's really nice back seat looks good too it's got the factory gm floor mats those. Are actually worth a little money uh you can't find those hardly anymore oh but does she run yes she does 153 000 miles.

That's nothing for these nothing for these at all i'm telling you with a paint job a set of tires if the ac works. And if it runs and drives as good as i think it does this truck is a 3 500 truck all day long oh it's. A v6 though oh man well i'm not sure it's a 3500 truck.

Anymore oh crap yeah it's the v6 and the air conditioning! Is not working well dang and unless it's been ripped retrofitted i'm pretty sure that 95 was still. R12 was it not i could be wrong let's see if we can find a uh a label:


On here that tells us i don't really see anything. Uh it's got a the okay so the uh compressor has been replaced it says manufactured. By four seasons i'm pretty sure that is not a factory ac compressor normally though you'd see a little sticker somewhere.

That would tell you you know it holds like.

So many oh right here it's not a sticker:


So somebody replaced the is this the evaporator or the dryer anyway it says two pounds on it so apparently that's. Been replaced so it looks like it is r134 looks like somebody. Went through the trouble of replacing everything:

So it might work with a shot of freon i don't know but being a being a 4.3 liter though you know that's. It runs perfect it does i'll bet i mean look at this guys i don't think you get 35 out of it though i don't.

I don't think you could pull 35 out of even if it's got no issues let's turn this. Down in fact let's turn it off there are no warning lights on the dash at all nothing uh the brakes are very weak oh no they're.


Not i'm just used to my newer cars brakes actually?

Feel decent oil pressure is good does the radio. Work factory radio works headliner looks good do the windows work yes yes power: Locks yep okay so this is a truck guys that literally?

Everything works on you know what i didn't see is a check engine light. You know there it is service engine soon light it works gauges battery light airbag. Light everything works abs light all the lights function and it has no uh it has.


No warning lights on what do you guys think give it a little throttle yeah okay i'm gonna go and pop the hood.

One more time because i actually am interested in this my concern now that it runs so well. And it looks so good my only real concern is possibly that transmission and these were kind: Of notorious for transmission failures but uh i'm telling you man she went right into gear just fine but that.

Doesn't mean anything like okay can have driving it can have reverse but uh it may not have second gear may not have third gear. Hard to say it's worth taking a peek at the trans fluid actually that's.


That's a good sign the trans fluid is not dark it's not horribly burnt. But it's not bright pink either it's a little on the it's turning?

Brown it's turning from pink to brown so it's decent used fluid that makes me think:

Transmission might just be okay after all this might be a legit. Good running driving truck guys i'm keeping. This on my list but knowing the way things have been going lately.


With cars trucks especially are running high so uh we'll keep our eye on it it's something i'll definitely take into consideration. Hell if you could get it cheap enough. You could probably just sell the damn thing like it is well i guess.

We'd have to put some tires on yeah definitely have to put some tires on it but i don't! Think the paint is so horrible that'll really justify getting in a total paint job i don't know comment below tell me what you think of the 95 gmc! 1500 last on my list guys i'm i'm recording this because!

To me it's really interesting this is a 98 range rover but man does it look outdated. Like even for 98 to me this looks really really outdated think about the cars that were.


Coming out in 90. you know the mainstream cars the ford taurus all right the. Chevy cavalier the uh what other family cards the chevy impala all right a 98 impala just think of all the the cars they.

Were coming out in 1999 i'm trying to think of some dodges guys but honestly uh they're they're kind of fleeting.

My my memory at the moment but think about maybe a dodge stratus or sorry not a dodge stratus a dodge. Intrepid a dodge intrepid a chrysler concord from the same era you think of the american. Cars and hell even look at the bmws okay bmw mercedes in the late 90s they were really really aerodynamic looking not a range rover!


Not a range rover 1998 range rover said you know what we're?

Going to do to make this thing look more modern we're gonna make the headlights more modern!

And that's it the rest of this damn thing looks like it's straight.


Out of the 80s man wow you could tell she has not moved on her own in quite some time that tire is completely disintegrated it looks. As if the rotors could possibly be rusted to the calipers maybe she's she's: Rough man sad too oh oh man wow take some work to open those doors beautiful:

Interior though absolutely well okay the back interior. Looks decent you get up front and unfortunately the rest of it is just it's shot it's sad oh well.

Okay all right she doesn't want us to open the driver's door that's: Fine that's fine can we open this nope can't open that neither. I guess we'll just have to settle:


For oh are you kidding me it's unlocked you can't get in it you can't get in it and that makes me wonder is this really. A non-runner or if you put a booster pack in it would she. Fire up hmm should i try to climb in and climb over to try and pop the hood maybe.

Hold on maybe i can just reach in here and maybe i can grab oh crap okay there. We go there's more than one way to skin a cat oh hey:

In 98 they had airbags too how about. That golly look at this this is just this is awful it's bad it's real bad let's see if we can get. The hood open up for us here oh man this thing weighs like a thousand.


Pounds so the hood struts are totally shot and somebody had this ingenious? Idea to use this pole this pole fits perfectly down here and perfectly up here land rover. 4.0 liter i'll tell you oh no battery that's a sure sign something.

Is very wrong you know what i mean anytime. You open hooded car and whoever owned? It last took the battery out of it that was like they wanted every last dime they.

Could get back out of it so much so that they stole the damn battery out of their own car yeah well interesting this:

Is a 4.0 liter v8 when i see. 4.0 i'm thinking of like ford and i'm thinking?

Of v6 no no no this is a this is a teeny tiny v8 it's it's cute.

It's actually i this thing is big it's heavy i just can't imagine a little 4.0 v8 dragging. This sucker around uh she smells funky as hell guys boy she smells real funky i would.

I really would make an attempt to fire this bad boy up but oh man literally. This hood this hood feels like it weighs at least 80 to 100 pounds the weight of that hood is insane what are the.

Miles no miles had digital odometer how about that does that have a key it does. Have a key damn this makes me really want to try. To crank it it it's listed as a non-runner i do i do wonder.

Did they uh did they even try or did they just look at this and go man no way no way uh i'm gonna guess that this one: Probably honestly doesn't run um she's rough she's real rough and i would love to try to start. It for you guys just at least here at crank unfortunately my booster pack died when we were fighting that impala trying.

To start that impala with whatever was going on bad compression head gasket. Issue something that was trying to seize up the motor that drained my booster pack in a quick hurry so thanks to the impala we won't get to try.

To crank over the range man i would really like to. Hear this thing at least crank over to see if the motor may you know may be salvageable:

If you shot some starting fluid in it unfortunately that's the way the cookie crumbles i'm bruce nolan and with that ladies? And gentlemen that concludes another co-part walk around and i'm telling you. I'm telling you this has been the best copart.

Walk around i think i have been out here doing in i can't even remember uh probably about forever it. Has been so hot and so humid out here it is just miserable doing these walk-arounds but it's better than getting rained. On i think i'm not sure i don't know what do you guys think what's worse hot and humid or getting soaked in torrential.

Rains personally i prefer a day like.

This where it's like 88 89 degrees out not sunny fairly. Cloudy nice little breeze coming through you don't have to sweat that much makes. Doing these walk arounds a hell of a lot more enjoyable for me puts me in a better.

Mood which hopefully puts you guys in a better mood i actually had a great time today and i really! Do thank all of you for watching and joining us today.

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Ever going to see it on the channel and that is auto auction rebuilds! With an s plural auto auction rebuilds on facebook and instagram. And with that we are out of here guys again thank:

You so much for watching stay safe out there i will catch you all very soon in the next one:

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