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FajitaBoyz now have an ISF. Also we have a little fun in the rain, enjoy!

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Hey are you sure I got the shaking hands oh hi guys all right guys this is Yvonne first rockin? Girlfriend her first guys wait you've all close your eyes cause you guys haven't seen it yeah. You haven't ya first reactions right here Greg give her the keys here it's your car.


Back in the stang with another video so actually Isaiah!

Went lower in the rear and he's like maxed out on B C's he didn't go with extreme lows which.


I told him he should have went with extreme lows I told him to go in the Sangram but you want to check. Out those other Stang you have to - did you guys.

Said about that was that line it's good like that you want to tell the people what Nikolai. Got gotta see that's good you got any Harvard uh okay so I'm trying to make. A I'm trying to record I freaking Greg things this.

Bought my girlfriend a car

Is this is why this is why Greg needed an is f because nobody pays attention to his! Car so he asked for a ride line but yeah so Nico got his e yard of the Cupit? Because you're on a manual you got bored of it LSD coming soon oh yeah a tune all right the drift day is that you're gonna send.

It away everyone wants no will you drink that Oh for bug on what's it come with you go come on Neko Neko my turn.

Bought car

Yeah let's see guys it's a drift:

Night let's see let's see how either goodbye oh okay what do y'all think even Greg is gonna slider is gonna be about not whip: The ISF let's you let see why he's about to do or not oh boy annuities all right hey it was a good try just got the.


Car it's got the co actually your girlfriend just got the car oh yeah whoa I didn't get that:

Oh shit raagh nog damn bro those like big turbos holy shots at turbo are you sure hey check though winch.


Windshield wiper I don't want your car blow up it's a freakin rapper nobs flaw I places hi I think cops are coming.

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