2020 BMW X7 Pickup vs. BMW M3 Pickup (History, Concept Design, Specs, and More)

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1986 BMW M3 Pickup. 2011 BMW M3 Pickup. 2020 BMW X7 Pickup. The oldest – and in our opinion – the best is the BMW M3 pickup from 1986. While the E30 M3 has been commended for its driving capabilities, BMW's Motorsport department also saw the sports car's potential for transporting parts and work equipment, though it didn't have enough room. That's where the concept of a pickup came in. The truck started life as a 3 Series convertible with the "Italian M3" engine, which was a smaller 2.0-liter unit that made 192 horsepower. The engine was eventually replaced by the original 2.3-liter four-cylinder motor that generated 200 horsepower. The M3 Pickup was used as a transporter for roughly 26 years before the vehicle was officially retired in 2012. - A team of 12 BMW trainees created a one-off pickup truck based on the X7 SUV, featuring such amenities as a teak bedliner. - It's 3.9 inches longer than a regular X7 but weighs over 440 pounds less. - BMW says there are no plans to put an X7 pickup into production. Segments of this video may have been retrieved throughout online forums, sites, and video pages. Videos are made as a hobby and only enhance the online car community, in addition the car economy of the entire world, and its voice!

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In 1986 BMW had the crazy idea to turn the 3-series convertible into an e30 pickup truck using the m3s engine:

2020 bmw x7

The one-off workhorse was used for more than 26 years as a transporter. Before being retired in 2012 when it was replaced by an e 92? M3 pickup also using a 3-series drop-top serving:

As the donor car fast forwarding to July of 2019 BMW revisited.

2020 bmw x7 pickup

The idea of a pickup truck but with. A couple of twists as the utilitarian. Vehicle started off in life as an x7 full-size SUV before being transformed into.

A double cab rather than getting a single cab layout of his predecessors not content with the work conducted by BMWs vocational. Trainees rein presque took matters into his own hands by elaborating a different take on a Bavarian.

2020 bmw x7 pickup truck

Pickup also based on the x7 but without.

The rear doors and seats of the official truck. The hypothetical premium hauler has been envisioned as a sporty: Or variant since it's based on an M performance model specifically it's the m50d with loads of low-end torque making.

Bmw pickup

It suitable to carry just about everything that fits into its rather small backside bed the roof mount! Is spoiler and the vertical third brake lights on the rear pillar are a nice touch while the chunky tires denote!

The x7 and 50 d truck being ready to take on any off-road adventure that the driver. Decides to do BMWs oversized kidney grille doesn't look out of place on this imaginary: Vehicle while the M badge on the front fender.

2019 bmw x7 review

Corroborated with the fat angular exhaust tips reveals!

It's based on the hotter derivative of the big SUV rather than the 40 I which is the real original model? But don't hold your breath for a production pickup from BMW to go after that Mercedes next class just yet as company executives believe:

Bmw m3 pickup

It just doesn't have a viable business case at the moment if not only would it have to boost an on body frame chasis. BMW doesn't really want to go down the badge engineering route as it would be much more expensive to develop this technology from:

Scratch and in my personal opinion I think that they're pretty smart and in this decision I mean obviously. There has been a lot of discussion and demand.

1986 bmw m3 pickup

For off-road vehicles as well as pickup. Trucks and specifically those that have a bit more power under the hood and obviously.

BMW knows what they're doing in that sense and I feel like they could obviously. Stick one of their more powerful engines! In there but I just think in terms of overall economic.

2011 bmw m3 pickup

Standpoint it wouldn't really be the smartest thing for them as a lot of them technology is geared. Towards smaller cars and I mean pickups are just gonna cost a lot more and I don't think the demand.

For them is that large but you? Never know I mean I'm doing this video we're doing this video because the the appeal. Is there with this pickup truck and obviously there has been some buzz so I just wanted to give you guys a little.

Bmw x7 pickup concept

Bit of a breakdown in some history on where the first pickup truck by BMW is ever made and a little bit more about the x7 moving?

Along it certainly took BMW long enough to come out with the x7 SUV itself the brand's first? Large three row SUV but there's still another big vehicle segment. That the brand has yet to enter this being the pickup space as we just mentioned.

E92 m3 coupe

BMW might be looking to remedy that as far as motor 'days event it had 12 of its vocational trainees! Create a one-off X and pickup concept and it actually looks rather interesting complementing. The x7 pickup is a BMW fa g s motorcycle that fits in the.

Bed just to give an illustration to people of its practicality and although it obviously doesn't look as large as some of the bigger pickup! Truck beds it still looks like you can fit most things in there that the one-off. Is based off an ice x7x drive 40i which has a turbocharged inline 6 engine and all-wheel drive the pickup keeps the SUV's.

Mercedes-benz x-class

Air suspension from the rear doors forward it looks like any old x7 but after the c-pillar part instead. Of more side windows in a third row seat section there's an upright glass a thick pillar with silver.

Hand grips and a pickup bed that is lined with teak wood the taillights rear bumper and tailgate are all custom.

2021 bmw x7

BMW says the pickup is 3.9 million. Inches longer than the standard x7 and the bed space is 55 inches long with the tailgate closed and almost 79 inches long with it open. The x7 was built in only 10 months and is fully roll legal?

An existing x7 prototype that has been set to be crushed was he used as a cost-efficient starting point obviously not having. To spare and use a perfectly good x7 that could be sold this was a better option having. Been created in partnership with BMWs concept to vehicle construction and model technology divisions it was created using a number of advanced.

Bmw x7m

Technologies carbon-fiber reinforced plastic was used for the roof rear doors and tailgate and bits including the hand grips and the trim pieces. On the bed were made using 3d printing BMW says the pickup Wiis about 441 pounds less than the regular.

X7 BMW also says that series implementation is not planned. For now but we can imagine this is the first time beamed up has thought about making a pickup truck and as we've.

Bmw x7m 2020

Mentioned before we know it's not back in 2011 BMW created a one-off view based on an e 92 m3 coupe and there! Is the existence of the beat mercedes' and mercedes benz x-class excuse me a pickup truck that is actually. In production and is the sole luxury entry in non-us markets but BMW has been known to be direct competitors.

Of mercedes-benz which is why there's been this buzz and chatter. And rumors about a possible pickup truck and I think it's pretty evident that.

Bmw x7 alpina

It is still a possibility I mean BMW is investing time and money and all this stuff in their concept. Vehicle construction and modern technology divisions and they're taking they're taking time to investigate how this concept would.

Work is it feasible economically in terms of technology. Engineering design all those things so it's gonna be interesting to see how they what they've like finally decide on this and seeing! Mercedes Benz in their ex class doing doing similar.

Bmw alpina b7

Things I think it'll be interesting to see what BMW decides to do again I am always a proponent. Of off-road vehicles and pickup trucks especially ones with some power and speed capabilities and I know that BMWs capable of doing that so I would. Not be opposed to such an idea but again it's up to them and we'll see what happens if you guys enjoyed this video.

Please show me some support I'll be updating you guys on this topic as I see fit and check out my other videos for more interesting. Content thanks so much guys you ooh.

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