Better than Tesla Cybertruck? 10 Electric Pickups that are Forming a New EV Segment

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After a very exhausting teasing campaign, Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck has been finally unveiled. The thing is definitely out of this world both performance and designwise, but did you know, that this is not the only electric pickup that already exists? In fact, we managed to dig out for you an entire lineup, where Cybertruck and Rivian R1T are just a few of many options. So buckle up and lets explore one of the world’s most utilitarian, versatile and desired vehicle classes, that has been recently slammed by the electrification tsunami. Have you ever seen the original Blade Runner movie? Well, the design of Elon Musk’s new creation, Tesla Cybertruck, clearly reflects the cyberpunk vision of the future cars that people had back in 1980s. It is hard to wrap one’s head around the trapezoidal exterior that seems to be made of a single metal piece. 2020 Chevrolet E-10 is the brand’s new electric concept that fantasizes on how their future electric pickup might look like. The model uses propulsion components from the Bolt EV combining them with two Connect & Cruise electric motors. Along with the upcoming Tesla truck, the RT1 is probably the most anticipated model in this segment. It is developed by the American startup Rivian that has already managed to secure more than 1.5 billion dollars of funding. Many companies have attempted to claim the title of the world’s first manufacturer of electric pickups, but the actual winner of the race was not anyone from the favorites. The joint Venture between Nissan and the China state owned Dongfeng, has already rolled out an electric version of the Rich 6 pickup. If everything shown in their pre-production pickup by Atlis will be delivered to the assembly line, then the all-electric 2021 Atlis XT Truck might become a game-changer in the growing niche. After first electrifying Arnold Schwarzenegger’s G-Class, the Austrian Kreisel Electric created a fully electric pickup for the world-famous actor and ex-governor of California. The prototype based on Hummer H1 is good for 186 miles of range, has 483 horses, and can accelerate to 60 mph in 5.6 sec. 2020 Bollinger B2 is a boxy-looking pickup from the Michgan startup, that combines 1930s design with electric propulsion, and is rather capable off-road. The news of the range-extended W-15 pickup first surfaced back in 2016, and a year later, the Ohio-based manufacturer of commercial transport Workhorse presented its prototype. In 2019, the company announced it will be producing the model in a fully electric version, called Endurance, and under the new brand name Lordstown Motor Corp. 11.5 billion dollars, this is the amount of money that Ford is willing to pour into the development of electric vehicles by the year 2022 and the first models to obtain the new technology are the recently introduced crossover Mustang Mach-E and, of course, the best-selling pickup in the world, F-150. Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 a mission-ready fuel-cell-powered EV that is built by GM in collaboration with the U.S. Army and has been in extreme field testing since 2017. This is a bonus entry that demonstrates that personal utility vehicles do not end with the abovementioned electric pickups. The Ranger EV is the world’s first electric UTV that is powered by a lithium ion battery.

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After a very exhausting teasing campaign Tesla's feature example truck has been finally unveiled the thing is definitely out of this. Worlds both performance and design wise but that you know that this is not the only electric pickup that already exists. In fact we managed to dig out for you an entire lineup were cyber truck and Raven r1t or just a few have?

Many options so buckle up and let's explore one of the world's.

Most utilitarian versatile and desired vehicle glasses that has been recently slammed by the electrification tsunami subscribe to automotive territory: Not to miss any news about the modern EVs and enjoy the ride Tesla cyber truck have you ever seen the original Blade Runner movie. While what the design of Elon Musk's!

New creation clearly reflects the cyberpunk vision of the future.

Cars that people had back in 1980s it is hard to! Wrap one set around the trapezoidal exterior that seems to be made of a single metal piece? That is bulletproof and features a newly developed steel alloy also used on the space axe starship this pickup.

Will be offered in multiple configurations priced from $40,000 going up to seven ecran the specs! For the lower end models are impressive but the top of the line tri-motor all-wheel drive is absolutely off the charts it should be able to:


Cover 500 miles on each charge gyeo up to 14,000 pounds carry 3500 pounds and accelerate:

To 60 miles per hour and 2.9 seconds. Supposedly the separate truck can compete in the Baja rally with that 16 inches of clearance adaptive air suspension and the best.

Approach departure angles in the class revient r1t along with the upcoming tesla truck the r1 t is probably. The most anticipated model in the segment it is developed by the Americans start a proven that has already managed to secure!

More than 1.5 billion dollars of funding with most prominent investors including such Giants as Ford Motor Company and Amazon? The midsize pickup is expected to roll offered action. Lines sometime in 2020 and will be produced in three trends the entry-level one is a preliminary $70,000!

Price tag and will receive a one hundred and five gold our battery: 402 horsepower 413 bond feet of torque and 230 miles of range. The tough modification is promised not to exceed $90,000 but we'll get 750 horses 823 pound-feet and 400 miles of range with.

The towing capacity up to 11,000 pounds finally for the zero to six acceleration from 4.9 to three seconds respectively?

New models

They are ones he could participate in the hotrod competitions straight from. The factory bollinger be - they offer many the Bollinger.

Pickup may not be as attractive looking as those developed by competitors the company feels that practicality and utilitarian nature. Are more important features being able to carry 5,000 pounds.

Of payloads the b2 offers standard bed length of 72 inches but by removing the rear: Seats and opening the cap wall that can be extended. To 96 inches for transporting really long cargo the model also has a 14 cubic feet front trunk for additional storage.

The b2 is brought into motion by pair. Of electric motors and a 120 kilowatt-hour battery yielding 614 horses 668 on feet of torque and having. 200 miles of range thanks to its all aluminum chassis!

With a hydropneumatic suspension the Bollinger Bijoux is quite capable of roads offering. 15 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of wheel.

Travel Atlas xt trunk it is very likely that you have never heard of Atlas motor vehicles before as there yet to launch their. First car in 2020 but if everything's.

Pickup truck

Shown in their pre-production pickup will be delivered to the assembly line than the electric XD truck might become a game changer! And the growing niche according to the manufacturer!

The model will be able to cover up to 500 miles on a single charge with the largest battery? Option unlike its key competitors the XT is a full sized strut with various gap configurations and too bad lengths 6.5 or 8 feet it will? Also get single rear or two rear wheels options with the latter of being able to tow up to 35,000 pounds while.

Maintaining 65mph at a six degree slope the pickup is also expected to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in just. Five seconds kreisel electric hammer h1 you might have heard that Arnold:

Schwarzenegger is all about going green these: Days so even his cars no matter how brutal. They look get electric power trains first!

In order to please the governador the austrian company kreisel electric electrified his Mercedes g-class and next created.

Another one of a kind evie based on the hammer h1 this mighty beast received a new powertrain comprised.

All-electric trucks

Of two electric motors one on each axle put a combined.

Output of 485 horses the truck is also equipped with the 100 killed hour battery that ensures a max range of 186 miles despite. A substantial weight of 7,000 250 pounds and demonstrates: Unexpected agility accelerating from zero to 60 and 5.6 seconds and developing 75 miles per hour top speed sadly this vehicle.

As the only electric off-road hammer released so far and the manufacturer is not planning to start mass production Ford f-150 electric. Eleven point five billion dollars this is the amount of money that Ford is willing to pour into the development of electric vehicles by the Year.

2022 and the first models to obtain the new technology at the recently introduced crossover Mustang mech II and of course the best-selling pickup. And the world's the f-150 since the blue oval has invested in the Michigan based trivia chances are that the future F trucks will:

Share the powertrain with a start ups model but for now no info is disclosed Ford's test mules have been spotted here. And there and a prototype in Canada has even demonstrated. The capabilities of the truck of the future it pulled a stunt that highlights Ibiza.

Man's torque by towing 1.25 million pounds for 1,000 feet which is 10 double-decker Frank. Carts loaded with 42 gasoline versions of the f-150 if you want to electric vehicles.

To conquer the world make sure to like this.

Video by the way we never met to feature any news about the Eevee's so once you're done watching this. Episode proceed to their ass by following the links in the description and info cards let's keep going Chevrolet: Etan the culture of hot rods is still widespread around the world especially in view US and Canada.

The e10 concept by Chevrolet is imagining how the future of this movement will look like if electric vehicles took over the squirting. Machine is built on the platform of the 1962 C 10 peg app and is motivated by dual motor connect. And cruise concept great propulsion package with estimated 450 horsepower output the torque is transferred via super Matic for l 75 e automatic transmission.

To the rear axle resulting in brisk under five seconds here to say say. Acceleration it must be mentioned though that this electric pickup.

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