Беспилотные автомобили. ДТП. Кто кроме Яндекса и Тесла ?

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Испытываем автопилот мерседес, где он перестает работать ? Что на сегодня реально работает в климате России ? Соревнование беспилотных автомобилей. Кто заберет приз 175.000.000 рублей ? Новые функции автосигнализаций с элементами беспилотников:. Как это делается ? Как защититься ? Какие угрозы ожидают автовладельца ? Авто мошенничество. Угона.нет - официальный видеоканал Федерального сервиса.

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Standing car... standing car It s impossible to make so serious desitions In fact, we don t use them Ohhh, such a good turning moment Be careful! It s very important for us not to loose the equipment not to loose the car There was great situation It s worth a repeat! When it ll be started, we won t be able to effect on something The car stopped... It s difficult to comment 1 hour There was just money He just followed the collector car Hello, my dear friends Today we re talking about new branch of keeping car in safety The idea was given by different developers in car security sphere It s worth a point there re not only security systems but also systems that save driver and passengers So systems are unmanned technologies One producer of security systems wants to improve its business by producing security systems on unmanned cars These systems are: lane departure warning systems, blind spot control and other systems We ll try to observe everything, look at technologies that modern cars have what s waiting for us in the nearest future and also we ll see report from competition between 5 th generation unmanned cars i e autonomic that are developed by the Russians and were tested on the square of car s science institute We ll get by this car on the competition We ll talk about this car later It s known as the 2 d generation of unmanned cars On its example we ll know better technologies that are already here So there is radar that measures distance and speed of the car you follow Lidar It s similar to laser roulette The idea is easy By sending laser, it measures distance to the object It looks so Do you see difference? Stereo vision...


2 video cameras that recognise traffic objects Vision can recognise lines, signs, traffic light and also staying and moving objects ultrasoundsensors GPS anthenne unfourtunately doesn t give information about Russian roads conditions Information from every sensor goes to analysig center and lets unmanned work on Let s look at how it works in fact Green steering wheel indicator is on Now car moves itself It replaces to the left line itself and is kept between 2 lines Thanks to stereo vition It analyses traffic Now speed is 60 km/h Again... we see indication that demands to put your hands on steering wheel So pause with which the unmanned can move with no help lasts = 3 minutes on Mercedes We see car controls Crossed our movement and the unmanned stopped and is on the move on given direction Of course, there s information on the steering wheel when I cross dotted line the steering wheel reacts if I do it with no binker usage Now we re going to determine how the unmanned will react on pedestrian crossing See the reaction Yanne, are you ready? Yes, I am Let s go! So No reaction You would even hurt me! Once there was a happen when the unmanned reacted on pedestrian crossing But it was so early 30 m before the pedestrian The car stopped immediately But it happens rarely I m not sure it works at 80 % Yanne, let s do it once again! Let me just move a bit further So the 2 d attempt The 1 st one was unpleasant If Yanne and I hadn t stopped, the accident would have been Let s go! So cross the road, please! It is! So brake sound is thanks to mechanisms yeah, brake is trigged yeah, the sound was In this happen, it reacted Was the car stopped by itself? You know, I pressed brake pedal in adittion But the sound was thanks to its own work There was great situation It s worth a repeat A bit scared...hahhh By the way if I want to cross double solid line this moment the unmanned doesn t let it be The car stops by the right wheel and keeps me on the first place the function is lane departure warning Continue moving It would be better if car turned on window washer by itself The car is a bit scared too))))))) By the way, we continue moving We see there re some outages the reason might be the absence of back lidars that we drive by following left line There was an attempt to replace on the right line but didn t do it at the time of the bend of the road The emergency situation was Let s try to drive around an unregulated roundabout Let s look at how it ll end So there is roundabout The car starts turning Keeps and keeps but here doesn t It stops near the traffic light Oh... look! Builders do some work here And drivers replace their cars to the thin lane You see we moved on well But the car didn t make any sound It was emergency situation It didn t inform the driver Just tried to replace on oncoming lane.

Let s see what reaction will be Standing car! Standing car! It didn t react It s impossible to make so serious desitions So I press brake if I predict emergency situation and don t wait for the unmanned And it s better to look carefully The way I see it, it doesn t recognise the left lane because it becames so dirty wet and stereo vision stops recognising it There is a bridge Look where we re driving to Ohhh, likely, it reacted So interesting turning moment Yeah, good turning moment Be careful! Yeah! It was very scaring! It didn t repeat the bend of the road although lines were easy to be recognised Please, give me the 2 d steering wheel And every rule was followed.

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Driving with active steering wheel Very close to cars, very close! Again, it managed Replaced to oncoming line and here... sound wasn t but indicator to put hands on the steering wheel reacted I wouldn t recognise it Let s try to park here I activate function Please, put to Drive posittion... It should move forward, shouldn t it? Oh, parking Continue moving Ohhh, it s moving to oncoming lane It didn t manage and there s no indication Green indicator became white with no information and moved to oncoming lane Is it OK? There re a lot of critic situations by which you can judge By the way, the next Mercedes-Benz generation announces about the 3 d category of unmanned driving We might see it in our next tests, but the unmanned on this model wishes to be better It s not good to rely on it at all When you re in traffic it just helps you Also it works on well if you re in the traffic jam To move from the place we need to press GAS It continues moving The steering wheel is active This way when the car you follow stops we stop too and I don t press GAS or touch the steering wheel It s very convenient if you re in the traffic jam particularly in Moscow It doesn t give you so much pressure And in this situation you can even text somebody The indicator is still green But it followed that car It moves Let s replace to the left lane One more traffic light Anyway, it followed that car although we didn t use binker usage and didn t let it move right It decided without us It s inadequate There were just money It followed collector car Because there were money))))) Despite advertisements and cool videos modern unmanned is too far from idea we determined it on the previous video The main idea of these unmanned isn t that they re underdeveloped, but also because at winter the road s covered with mess and snow that doesn t let the system recognise lines And sensors are usually covered with snow and mess and they stop working adequately and the unmanned stops working This is the main idea of competition "Winter city" To withstand technological barriers and in extreme Russian conditions engineers should prove that the unmanned car in Russia can work adequately Today we ll check it.

We re located in US test site that investigates in car building sphere You know there was created mini-city that immitates track for unmanned cars It really does immitate city conditions Furthermore, there s area that immittes roads in the countryside So One round is 5 km Every participant has to drive 10 rounds 50 km no less than 3 hours If it s done on well, participant is the winner And places will be depending on time And the prise will be 175 000 000 RUB However for some teams practicing and preparing took a lot of time So kind of competitions used to be in the USA Pentagone egide in order to make the US army the best The prize was a lot of millions dollars Competition was from 2004 to 2007 22 teams from different universities and laboratories took part in They had to drive more than 200 km and in 2007 it was immitation of city conditions The winner was the team from Standfor university with project Standly based on Volkswagen Touareg By the way, these developers also took part in Waymo project for today its the leader of unmanned technologies They invested for this moment is more than 40 milliards S It s worth a point that climate was ideal It was a summertime with great vision with no rain no fog The main problem of using unmanned technologies in Russia as we ve determined in test with Mercedes is the technological climate barrier It was the main idea of competition "Winter city" withstanding this difficulty Our report is connected to the final of the competition in which only 5 of 33 teams managed to get Teams were from different Russian cities from Ural to St Petersburg Let s look at these cars in details Were located before the room where there re participants cars 1,5 hours until beginning Let s go inside and see some preparing moments As I see, your car is Gasel Yeah, it s based on Gasel By what sensors do you pick up information? We don t usually pick it up We usually base on virtual race And the car became a tram In fact, it s just navigation It s based on well-known accelerometers and so on The logic of driving is based on it, but any other things such as lidar are only for safety In fact, we don t use them We do use stereo lights but from common sollution ie there s nothing only we came up with You can see radars behind Back and lateral radars are put here This camera focuses surrounding processes It s enough to determine what s happening around car But movement is in another way Wouldn t you say that equipment is more expensive than car? You know, it s some kind of prototype and it isn t correct to say so Moscow team of BASETRACK for electric Gasel used 3 video cameras 1 long range radar 3 - short range high-precision satellite navigation system and analysing center Outcome is near 2 300 000 RUB Pocket and stone will be great for the car You shouldn t forget it s investigating model It rebuilds up the safety It s important for us not to loose the equipment not to loose the car I d say it s a bit scared now But as tests showed In this area in some situations as for me, for driver- beginner I wouldn t drive with so speed to go round the let It does it itself and it makes me a bit scared I think ideal of free veicle is when the unmanned drive I think so technology level, for so automatism level people will be able to come up with after 40 years TRK team includes 3 universities from Taganrog, Rostov-on-Don and Kursk That s why the team is called so KIA Soul is a basement There re 3 video cameras Long range ridar, which s put in bumper 2 radiations lidar on the roof and 3 16xR lidars in front wings and back bumper high-precision satellite navigation system adometria if you drive without sattelite and also analysing center This equipment costs at 6 200 000 RUB Only one connection with car and operator who runs the team and is remoted in control-center He controls it with radio-pult Interesting...

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before arriving in this center one of teams had only had 2 buttoms here But 3 are demanded There wasn t a pause They were disqualified And they couldn t continut competiting One more buttom that repeats STOP on the car When you press it, light is on and the system is off Let s look at the equipment of StarLine unmanned It s the production of one Peter s company based on Shcoda car And sensors are the following things 6 cameras, 2 lidars on the back bumper 1R high range lidar on the front one Extra one on the front bumper, 64 R lidar is on the roof high-precision satellite navigation system 4 doppler s radars, ultrasound sensors and analysing center The equipment costs at 7 mln RUB NTU tried to improve Gaselthat has electric traction Thanks to 3 cameras 2 16 R lidars also with one 32 R high-precision satellite navigation system radars long and short range and also with analysing center The equipment costs at 5 mln RUB MAU has improved Ford Focus car by adding cameras for stereo vision 64 R lidar on the roof high-precision satellite navigation system and anasysing center The equipment costs 3 800 000 RUB As you see, every equipment is the same Except from BASETRACK that uses lidar The main difference is its software that does everything from picking up information to algorythms that run the car in different situations Can we name StarLine as race team? I think if we talk about race technologies, we can What are feelings before the start? Feelings are scaring because if it s started, we won t be able to effect on anything The car will be driving itself for =3 hours It d be better if...

30 mins till the beginning Every car is on its start points Remind you that organisators have held a toss and cars are located and remoted from each other So they won t disturb each other Unfourtunately, while challenging their tracks will be crossed and we re going to see what ll be next And they ll interfere each other, won t they? Yeah! 30 min until the beginning Remind you there re CCTVs, which will fix every mistake For example, red light crossing or not following the sign If so, the judge will plus time to common result of targeting finish They ll also determine the final result You know, city-area for the unmanned is already in Michigan It s M city where American cars have been challenging for more than one year One more area has appeared in Sourth Korea It s K city 360 000 m 2 And KIA, Hyndai, Samsung and others have started here Car science institute was projected in Russia not so long ago It wasn t as brilliant as its analogs are but the main focus is its geo-zone where it s located However, we aren t succeeded this winter It s only one area where the snow is concentrated It should have been transported by the lorry in order to spread it around the track Yeah, concentrated - here, spreaded around the track So, the start! The day before there were training racings And 3 cars out of 5 didn t take part in due to technical problems However, at the final all participants are collected Pay attention there re some immitated cars except from unmanned ones Professional racers are drivers Imitated cars are interferences which will cross their tracks on unregulated crossroads Every car is equipted with trackers from which information is sent to analysing center There s also information from CCTVs Participants, press, other vitners can see results online Some words about interfences...


There re crossroads: with traffic lights and without them One way roads Signs, railway crossing Roundabout, gravel road different traffic lines tonnel, fog immitator and of course objects that move: immitated cars unmanned cars from other teams and and pedestrians On this point we see tonnel immitation that will shield GPS signal However, as organiser said tonnel isn t made on well and GPS signal somehow spreads But in fact, we d check innercial navigation and how would the car move with no sattelities There re also 2 dummies One of them is behind me I don t remember its name, but still It crosses regulated pedestrian crossing I mean regulated by thtis traffic light So every participant is waiting for the moment when it crosses the road on the red light and what would unmanned car do? We ve asked judges, but they keep scilence Participants are happy because as we remember drops refract lights And there re enough lidars While driving in tonnel Sattelite should be lost And the car drives thanks to innercial navigation thanks to hyroscopers and accelerometers and it counts kilometers and registers some more information Let s look at classification of the unmanned again Remind you that the 2 d or the 3 d category are sold Tesla isn t the 4 th category because Human control is demanded And it s producer s business If there s an emergency situation, the driver is responsible for it Every participant gives signature before racing It s demanded And it s useless to sue For example, WAYMO has the 4 th unmanned category But we remember investment assessment is commensurate with Russia's GDP A lot of experts tend to prove that the future of unmanned cars are based on technologies V2V and V2C It s when cars exchange information Or get information from cloud service For this traffic high-speed net is needed However, "car s autonomity" should be discussed Let s look back at our races where participants run unmanned cars 5 th generation without data exchange Let s have a look at the photo made in unmanned car Camera recognised dynamic objects by stereo vition As we see cars, peple and traffic lights are recognised Every sign is covered with snow in order to make it difficult to be recognised and to build extra barrier for smart cars After 30 mins some problems occur First of all NGTU Gasel stops Secondly, MADI s car stops on the crossroad It doesn t let other cars move So everything is dtopped and evacuation will be KIA soul stopped between Gasel and StarLine Competition spaused Technique brake They try to know why RDK s car stopped while detouring MADI s car And on the last lane there was interference After this happen judges decide to disqualify Taganrog s team Competition continues MGTU s car started moving forward Other cars are still on their places So there was the first unmanned traffic jam in the world Again... technique pause I d like to have a word about asessing system Of course traffic rules should run everything If car breaks rules, final time is lengthened Some more time is plused to participant s result For example, red line crossing or driving to oncoming lane Extra minutes are 1-25 Yeah...

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