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What's up guys this is Tampa Tech now I'm going to show you three easy ways to reset your check engine. Light the last way I'm going to show you is the best. Way I highly recommend it but it cost you I think around nine dollars I'll leave a link in the video description below alright:

How to

So first thing you do is put on your gloves you're gonna be working on the battery. When I discover the positive terminal and the negative. Positive has the red cap the negative has the black cap I'm gonna get your socket wrench.

And unscrew the nut counterclockwise and then wiggle. Off that black connection that negative connection: You want to hold off for about 30 to 60 seconds that should clear that check engine.


Codes now if it doesn't then you want to try the second method second. Method is easy just put that negative to the side make sure it's not touching the battery press. And hold the horn that's gonna release some of the stored energy in the car circuit or you could turn on your headlights.

That'll also release some of the stored energy in your car circuit now if that doesn't. Work then what you could do is remove the positive terminal from the battery connect the jumper from the disconnected. Negative terminal and the disconnected positive and hold that jumper on it for about a few seconds and now it also release in the stored.

Reset check engine light

Energy and I don't really recommend these methods I highly recommend the next method. Make sure you put everything back together after that jumper and warning this will reset your car radio are the best way to check. Your check engine codes and her reset them is using the obd2 diagnostic tool it plugs into your obd2 port.

Under your car most cars have it it works with torque app Google.

How to reset check engine light

Play Store or if you have Apple Store it works I think that's! What Apple store to do as well they have their!

Own version and only thing have to do is plug it directly here you can leave. It plugged in it doesn't kill the battery.

How to reset engine light

At all I left it plugged in for weeks on end and never killed my battery! But uh the only thing you have to do is just I have the extension.

And I leave it plugged in and you just plug that extension. In right here just plug it into the extension and then I have velcro.

How to reset wrench light

It right here on the side just like that and it connects via bluetooth to your phone and there's. Actually real time monitor turn so what.

You want to do is turn on your car so right here as you can see it turns on the car we have the check engine. Light right there you want to go into your app click on faulty.


Codes and just tap here you know scan in the car and it tells you right here so most of our scanners will tell. You the code it'll be a P 102 but this actually tells you Pete 102 and actually tells you mass or volume air flow circuit. Low input all right and it does right here.

As well so let's go ahead and go to my car under my hood so of course: There's something wrong with it it's unplugged because I unplugged it to simulate the check engine light and so what we're gonna do make sure the cars turned?


Off when you do this what you do is just plug it in lock it in oh whatever problem. You have it could be a loose gas cap that could be it maybe if you got tighten.

Your gas cap with when you're at the gas station that can actually.


Trigger a check engine code which is common if that's the case just go. To your car and you'll make sure your gas cap is on okay!

So once you get back in your car you want. To make sure this is all plugged in there's power going to it and it's communicating to your computer. And let's try it again and you want to turn on the app of course and turn your car back on all right.


So we still got the check engine. Code even though we fixed the issue and then.

You want to go back into your so what you want to do now is you want to go back so what you want to.


Do is go back into your fault codes right here and here's. All my fault codes and so this is actually just a record it's not currently a fault because we actually plugged it back in I'm going. To click on the menu button right here on the upper right and then clear fault codes.

And then click OK and then as you. Can see look at me just it disappeared as soon as we did that and it says completed and that's? How you do it now of course if you didn't fix the problem that you know the check engine light will.


Come back on but you know if you know if it was a loose gas cap and you tighten your gas cap it shouldn't.

Come back on and this is real-time monitoring. Just to show you let me read my engine say pretty cool stuff so I highly. Recommend this device it's about eight or nine dollars on Amazon I'll leave a link in the video description.


Below where to get it so if this video was informative? Give me a big thumbs up if you want more how-to videos coming your way subscribe. To Tampa tech click on this link right here and if you want to check out my car how-to playlist click on this link right here.

And share this video to anyone this video may help thanks guys for watching.

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