2021 Ford F-150 Raptor: NEW LEAKS (Everything We Know)

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Ford is redesigning their iconic pickup truck for the next generation. But what will it look like and what will it be powered by? In this video, we discuss the upcoming 2021 Ford Raptor F150. There is a possibility the V8 engine may return to the Raptor. Thanks for watching.

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Hey what's going on everyone I'm neo otto and for today's? Video we're gonna be discussing the 2021 f150 this is the latest generation of Ford's flagship truck and it's supposed to be revealed sometime later this.

Year this has left people to wonder what will the new f-150. Look like what will the engine choices be and will the Raptor continue for the next generation: Well I've got good news we have a good idea of what this truck is going.

2021 f150

To look like based off new renders put online. And in addition we also have information about. The new Raptor the pickup truck market is booming right.

Now and we're seeing a lot of changes in the industry newcomers!

2021 ford f150 raptor

Like Rivia and tesla with their cyber truck are really starting to shake things up and on top of that ram pickup trucks are really selling well: Right now we're gonna talk about that more in a little bit but first.

Let's take a look back at the history:

Ford f150

Of the American pickup truck to see how we got to this point when it comes? To pickup trucks America doesn't mess around. Many modern trucks come with luxurious interiors with features like leather seats wood trim plenty of leg room and the latest.

Technologies available competition is at an all-time. High and manufacturers are constantly trying to outdo each?

Ford f150 raptor

Other but the pickup truck wasn't always so luxurious back in the day a truck.

Was not a luxury vehicle it was meant to get work done take a look inside as you can see from this old interior we've come!

Next gen ford f150

A long way most trucks in those days could only see it around two to three people but over the decades?

This would change new cab configurations like the extended cab and the crew cab would. Allow for more passengers as time would pass the truck would become more than just a work utility. People were starting to use them as daily drivers or to haul the family around.

2021 ford raptor hybrid

It was becoming clear that Americans liked having large powerful trucks for everyday! Use but by the 1990s things really started to shake up one of the pivotal moments?

In my opinion was when Dodge released. Their second generation ram pickup it was a successful:

2021 raptor v8

Truck with a design ahead of its time and in comparison the competitor designs look out-of-date. Dodge proclaimed the rules have changed and they certainly? Had the new RAM was a force to be reckoned with.

And over the next couple decades the truck. Would forever change as we know it since then trucks have become much larger much more capable and above all more luxurious. Than ever Ford's f-series pickup trucks have been America's best selling.

2021 f150 interior

For 43 years Street now that's quite an achievement but there's something interesting happening.

In a pickup truck market Ram is shaking things up for the first time in history Ram pickups? Outsold the Chevy Silverado Ram saw an astounding 18% increase in sales for 2019.

2021 ford f150 redesign

While its competitors Ford and Chevy both saw a decrease now Ford still sold many more pickups than Ram but with such a change. In the market they need to be prepared:

Rumor has it that Ford is going to reveal the next-generation f-150 sometime. This year and based off several spy images and leaked documents we have a pretty! Good idea of what Ford has in store and on top of that we also have information on the new Raptor?


Let's begin by looking at the exterior here's a render. Of what the 2021 f-150 will look like this is based off of leaked images seen of the truck in public.

The first thing that grabs my eye is the new redesigned headlight it's a radical departure from before but it still conveys. The same design language as f-150s of the. Past and they look great on this Raptor render now this next render shows a limited trim f-150 so let's.


Take a closer look and see what all has been changed so as we previously mentioned. The headlights are a new style the C shaped profile of the light has been extended lower in some. Ways it looks a lot like the GMC yukon next the grille is noticeably more narrow.

Than the previous generation seeing them side by side here you can. See it a more refined look and it fits more. Seamlessly with the headlights next up are the side:

2020 raptor v8

Mirrors they've been given a new shape it's not too much different?

But it's still worth pointing out looking towards the back of the truck it looks almost identical to the current generation. The only thing I noticed was that: The tail light is a different design but it's not really a new design look at the shape and profile.

2021 raptor

Of this tail light it looks almost the same as the ones used two generations ago here are the three most current generations you:

Can see there was a big change for the 2015 year but.

2021 raptor revealed

For 2021 we're seeing a return to the 12th generation style now granted. It is slightly different but the profile is almost identical.

Now as I said before ram has been doing very well and one of those several. Reasons for this is because their interiors are so luxurious when I first sat in one of these trucks?

At an Auto Show I was blown away and probably. The most impressive feature of it was the 12 inch navigation screen this is a feature on scene in American pickup? Trucks it's a responsive display that's easy to use now for its interiors also use rich materials.

But the one thing they're lacking is a large navigation screen well guess what the new f-150 interior has leaned.

In this first image we can see that Ford has responded to the?

RAM and they have a much bigger navigation screen? It looks to be almost double the size of the previous generation. Now they could have been like Ram and put the screen in this button territory but instead they.

Opted to keep the physical knobs and that's perfectly fine with me the knobs and buttons are in a different: Configuration but it's still easy to understand and if you didn't already notice:

In the background this truck is equipped with a digital dash now I'm sure this will be a premium.

Feature but it's definitely worth it there's so many ways you can customize the screen so it looks like four it is on the right track.

With this update but what about the Raptor well recently a leaked Ford document. Was released online and it shows the entire 2021 f-150. Lineup and one of the trim levels listed is the Raptor now this is great news in and of itself the Raptor will go into its:

Third generation but it does appear the super cap option is appearing. The only cab configuration will be super Krewe this is a little disappointing because it gives.

The customer less options and it also means the Raptors starting price will be higher but here's! Where things really get interesting if we go to look at the engines available the Raptors?

Engine is not listed the current Raptor makes 450 horsepower:

And we don't see that listed anywhere instead we see 3.5 liter v6 and under the fuel section it says.

Electric now it's already been confirmed that Ford is releasing a hybrid. F150 for the next generation they even released a commercial showing a prototype pulling a freight: Train but does this mean that the Raptor will be a hybrid it is definitely.

Possible with new pickup trucks like the rib Ian and the Tesla cyber truck it's evident that. Electric is the future and Ford wants to be a part of it taking the capabilities of the Raptor and giving. It a hybrid powertrain could unleash a whole new world of possibilities it would certainly.

Cause a lot of buzz in the truck community but there's another possibility that very well could happen the v8 engine might return? When Ford released the second-generation Raptor one of the most controversial changes was getting rid of the v8 and replacing it with a twin-turbo v6 but. This didn't affect the Raptors popularity it continued to be a hot seller with many models quickly selling as soon as they reached the!

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