2021 Ford F-150 Raptor: NEW LEAKS (Everything We Know)

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Ford is redesigning their iconic pickup truck for the next generation. But what will it look like and what will it be powered by? In this video, we discuss the upcoming 2021 Ford Raptor F150. There is a possibility the V8 engine may return to the Raptor. Thanks for watching.

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The 2021 ford f-150 was unveiled just last month and we're already getting leaked details on pricing yeah before the bronco noise they unveiled? The pickup yeah it's kind of crazy right pick up last month. Anyways we got new pricing details from a dealer guide that the guys at cars direct.

2021 f150

Are leaking every single day because they want to drag it out and the details. Today say that the highest dollar amount for the f-150 the new one 80 000 that's eight zero zero zero zero eighty thousand dollars for the halftime truck.

We also know that the hybrid will be a forty five hundred dollar?

2021 ford f150 raptor

Option so unless you uh sit back relax a little second from all that news just knocked?

You off your butt go ahead and tell you about the details i have: And oh if this is your first time. On my channel welcome on this channel you find trucking suv news reviews interesting stuff i do so you need to subscribe stick?

Ford f150

Around it's time pick up perk doc pick up truck plus suv talk i can talk today yes that kind of stuff:

Let's go and get all these details i'll stop babbling. Right now okay so like i said this news story comes up from carsdirect.com now this is they're talking about. The 2021 ford f-150 most expensive f-150 they've ever seen the dealer order guys which they conveniently don't.

Ford f150 raptor

Reveal talk about it costing 80 000 and they have pricing at just over! 30 000 at the entry level which is about the same as what it had been before a few dollars difference. Compared to the current f-150 the nls the analysis found the price increase almost 3 600 on some trim levels so we're!

Talking about top of the range up with the limited. Two-wheel drive supercrew starts at 72520 3 000 more than previous year's msrp and 4x4 configuration the price track:

Next gen ford f150

Reaches 75 945. now you add in the power boost higher red powertrain. Which adds 2500 at that level which is interesting that they said 2500 here and yesterday said 4500 so i think. There's like i'm going to talk about a little bit there's some questions about this um pricing?

They've come up with which is high 78445 if you add in the bed liner and you add in a couple other features you're. Easily at 80 plus taxes and destination field!

2021 ford raptor hybrid

Kind of stuff if that sounds expensive it is the high country chevy silverado is 58 695 and the gmc sierra. Denali is 70 with the ultimate package. So in other trim levels we're looking at the 2821 lariat super cab will reach 46 890 that's almost 2 000 more.

King ranch super crew is almost three thousand dollars more 58 thousand dollars and the platinum. Super crew is at 3 500 that goes at 3 500 at 60 000 805 and that's: Before you add those laid on seats and you add other?

2021 raptor v8

Features and if you go to the to the the top which are limited above the best the limited get special badging led lighting: Power running boards 22 inch polished wheels. Now if you're looking for an idea on what these different trim levels.

Look like haha we have them on pickuptrucktalk.com and you can kind of open this up when it loads come on there.

2021 f150 interior

It is and you can kind of go through the different images and see the different trims. As you know styling and different grills remember that 13 different grill and wheel combinations or 11 or 13 i forget there's.

So many options guys it's so crazy and so there's. Different you can kind of flip through and see what they can say but they're.

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