2020 Ford F-150 Raptor: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

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👋 Checking out a 2020 Ford Raptor! In todays video we test drive the brand new 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor. The EcoBoost V6 packs a punch and has a great sounding exhaust. The new Raptor has a sleek interior with nice leather along the seats, a ton of technology and a great overall look. The exterior of the 2020 Raptor is bold and aggressive. Hands down the best looking truck out there. Super wide appearance and a tough looking stance. The off road capabilities of the 2020 Raptor out perform everything else, and this is truly a beast to drive. The all new Ford Performance Blue looks great as well on the 2020 Raptor. Definitely the truck to buy if you want the best pickup truck out there. Check out Mooresville for your next brand new Ford. 👋 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review🏎. 🗣 TALK TO US ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 👋About this channel: What's Up Everybody. And Welcome To, Bros FOURR Speed. We are two brothers, Mike and Brian, and we love cars and anything automotive related. Currently own a Nissan GTR, Toyota Tacoma and Toyota Supra. We started this channel filming in the backyard just doing fun things like riding dirt bikes and skateboarding. We never knew that filming at such an early age would eventually lead us to a successful channel and the amazing opportunity we have to drive very cool cars and film anything automotive related. We enjoy working on our own cars and showing the DIY process and how you can save money doing these installations. Feel free to smash that subscribe button along with the notification bell to stay up to date on our daily uploads and what we have going on. We bring you unbiased reviews and vlogs involving sweet cars, motorcycles and anything with wheels and an engine. 🎉 THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT. Want us to promote your product? Email for rates and availability 🤝. Music By: Joakim Karud.

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Hey everyone how's it going thanks so much! For tuning in for today's video I'm proud to present an up-close-and-personal in-depth look with the all new 2015 Ford f-150 platinum.

Big shout out and thanks to auto nation for providing us this example for more information on their dealerships: And current inventory please feel free check out their website provided in the description. Box below as always guys this is going.

To be a detailed in-depth review of the f-150 we'll start it up so the engine.

Get an exhaust lip with diplomas data take it on a quick test. Drive and show you many of the unique aspects about the interior as well as exterior? And so without further ado let's go ahead start her up let her run remote star comes.

Standard on the Platinum trim in addition to a power assisted running board the Platinum.


Also features a standard smart key entry system and pillar.

Mounted keypad for locking in the lock in the vehicle our tester is finished? In white platinum which is one of the premium color options inside you'll find the standard high-grade black leather upholstery with grey highlights specifically. Trim for the platinum not to mention genuine brushed aluminum and wood trim throughout in order to start just make?

Sure you have the key fob within the interior put your front of the break the - mounted button? Will glow green and then just hit it to start the f-150s electric power assisted rack & pinion steering has been. Revised for 2015 making it more responsive and precise compared to its predecessor the improvements are said to lessen the need for minor.

Corrections at high speeds while improving towing stability the steering feels lighter. Than the 2015 Silverado I recently tested which might be good for some is is relatively.

Easy to pilot and toss around for a full-size truck with its drastic decrease in curve way lower. Center of gravity and revised rear suspension it's also more nimble. And well behaved than before in terms of ride quality and overall handling the Platinum's 4 spoke multifunction.

2020 ford raptor

Steering wheels wrapped in leather with brushed aluminum spokes and great bolsters and tendon to all f-150s except for the ones equipped. At the base not EcoBoost three and a half liter v6 feature a 6-speed SelectShift automatic with progressive range.

Select and tow haul mode the selection feature allows you to manually change gears by placing? The selector into him and using the plus or minus button range select however allows you to lock out higher.

Gears for example while in drive or D you can use the plus or minus button not to shift but to tell the truck. Not to use say fifth or sixth.

Gear if you were traveling down a steep grade alternatively you can lock the gear.

Box in first or second by pulling. The selector all the way back for use on steep grades or low grip terrain as needed toll haul mode.

2020 ford f-150

Races the shift points keeping the truck within its power band longer!

For better performance from transporting heavy loads wood equipped with the EcoBoost engines the new f-150 also features electronically enhanced sound which takes the engine. Note bolsters into the audio system for a deeper more rich note in addition to a backup camera with adaptive.

Guidance lines this example also features the optional Technology Package which adds a 360-degree camera. System lane-keeping assist and dynamic hitch assist that'll help guide you to your trailer. As you backup of course you have all of your four-wheel-drive goodies downhill assists trailer!

Brake controller and a variety of locking differential options so it's going to flip on the automatic quad beam: LED headlamps fog lamps and the hazards I also really like these little puddle lamps that you could turn. On their LED built into the mirrors and should help out a lot when working at night both front windows are fully.

Automatic and feature laminated glass for better noise isolation.

Performance blue raptor

So let's go check out the exterior applet and closing. The door the vehicle's sound horn a couple: Times too much noise loss detection at proximity key fob this year.

Ford has completely reinvented the light duty truck segment. By introducing an all new f-150 one of the highest selling vehicles in America: It benefits from some of the most advanced construction techniques to ever grace this segment while offering more.

Refined road manners technology and luxury than ever before!

To anyone following the truck market in recent years there's been a number of new additions including the latest generation. Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra as well as updated versions of the RAM 1500 and Toyota Tundra.

Nissan even has an all-new Titan coming out later this year my point is there's a tremendous amount of choices and fantastic offering to making the. Segment more competitive now than it ever has been one of the best things about our modern truck market is the seemingly endless amount? Of configurations and options you can specify.

Ford raptor

The 2015 f-150 is obviously no exception. Offered in five trim levels XL XLT lariat. King Ranch and platinum there are three bed links five and a half:

Feet six and a half feet and eight feet then dimension three cab styles regular extended super cab and four-door super crew if that's. Not enough mix and match and get your head swimming there's your choice of two or four-wheel drive and even for available engines! Two of which are new but we'll cover those in just a bit the biggest.

News this year is that the f-150 s body and better now made from aluminum. Alloy varying in thickness grade and composition based on structural and durability requirements a revolutionary design tactic.

And truck construction that makes the f-150 truly stand out from the pack aluminum construction. Is no foreign concept even the GM trucks use aluminum for their hood. To lessen weight over the front end but Ford is the first actually use it to this extreme making it pretty important as far as engineering.

Is concerned and less sitting weight and impacting overall efficiency?

F150 raptor

I'd even go as far to say it's one of if the best-looking. Full-size truck currently for sale there's so much detail in the bodywork that makes appear so much more dynamic and exciting than before. Complemented by available LED front and rear lighting and a host of safety features for a modern touch aluminum also makes its way throughout.

The chassis and key areas but it's not entirely made of the stuff. The steel still represents an important part to anybody.

On frame truck well the aluminum has a number. Of benefits in its own right including.

Greater corrosion resistance much of the steel used has been rethought in the efforts. Of weight saving for example while a fully boxed eight member ladder frame is still steal it now incorporates significantly more high-strength!

Steel than before now making up seventy seven percent of the structure versus twenty three percent.

Ford f-150 raptor

This not only sheds up to sixty pounds of weight but gave the f-150 an added measure of chassis rigidity and durability steel.

Is also used in other more subtle areas throughout by implementing more of these? Advanced materials Ford claims as much as 700 pounds has been dropped for the vehicles weight compared to last year that of course. Depends on how you equip your truck unlike steel which is traditionally?

Spot-weld at the f-150 s a little bit of components are permanently mated by structural adhesives and rivets. Similar processes used in aerospace smoother styling active grille shutters. On EcoBoost models and a 23 percent improvement and drag lead to greater overall efficiency aluminum weighs about a third?

Compared to steel and offers double the strength that alone makes the base difference. In how the new truck drives and mahes!

Out on the road it also opened up the door to increase the truck capability properly equipped. It can now tow 1,100 pounds and haul 533 pounds more than the previous model.

Doug demuro

Up to 14 different wheel styles are available between the XL and platinum the latter of which: Features a unique set of 20-inch five-spoke polished aluminum alloys. Wrapped in two 7555 Hankook aziz and tires it features four-wheel internally ventilated disc brakes.

Measuring 13.8 inches in front and 13.2 inches in the rear with twin piston single. Piston calipers respectively a setup that's able to bring the f-150 to a stop.

From 60 miles an hour in about 125 feet as far as the suspension up front you'll find an independent coil of a shock double.

Wishbone suspension with stamp steel lower control arms while the rear features a traditional Hotchkiss type live axle with leaf springs and outboard shock. Absorbers while the overall does non-concept remains.

The same as last year's f-150 the 2015 model receives updated geometry to improve. Ride quality and minimize the shakes and shudders common to leaf sprung trucks? The upward shock mounts are now staggered in a way that one is placed.

Vehicle virgins

Ahead of the axle and one behind the pinion and engine: Have also been aligned in a way that a new one-piece aluminum driveshaft.

Is used versus two-piece units of the past the f-150 really is one of the smoothest running trucks I've ever driven perhaps. Even a bit smoother than the Silverado I recently.

Tested I eagerly wait to test out a ram 1500 with this air sprung setup which I imagine would be a significant cut above! The rest the waste savings also leads to a point six inch drop-in center of gravity in addition at numerous chassis reinforcements making it pretty nimble.

For what it is our 4x4 testers. Nine point four inches of ground clearance is nearly an inch taller.

Than a two-wheel drive model approach break over and departure. Angles come in at twenty one point one eighteen point three and twenty three point eight degrees respectively maximum towing. For our tester is twelve thousand pounds while max payload comes in at three thousand.

2020 ecoboost f150 review

Fifty pounds both numbers can be a bit higher if opting for two-wheel drive / four-wheel drive our tester. Also comes with the optional FX for off-road.

Package which adds specifically tuned in front and rear shock absorbers an electronic locking.

Rear axle held to sit control and skid plates for the fuel tank transfer case and front differential dimensions. For our short bed 4x4 super crew tester include! A length of 230 1.9 inches with the width of seventy nine point?

Nine inches and a height of seventy seven point. Two inches the wheelbase is 145 inches while curb weight is Road 4925 pounds.

Like we touched on earlier depending on configuration. The f-150 is available with four different engines included a new entry-level naturally. Aspirated three and a half liter v6 and an innovative 2.7 liter EcoBoost!

V6 that promises quite the nice combination of our economy the Platinum is available with just two of the four Indians. Ford's five litre v8 and three and a half litre EcoBoost v6 the EcoBoost. Motor is actually an optional extra over the v8 develops thirty three foot.

Pounds of additional torque at the expense of 20 horsepower it's an all aluminum engine with direct fuel injection dual overhead. Cams four valves per cylinder and a compression ratio of ten to one induction is force-fed by twin turbocharger leading to 365 horsepower of 5,000 rpm and 420? Pound-feet of torque at 2500 rpm good to accelerate from a standstill to sixty miles an hour in a relatively brisk six and a half seconds.

This was actually the first time I had never driven.

An EcoBoost f150 and while I'm a v8 guy at heart the engine is downright. Impressive in the performance it yields it also sounds fantastic with subtle hints of turbo Wessel Rams eco diesel. Does produce better fuel mileage but the EcoBoost upgrade.

Only costs a mere four hundred dollars! Over the v8 and recommends the use of regular unleaded compared to the pricey diesel option characteristically higher. Cost of diesel fuel the truck comes standard with the 23 gallon fuel tank.

But an extended range 36 gallon tank is also available EPA estimates range between. 17 miles to a gallon in the city and 23 on the highway for the four-wheel:

Drive EcoBoost model averaging around 19 miles to a gallon one thing: I really liked about the new Silverado is that it offered.

A damped tailgate for soft opening the 2015 f-150 however: Takes things a bit further by adding. A remote release in addition to electronic locking and unlocking for even easier access.

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