2016 Lexus IS300 F-sport

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Sloane Toyota Philadelphia presents 2016 Lexus IS300 F-sport.

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Hello Sabrina this is David gold new car manager from Sloan Toyota Philadelphia located on Cottman Avenue I thought. It might be just as effective to do a quick video here so you could see the car up close to 2016. I asked 300 f-sport Lexus this is a cool car I know with Toyota on our side the red interiors are premium not.


A ton of them around and this has quite the delay out here yes poor package I guess is going to include. Special rims logos tuning you can see your sports fins. Out on the back all-wheel-drive once again get your logos on the back there?

Badging sunroof cars clean over all jump inside it's a little bit cold out. Here I can see it's got the blind spot monitor and the mirror there okay the red interior it's actually a deep dark almost!


Maroon type of color where tear is very minimal hardly looks like the sad and I don't see like kid child. Seat marks on the seats cars clean uh let's see what our biology is twenty one thousand eight ninety seven that's.

Not bad you've got the home link mirror it's a little hard to see here right now but those are the buttons up across there. With the lighting the Lexus has started! Up paddle shifters up off the front that's not too big!


Of a surprise nowadays with most of the sports cars you can see your - hurry up in there I guess they: Call it Toyota Lexus enform system up and top there for your audio down it says!

Here climate controls heated seats heated steering wheel up on side there. Your sport modes for being able to change? Around in Econ modes looks like you got now again not a surprise for luxury.


Vehicle like this sunroof up on the top there and the controls pretty much for that I don't the headliner and everything's? Fine fans kind of scream in here let's see if you turn that off I don't know how much you can. Hear and but it does have like a sports tuned sports.

Tuning for the drivetrain in there we are located: Conveniently on Cottman Avenue which is not a bad trip off of 95 I believe it's exit 30 you get off at exit! 30 right before the city if you're coming from from the north and right.


After the city if your islands coming from the south and it's gonna be 3.2 miles on the left-hand side we're. Right on Cottman so it can't get too?

Much easier than that again my name is David Gould and one of the new car managers I hope. This video helps please let me know what you think about the video it's something I put together:

Red interior

On my own over here on this side if you like it I'll continue to do it for other folks. Out there and your contact information will be attached with this and weird and welcome to ask for me or Edie Correa.

Is the used car director up here he can get you more information on the car as well I'll send you:


A link so the links will also give you more information on the car I think you're probably are there. If you're calling me but if not it'll be all together in one place for you and once again.

I hope this is helpful thank you for your interest:


We're looking forward to meeting you directly.

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