2014 Lexus ISF Walkaround

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Check out the 2014 Lexus ISF and all the features this vehicle comes with. Connect with me on social media. North Park Lexus of Dominion Website:.

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Welcome to North Park Lexus at Dominion my. Name is Kenny Bostick and today I'll be doing a walk around on the 2014 Lexus IS in the Starfire pearl exterior and. Two-tone black and red Alcantara interior the 2014 lexus is-f features a 5 liter v8 engine with.


416 horsepower and 371 pound-feet or on this model we do get our upgraded. 19-inch Ford's aluminum rims with black brake calipers on the front of the vehicle? We have our upgraded ISS bumper with our HID headlights this vehicle.

Is equipped with keyless entry with our key fob on us we can go ahead and unlock the vehicle this? Is our two-tone red and black Alcantara interior with carbon fiber trim we have our Lexus. Stuff plates automatic locks and windows three-person memory seating let's go ahead and start.


The vehicle on this side of the vehicle we have our switches for our traction.

Control our gas release our trunk release and our hood release? Which along with parking brake and brightness. Setting this is our steering wheel in the ISF with volume controls mode feature!


Hands-free bluetooth capability and sport mode setting with. This switch we are able to be vehicle information on our display as we scroll we can see info such as average miles per gallon?

Tank average current miles per gallon average speed gear position outside temperature and range over here we have our eight.


Inch display touchscreen housing our navigation system. Is controlled via the touchscreen and the controls on the sides we have climate controls audio controls am/fm. And satellite radio bluetooth info our map destination and setup below.

That we have our CD player without graded mark levinson audio system our 12-volt power outlet red leather shift knob and. Heated seats we have our cup holder and our center console. For storage up here we have our home link system to pair up to three different garage doors our Lexus safety.


Connect and our sunroof we can either slide or. Del Peru on the exterior of the ISF we have our hid headlights with daytime running lights turn signals. And LED fog lights on the rear we have our taillights with carbon-fiber rear spoiler Angela exhaustive?

Inside the trunk of our ISF we have our cargo net what Center. Passed through and our first aid kit the back seats of the ISF when we are air vents enter. Center armrest with two cupholders this is a walk-around of the 2014 Lexus IS F in the Starfire whole exterior and two-tone black and red!


Alcantara interior if you thought this video. Was helpful please go ahead and like and subscribe if you have any suggestions for other videos please let me know in the. Comments below thanks for watching.

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