2014 Lexus IS250 F-Sport Walkaround, Start up, Tour and Review

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Really enjoyed the time I spent with this car!

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Hey guys it's me Jake from Jake man - 164 - today I wanted to bring. You a quick video of this car that I actually.

Had for the last day this is a 2014 Lexus IS 250 F Sport I ended up bringing this. Home from work last night because I dropped off the Accord. To get an oil change and I had class all day yesterday.

Never got a chance to pick it up so my boss told me I could go ahead and keep. This overnight so I thought I'd take a quick video of it before.

I bring it back this morning of the last few cars that I have brought home from! Work I just haven't had time to do a video of it but I felt like. This one was a little bit special and I would try.

To grab one so as you can see this one is finished off in a nebula gray exterior which.


I'll be the first to admit when these first came out I really did not like the styling but after seeing.

Them in person and really spending time around them and finally getting to drive one and actually!

Spend a decent amount of time on the road with this vehicle I really am a fan I think the first. Thing I'd say in this video and my only complaint about this vehicle is the 250 just does not have the power. You would expect with its small displacement v6 which I think that has been rectified with the new 200 T or you could also just.

Get the 350 because we all know how much power.

The 2 gr Fe has otherwise though I think this car is absolutely fantastic coming?


Up to the side you can see your F Sport? Badge right there which is one of my favorite features. On it you also do have your body coloured!

Mirrors of course with LED turn signal indicators and around here you do have your body colour door handles this. One also does have the door edge guards on it as you can see right. There which look very very nice they are the dealer accessory ones and of course intelligent entry all your typical?

Lexus stuff now I will be the first one to admit in this!

Video that I do not know everything about:

Lexus lexus is actually probably the luxury brand i know the least about so please.


Forgive me if I do get anything wrong in this video yo cap is on the driver's. Side of the vehicle right here just come up make sure it is unlocked!

And just press right there to open it up and obviously as I showed intelligent? Entry down below this one is riding on necks and tires they are p2 55:35! Zr 18 s so 18 inch alloy wheels.

And these are the f sports specific alloy wheels it is riding on a brand new set of necks and tires you do have?

Rear disc brakes of course around the rear dual exhaust. Below and you can see your is250 badge right there as well and your LED tail lights and overall like. I said it's just such a nice looking vehicle you can see some of your chrome trim around!

The belt line on the windows as well and this one does have tinted. Windows they are 35% just like my Accord and they look fantastic F Sport.


Badge all on this side as well as up front you also do have the projector headlights? With your LED DRLs down below which once again just a very nice look but also driving this car out on the back roads near.

School last night these headlights are absolutely fantastic. They light up everything on the road I didn't even have to touch my brights once and of course you you get your typical newer.

Lexus spindle grille right there so stepping. Inside of this vehicle I believe I have filmed a tour of this when it was on the lot at work but I'll probably just scrap!

That if I haven't uploaded it and upload this: Video since I do have the car I can give you a little bit more.

Of my opinion on it now down below you do have your puddle lamps on the doors and your nice stitched padded armrest! Padding up top on the door and this very nice-looking silver trim as well oh for your automatic windows power locks power mirrors. All of that your Lexus door sills down below and this one does have a full power driver's seat:


And it also is equipped with the new luxe leatherette interior. Which honestly you could tell most people this is leather. And they would never know the difference it's very very high-quality it feels better than what most manufacturers like the claim is leather.

You get the perforations in the middle which look very very nice on the seats?

As well and overall these seats too are so comfortable I'd say they're one of the only vehicles as of lately I've. Driven that fit me just as well as my Accord does the start foot on the brake and just push. Right here go ahead and close the door inside.

Of this is 250 you do have a nice leather wrap steering wheel very high quality: Feeling and it's dick bolstered as well which looks very good you do have your audio system.

Bluetooth phone controls and all that on this side f-sport badge down below which is probably one of my favorite design elements of this vehicle inside you do have. Over here all of your controls for your gauges things like.


That the maintenance reminder light is on in this one I can't figure out how to turn it off but there's not actually anything!

Wrong with this car but you can go through here press this and the gauge will move back and forth it's a very cool design very.

LFA inspired but you can scroll through all your different settings range things like that it will bring up radio. Information and everything else or you can just close it and have a very normal gauge cluster which is how I usually been leaving it down: Below you do have your trip odometer reset a gauge dimmer your parking.

Brake on and off which it is a push one push off one as well as your blind. Spot monitoring dashboard itself all nice soft touch material around here it looks great you do have the stitched:

Leather above that as well you can see your navigation system right there as well as my sunglasses.


Which are kind of just thrown up there because that's the one thing.

This car is lacking say sunglasses container. I don't know why it doesn't have one I find that something odd to be excluded.

From a luxury vehicle but this has been a decent place to throw them it's that's something. That a lot of people wouldn't think about but when you're like me and you switch back and forth between.

Glasses and prescription sunglasses it definitely does make a difference you have that also just realize that that. Vent has been closed the entire time.

I've had this car but in the centres you can see you do have your ordinary. Up there this does have your typical Lexus enform.


System which is actually once you're on the road and driving and really using. It not as bad to use as I imagine I'm around. Here that you have your two air vents analog clock which this I've always thought this was kind of a cheesy.

Design element to add to luxury cars but this. Clock when it lights up at night is absolutely beautiful I really do like that touch I'm down below your word dual zone automatic? Climate control which you can just slide up and down to adjust it like:

I said it is dual zone you do have all your different settings things like that there your radio settings.

As well as a CD player which I didn't even notice. This car had you but you have your radio media all of that power on and off and your tune scroll. I do wish these knobs were a little bit more precise I'd say like when flipping through satellite!

Radio channels you'd hit this just a little bit too much and it would go forward one and then you go back and it would! Go back too far one two just I wish these were dialed in a little bit better but that's!


A very very minor complaint your hazard controls there of course. Down below heated seats for the driver and passenger I don't know. If you can get cooled seats on these I imagine that might be a 350 thing but I don't know exactly but at least heated.

Seats are included the stitched leather does follow around. Here and it looks beautiful you do have the shifter for your six-speed.

Automatic transmission with manual mode and right there you do have paddle.

Shifters on the wheel which are actually very very responsive as well reverse this one does have a rear backup camera. Even though on this vehicle rear visibility is really. Not as bad as I expected it to be this car is equipped with blind spot monitoring but I'd say I really.

Wasn't even paying attention to that I mean as long as you're not an idiot and you can adjust. Your mirrors and really can judge your corners.


In a vehicle this is a very very easy.

Car to see out of and to slice through traffic and it really.

Is around here you do have your little drive mode selector Eco normal and sport your traction? Control on and off as well as snow mode your inform controls which I think. Most people know how to use at this point you do have your menu and you can go through with the little mouse and select.

What you want and like I said I mean obviously I haven't spent a ton of time with it but I really. Used to think this was one of the most annoying systems:

You could get in the car but honestly after living with it for a day it's not terrible. I mainly just switched back and forth between the satellite radio which is still active in this one and Bluetooth.

Toyota camry

Because I was listening things off my phone. But very nice and easy to use you go over your you do have your main menu home screen all that very nice and easy.

Around here now this I have to say this section right here of this vehicle is an ergonomic disaster so I went out with? My dad yesterday we grabbed some coffees get back in the car put the coffee's here my dad's arm is just kind of awkwardly chilling?

Here so he wraps it around and is right here so then.

I'm trying to drive and my arms kind of just awkwardly there's so many places that these could have gone so both passengers. Can have a drink and an armrest like I know it looks great but like I said this is just an ergonomic: Disaster right here I don't know why they do it it's perfect when there's just one person in the car because.

Your hands fall right to the controls. Anyway but with two people this can get a little awkward.


Inside of there there is some storage! It's not as deep as you'd expect with some nice storage compartment you do have auxilary in and two USB ports actually.

And over all otherwise inside like I said seats are very very comfortable. Up up you do have your sunroof as well as all the sunroof controls interior lighting which I was surprised.

To see is actually incandescent bulbs on a 2014 Lexus but that's probably be something they've changed by now but either. Way interior lighting right there your SOS and then a auto dimming rearview mirror visors which Lexus to anyone.

Who's ever been in one knows this fantastic material they use on the headliner that. Always follows through on the pillars just very.

Nice and soft well go ahead put the window down unlock all the doors. Pop the hood we'll step out of this one now in the rear seat stepping in make sure I don't. Get any dust in this vehicle now the first thing which I just learned the hard way very.

Very low roof on this vehicle so you do have to duck a little bit because I did just kind of smack. My head on it once you're in the back seat I mean this definitely is a smaller car and the seat?

Is where I would sit but it's still not nearly as bad as the second gen is and.

The second generation of this car which by the way the interior of this vehicle is just so much better in all ways but on the second generation of.

These with my seating position the back seat is basically useless I'd say there's like that much space in between the seat and. The back seat so at least in this car I can actually sit up front! And have someone sit behind me I'm six-two and this really isn't horrendously uncomfortable I do wish for a little.

Bit more Headroom but once again not bad give your interior lighting in the center armrest right here with. This little cup holder thing that pops out this small bow man just keeps driving by and staring?

At me Park Police and is V set want to be Park Police in is v70. Anyway back seat pockets down here as long as you do have two air vents in the middle and in typical: Is were just typical rear-wheel drive car fashion you do have this pretty large animal in the middle but once again this.

Has been improved over the older one because I'm. Sure anyone that's driven the older one does remember the very very large humps especially. On the all-wheel drive one that just jut out into the driver's foot room it's just going to keep doing that inside the trunk!

Just press it right there you do have.

A pretty decent amount of space in here considering the size of the car it does have a split? Folding back seat of course they need to have this: Little cargo net from the factory with your Lexus first-aid.

Kit down in their trunk liner and it does include your rear floor mats: I did take a grocery shopping yesterday and really had no problem loading stuff in here but I would say my cord probably does! Have a larger trunk but for the size of this.

Car not bad at all do have hinges on the sides and up top you can see it is lined as well everything.

Follows through over here and up front full power passenger seat of course all that down there and you can see your footwell lighting. Of course two more of this silver trim which!

Looks very nice on the inside of your glove box and up front you can see the LED daytime running lights. I'll actually go ahead and pop the headlights on just for this video the yeah you can see very nice on this vehicle with those like. I said this thing was a dream to drive on some back roads last night.

Now up under the hood as I said earlier in the video my only complaint with this vehicle really.

Is this engine beat this is the 2.5 liter direct-injected:

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