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We interview Assistant Chief Engineer Naoki Kobayashi and later take the car on the tracks and back roads of Austin, Texas. This car scheduled for release in summer of 2013 and comes with a 2.5- or 3.5-liter V6 engines and six- or eight-speed automatic transmissions with paddle shifters, the all-new Lexus IS 250 and IS 350 performance sedans were honed on the world's most iconic racetracks. A wider, more rigid platform and sport-tuned suspensions combine to deliver unprecedented steering feel. And, inside, a driver-focused cockpit, performance driving modes and power-adjustable bolstered sport seating forge an intense connection between the driver and the asphalt below. Please watch: "13 Top Pro Drift Car Parts You Can Install On Your Car - Formula Drift 2019".

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The all-new 2014 Lexus IS F Sport has a brand new look highlighted by the signature spindle grille standard LED daytime. Running lights and a slick profile that:


Leads into the tail lamps it's got a new rear suspension system. A new 8-speed tranny and a reinforced chassis with increased rigidity sharing platforms with the current GS the overall length and width was increased! Resulting in more interior room but will this mean a sacrifice in the car's agility a trademark of past diocese.

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Is 250

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Is 350

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Sportiness the f sport can be customized to meet your driving style there's eco normal. Sport s and Sport Plus that changes the steering and suspension settings kobayashi-san mentioned.

Sports sedan

There's an all traction control off mode for people who don't like gadgets interfering with their fun I have to say that f-sport. Was a little bit out of his element on the track but on the curvy roads outside of Austin? The car shined like a true Grand Tour was almost as fun as a helicopter ride:

The eius took cores with confidence and handling fell well-balanced sporty. But still luxurious the new is 350 s sport will surely give the Europeans a run for the money for.


You GT channel viewers who want a little more punch to your. Sports sedan cocktail lexus is-f will be coming away in 2014.

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