2014 Lexus IS-F Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04. YouTube's largest collection of automotive variety. In today's video, we get an up close and personal, in depth look at the 2014 Lexus IS-F. MSRP pricing for the IS-F, before options, begins at $63,350. Price as shown here: $67,250. During this presentation, we will take a 1st person look at what the vehicle is all about beginning with the start up, performance data, fuel economy, the occasional track data, and build quality. Also, I will teach you how to use most of the interior and exterior features. Throughout the video, I will highlight key styling and unique differences about the vehicle, any available options, and of course it would not be an enthusiast car video without the good ole engine portion with rev and exhaust note with interior and exterior perspectives. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHANNEL SEE BELOW: In this channel you will find in depth educational videos of automobiles from all over the world, presented in a more detailed fashion than ever before. Basically, this gives the viewer the chance to view the most detailed 1st person look you can get without going to an actual dealer yourself. Every video is consistent in the way I present so viewers know what to expect in my presentations. I treat every vehicle with the same respect whether a 1960 Chevrolet Impala SS or the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador. I film all types of vehicles from past, present, and future while broadening the knowledge of the automotive enthusiast. You will see everything from vintage, brand new, exotic, mainstream, old, etc. I am very proud of this channel and have built it up from amateur videos years ago to what you see today. I wanted to share my love for the automotive world with the rest of the world. Be sure to explore the massive video variety, have fun and enjoy The Driver's Seat of YouTube. OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR SAABKYLE04.

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Hey everybody how's it goin for today's video let's take an up-close-and-personal in-depth. Look and test-drive of the 2014 lexus is-f so this is going to be a detailed in-depth review of the ISF we'll start it up show the engine get?

An exhaust clipping over the performance data take it on a test drive and show you a bunch of the unique aspects of both!

The interior as well as exterior and so with that further ado let's go ahead. Start er up let it run just like the rest of the Lexus. Lineup the ISF also features a standard remote.


Smart key access system so you can lock and unlock the vehicle by just keeping the key pop in your pocket locating. The black buttons on the driver and passenger side door handles and concomitant touch sensors. So the lock just press the left button once the vehicle automatically chimes then after when the second is.

Grab the handle the touch sensor is located behind it automatically unlocks the vehicle this particular vehicle. Is finished an ultra white and has a little. Bit of a pearl effect when it's sitting in the Sun paired nicely.

With the two-tone black and red leather interior with black perforated Alcantara across the doors and seats the center console. Also has a bit of Alcantara and there's blue accent stitching.


Found throughout also available is Alpine white leather and black semi-aniline: Leather and lowered that smart key system is also features standard push-button ignition via the chrome accented button.

The - to start all you have to do is just put your foot on the brake wait for the button to turn green? And then hit it to start the ISF steering is fed to a rack and pinion setup with variable effort.

Electric power assist a ratio of 13 point 6 to 1 and 2.9 turns to lock the wheel itself. Is a sporty three spoke design wrapped.


And supple perforated leather and blue cross. Stitching with the optional red and black interior red also highlights. The bottom of the wheel with a signature F badge the multifunction controls are housed within the aluminum accented upper two spokes?

The steering I was surprised its relatively light and easy to direct even in sport mode where it relaxes the electric assist. A little bit when I first started driving! I couldn't tell that the steering was electrically assisted.

It's naturally weighted and delivers a fantastic amount of Road feel probably the most I've ever experienced in an electrically assisted steering rack its accuracy and precision allows. You to fling it around a corner or sashay through an s-curve with ease knowing fully. That wherever you pointed the ISF will follow the sole transmission for the is f is an 8-speed.

Lexus is-f

Automatic borrowed from the LS 460 its unique components allow the ISS gear changes to occur in as. Little as 100 milliseconds this is largely due to a redesigned controller that accelerates the clutching: And decluttering of the gear sense while in sport mode the torque converter remains!

Locked in all gears but first the drivers April changed. Gears manually via the selector below or by the curved aluminum paddle! Shifters behind the steering wheel accompanied by throttle!

Blips on down shifts helping push the card to the limit as a standard torsion torque. Sensing limited slip rear differential it works by sending torque to the wheel with the most traction. For enhanced cornering grip sport mode activated on the right hand side of the steering wheel increases longer.


Responds and relaxes the stability control in addition to decreasing the steering's electric assist. While adding sporty or shipping characteristics an LED. Indicator will automatically pop up while in manual mode to remind you to shift that so vehicle climbs towards.

6,400 rpm changing gears via the paddles is the best way to get the ISS maximum performance up shifts are lightning quick able. To sum dual clutch gearboxes they're also the most assertive while:

In manual mode sport automatic raises the shift points to hold the gears a bit longer and shifts.


Slightly less aggressive in this mode while regular automatic shifts fluidly the car calms down and then is ready for a relaxed Drive so it's going to flip on.

The automatic led accented xenon headlamps LED fog lamps and the hazards all four windows are fully!

Automatic and we can check the exterior. The exterior of the vehicle also channel few times plenty nose loss detection with proximity key fob since the first Lexus ls400 rolled. Off the assembly line in 1989 the brand has become well known for providing some of the most luxurious over-engineered vehicles.


You could buy with quiet cabins soft body lines and superb build quality not to mention reliability. Lexus has always been one of the highest selling marks in its class from the entry level is and ES sedans to their full.

Size SUV and crossover offerings with such a high level of quality assurance and refinement there's. Always been something missing an excitement factor until 2001 with the launch of the sporty. Four-door is Lexus really hadn't made a driver's car.

Even so it wasn't until the debut.

Start up

Of the ISF in 2008 the lexus!

True it's flagship one that can be compared with the lights?

Of the bmw m3 Cadillac cts-v out ers for the Mercedes c63 AMG the Lexus F performance sub-brand. Can be somewhat compared with the BMW in Division out ers Cadillac V in the Mercedes AMG like the competition it's also evolved into!


More than just the is in addition offering a whole line of performance? Accessories for certain vehicles they've also launched the F Sport lineup with unique body.

Cladding and sporting accessories without actually being a full-blown F product of course we can't forget. The wildly impressive LFA supercar the ISF was actually the first.

F product to be made designed from the ground up to deliver a level of performance and excitement never before seen an Alexis it began with 389 horsepower. 5 litre v8 borrowed from the LS 600h L hybrid.


Of course without the hybrid technology in addition to the wider front fenders to accommodate. The larger wheel and tire package more modifications were needed to fit the large v8 into the engine bay that typically carried.

A v6 including a power dome aluminum hood and a modified front clip that extends forward three inches. In order to fit a larger radiator the revised engine built. In collaboration with Yamaha dubbed the two urg se features solid lifters titanium intake valves and 10% more lift inside new higher:

Flow cylinder heads while horsepower Peaks and an impressive 416 torque does drop by about 14 pound-feet a dry sump lubrication system. Is standard to eliminate pooling and hard cornering with the ISF s-- unique intake it instantly changes. Itself from a mild-mannered vehicle into a snarling beast of a 3,400 rpm once the vacuum release.


Flap opens to draw even more air into the engine outside the ISF further distinguishes itself. In the more common v6 cars of the long slender! Set of fender vents and mold into unique side skirts Outback it remains very similar!

With the most dramatic difference being the offset stacked! Quad exhaust valence 'as with pipes that sit just behind the fascia a carbon-fiber decklid spoiler! Adds a bit of racy flavor and all-in-all the ISF styling really is fairly understand until you take the time to really.

Appreciate all the fine details after all it's still very much Alexis with smooth curves elegant body lines and just enough. Difference to alert others of its special nature while the ISF was praised in many aspects it wasn't until.

5.0l v8

2011 were some major suspension improvements were addressed as the first: Few years received critiques regarding a harsher ride and a handling profile that didn't quite live up to expectations!

Lexus softened up the front springs stiffened up the rear and added larger diameter front and rear anti-roll bars the dampers also received. New high performance valves in addition Lexus added different bushes of both the rear subframe and rear anti-roll.

Bar new steering knuckle and ladder weight lower control arms which helped reduce unsprung mass giving? The rear tires more contact with the road in the corners is 1.5 degrees of negative?


Camber which is double what it was previously the ISF actually originally came with an open differential but in 2010 lexus at anna torsion limited slip. Differential for higher grit through the corners after driving the ISF for a week I can honestly say that the car rides quite.

Good you still feel some of the harsher bumps. And here just a hint of tire noise but overall road imperfections.

Are soaked up in a manner you would expect from a Lexus there's. Just enough give to keep it comfortable and relatively smooth while still feeling tight and agile: The interior is also supremely quiet with plenty of sound insulation everywhere.


And just a hint of that v8 Rumble unless you really. Open it up going down the road it takes corners with ease and will surely put a smile.

On the face of the everyday driver retuned.

Electric power steering finalizes that dynamic changes that completely.


Change the ISF from a muscle lexus to a real track performer 2011 also saw some minor revisions. And exterior lighting most notably with the LED accented xenon headlamps up front and LED fog lamps also available is a pre collision detection.

System dynamic radar or adaptive cruise control and parking assist we'll talk about all the interior: Changes and updates in just a bit the ISF comes standard with a set of BBS forged aluminum graphite fenders staggered wheels measuring.

19 by eight-and-a-half inches in with y rated 225 40 bridgestone potenza summer tires they're.


Specifically formulated for the ISF now to mention 19 by 9 and a half inch wheels. In the rear wrapped in two 5535 tires the brakes consists of four wheel. Cross drilled and ventilated Brembo discs measuring fourteen point two by 1.2 inches in front and claimed!

Down by six piston aluminum calipers with thirteen point six by 1.1 inches in the rear and two piston calipers: In addition to a force sensor for channel analog braking system with electronic brake force distribution as well as brake. Assist with this setup the car has been tested to stop from 60 miles an hour and relatively:

Short 112 feet and put upwards of 0.9 t3g and lateral cornering forces the ISF stellar.

Quad exhaust

Handling is provided by a fully independent suspension? With double wishbones in front and high mount upper arms while the rear is a multi-link setup with low mount upper arms coil springs: And mono tube gas pressurized shock absorbers and located in each corner?

In addition to front and rear hollow stabilizer bars overall length is 180 3.5 inches with the width of 70 1.5 inches.

On a height of 55 point 7 inches run under 100 7.5 inch wheelbase: Total curb weight is around three thousand seven hundred eighty pounds: And is distributed 54 percent over the front axle and 46 percent over the rear axle so we're gonna pop the hood the ISF is powered!


By an all-aluminum 5 litre double overhead cam 32-valve v8 with dual variable valve timing and a dual mode intake. System like we talked about earlier fuel is. Delivered by combination of direct and port fuel injection with a compression ratio of eleven point eight?

To one and a red line of 6800 rpm total power output. Consists of 416 horsepower at 6600 rpm and 371 pound-feet of torque at 5200 rpm this translates: To 0 to 60 times as low as 4.2 seconds while manufacturer claims around 4.6 seconds.

While quarter-mile flashes by and around twelve. Point seven seconds at 114 miles an hour top speed is governed to 172 miles an hour and after 2011 was adorned with a black engine. Cover with the F logo and some faux carbon fiber!


Trim that replaced the silver design of the earlier cars as far as fuel economy with a 16 point 9 gallon tank and required premium fuel:

EPA estimates range between 16 miles to a gallon in the city and 23 on the highway when taking a closer look at the interior? Of the ISF it's wise to keep in mind that while it has been updated over the years. The overall design still dates back to 2008 with the last generation is which sees production in 2013 2014 marks the last.

Year for the ISF and allows you to see the striking difference between the all-new is 350f sport and the 250: Variants that's not to say the interior isn't good though what I've always liked? About the style is that it's very simple and it's easy.


To hop in and understand the technology build quality is still excellent with tight fitting panels and high-quality materials used throughout?

Including the aluminized composite trim across the doors in the - and the Alcantara is also a nice very soft warm feeling addition: The seats are unique to the ISF and feature more substantial side bolstering!

For better lateral grip than the standard cars each vehicle on the edge of the seat also. Has an embroidered F logo they're fully powered with power lumbar blue color accent stitching and like I said earlier?


Available in three colors from white all black semi-aniline leather! Or the red and Alcantara combination attention to detail remains quite good with F Legos embossed on the headrests.

The headrests are adjustable as are the seat belts. With standard side curtain airbags aluminum door sill.

Entry guards located down below logoed floor mats and aluminum sport pedals not to mention a full power tilt telescoping steering wheel some design. Changes over the years include a revised instrumentation cluster and centre stack design not to mention. An update and navigation system with the more modern Lexus enform system and most importantly.


The sport mode was relocated from the dash to the right hand side of the steering wheel so let's go ahead. And see if she sounds so it's going to shut her up the standard audio system is a 13 speaker Lexus premium surround: Sound system this sounds fantastic and is equipped in this car but for you audio files the upgraded 14 speaker:

Mark levinson 7.1 channel 300 watt surround.

Sound system adds a little bit of extra punch kind of a builders of sigh curtain airbags grip handles of top as well. As pad advisors eliminated bounty bears and a standard auto dimming rear view. Mirror with garage home link located right beneath up top is your SOS safety connect!

Test drive

Emergency roadside assistance system interior illumination as well as LED reading lamps and a padded sunglass container you also have your hands-free bluetooth microphone. And controls for your fully automatic Sundberg a window fly car automatically pops up the Lexus enform.

System was introduced just a few years ago and while the ISF never was adaptive with the new remote! Touch interface it's still pretty easy to use seven-inch touchscreen display with all of your shortcut keys located to either side navigation. Is an optional feature but adds a whole lot of extra functionality to the vehicle your simple?

Climate controls are also within the system with your fan speed defrost in different zones the rest of the controls are located down. Below we'll talk about that a little bit later going through audio is pretty easy you have standard satellite radio auxiliary? IPod integration hands-free bluetooth streaming of audio detailed equalizer.


Adjustments as will speed compensated volume activating the vehicle surround sound. Hands-free Bluetooth telephone automatically ask you to pair a phone if you?

Don't have one already connected and you can also store contacts dial from the screen or Voice. Style your easy to see navigation screen also displays real-time traffic updates. As well as a breadcrumb feature to show where you've been last the destination.

Screen has everything that you would need for navigation including emergency services destination assist and storing favorite locations within the setup screen! You can customize just about every aspect of the vehicle. To your Lincoln store maintenance reports add a telephone adjust.


The audio change the general settings and more hitting.

The info button brings up more so convenience features such. As real-time traffic updates so you can detour. If necessary you can also bring up Lexus insider which sends periodic.

Lexus news and tech updates so you can learn how to use certain features through XM you also get some extra features: Such as fuel prices stocks and sports updates not to mention real-time weather updates with a map and extended forecast based on your location.

Performance data

In a nutshell those are all the basic features the informed system available! In the ISF we also have a digital cloth with your adjustments and your CD player in the bottom with the various controls pertaining?

To that the center console is beautifully? Detailed in a high-gloss fashion cradled by the stuff that'll grade trim that comes back towards cupholders give a little storage.

Tray up front here with the 12-volt: Power outlet as well as three-stage heated seats single cup holder.


In front but here's another one we slide.

This back tip it towards the rear you have another cup holder down below! There that's LED lit another power outlet USB iPod no Tillery integration as far as the steering wheel.

On the left hand side are all your various radio commands? And on the right give your hands-free. Telephone voice commands driver info system and sport but as far as the voice commands after the beep say a shortcut.

All new

Menu command say help at any time for additional instructions so you can control just about everything? From that voice activation system that will list it all out in a nice Pleasant voice as far as the F specific gauges in a large tachometer. In the middle with a digitalized speed readout and your spin all burner off to the far right shows what's!

Gear you're in up top vehicle temperature oil temperature and fuel up to the bottom left and in the top portion like I said. As a driver info system which shows your average speed gear position outside temperature fuel data you do have automatic rain-sensing? Windshield wipers and all of your lighting turn signal and high beams are located at stock to the left next to your traction control to give.

Controls for the parking sensors as well as your tire pressure. Monitoring system not to mention your interior. Lighting Dever all righty get shut er down.


Yeah we're going to check out the backseat just like you saw with the front seats the back seats are also specifically tailored for the ISF: Also featuring in this one a combination of the leather and microfiber suede trim the backseat passengers are also treated with a similar array of refinement. Like you would find in the front including full padded door panels the perforated microfiber trim across.

The middle if specific stitching across the armrest and the metallic woven accents. We'll talk a little bit more about backseat.

Comfort and room in just a second when I hop? In as far as overall interior comfort and!

In depth

Space it's comparable to let's say a BMW 3-series or so and being that it is a smaller. Sedan it's not going to quite have as much room for taller people so really.

If you're much over 6 feet or so you might want to think about stepping it up to a GS or a larger variant. Than the smaller sports sedan category but I'm around 510 511 with a comfortable seating position for myself up front? I probably have about an inch or so amount of head space and maybe a half inch of leg space.

If you put your legs in these little.

Car review

Cutouts that Lexus provided in the back of these heavily bolstered?

Seats the nice thing about the iaf is the unique back seats so the passengers in the back can be treated in. A similar fashion as the front with heavily bolstered up top and down below cushions.

So you have far superior lateral support than you do in the standard! Car the only caveat is that you can't sit a third person in the middle.


Here as there is just a little storage tray with the F logo you still have a full padded armrest.

With two adjustable cup holders as well as the trunk pass-through if you need to stow some larger items these seats don't fold flat so that's your. Only extra option if you have some.

Larger items in the trunk that you could stick through up front and even though it is a little? Bit more of an intimate cabin it's still a pretty comfortable back seat I mean like I said you do have the fantastic lateral support but.

The lower cushion has a nice amount of give to it! And you have some nice upper back support I would.

Ask just a little bit of extra lower back support but overall.

I think this could be a pretty. Comfortable car for travels in the back you also have:

Two air registers down below a little storage tray storage pockets in the back of the seats as well as full padded. Trim so even if you bump your leg up against the back you're not going to be hitting hard plastic the. Headrests are adjustable feature the F logo embossed on top coat hooks as well as grip handles your reading lamps are located.

Up top and they're led has holds your standard interior illumination side curtain airbags to the rear passengers: As well as child safety seat locks located behind each of these two headrests? So let's go and check out the rest of the vehicle shall.

We pop the trunk either via fob or the membrane button underneath the trunk deck lid and you'll find around. Thirteen point three cubic feet which is pretty respectable overall the trunk.

Arms are nicely tucked away so you don't have to worry about hitting.

Your luggage and you also have your spare tire located down below for cargo tie-downs and a first-aid. Kit and if you need to keep some smaller items contained there's. Also some storage trays on either side like I said if we need more longer storage you can also fold down the.

Trunk pass-through there's also an adjustable storage pocket towards the bottom of the door. Panel that holds three person memory for the passenger seat the passenger seat also features.

The same power adjustments including the extra. Lumbar that you would find on the driver's seat the glove box is locking with a two-tier design lined and felt too little drink: Coasters there and a modest amount of space over all the lexus is-f is more than just a souped-up.

Lexus it was the brand's first attempt at building a driver's car with the potent v8 advanced! Gearbox an aggressive demeanor the ISF is an excellent choice as a well rounded fun vehicle well everyone I hope you enjoyed. The in-depth look at the 2014 lexus is-f be sure to stay tuned next time there's a lot more?

Where that came from take care of her body.

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