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Hello ! I am Dina, Welcome to watch our Insert Magazine Car Review. We are going to introduce 2014 Lexus IS 350 F-SPORT PACKAGE, therefore, it drives like sportier.


It is new designed, based on the new-generation IS sedan, but it adds the usual F-Sport styling kit that includes a special grille and front bumper design, an enhanced three-dimensional mesh grille, larger cooling openings, a black grille surround and, of course, an exclusive set of wheels. I especially like the creases running along the beltline and the rear half of the car that merge into the rear taillamps, the lines of the rear door windows, and the way the headlamps and LED strips seem integrated into the body itself rather than plopped on as an afterthought, although that is up for debate with many people on staff here. It's a controversial design, so this is expected.

And I know we like to make fun of the Predator face, or "spindle grille" in Lexus parlance, but I think it looks great here, especially the honeycombed version you get on the top F-Sport models. There's a ton of things to love about it: the low, aggressively-bolstered seats; the huge raised center console that keeps the important controls well within reach of the driver; the large interface screen that's close to the windshield so you can scan it and still keep your eyes on the road; and the big, meaty, well-laid out steering wheel, which is a delight to use. Thank you for watching our Insert Magzine.


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